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Blender 2.72: User Interface

Pie menus

A pie menu is a menu whose items are spread radially around the mouse.

A pie menu in action. The currently active option, "Rendered", is highlighted by a bright outline, while a disc widget indicates the direction and a slight highlight indicates the pie menu item that will be selected on confirmation, "Shade Flat"

For more details, see the dedicated subpage.

New Tooltip Design

Example for the new tooltip design

Tooltips are now displayed using a new design. (16baa8c273e0)

  • Updated font colors -> More important information is more noticeable
  • Left aligned layout
  • Paddings on all sides
  • Paddings between lines that are not relating to each other
  • Python text is displayed in a monospaced font

Occlusion Query Based Selection

This adds an additional OpenGL functionality that can be used for object selection instead of the current one. The option is located under the System tab -> Selection in the user preferences.

  • OpenGL Occlusion Queries is a hardware accelerated functionality that is used throughout various 3D games so it is guaranteed to be properly accelerated by GPU drivers
  • OpenGL Select is the method used by blender so far.
  • Auto just enables Occlusion Queries by default on ATI GPUs since testers have reported great speed benefits using Occlusion Queries on those.

BI Preview Resolution

Blender Internal preview now behaves like the Cycles preview. It starts rendering at low resolution and improves from there.

Enhanced units parsing/handling in user inputs

Enhanced units parsing code (when some unit system is enabled) and fixed some breaking cases:

  • Now, the default unit will be searched in given string, the biggest one found wins. If None is found, default from unit system will be used.
  • That default unit is now applied to the whole expression, i.e. unit-less members will be evaluated as if specified in the default unit.

For example (assuming we are in imperial system):

  • 1+1": default unit taken from current string (inches), gives 2".
  • 1+1cm: no default imperial unit in string, we default to feet, gives 1' 0.3937".
  • 3+1in+1ft: bigger unit becomes default one (feet), gives 4' 1".
  • (3+1)in+1ft: default unit is feet, inches are 'applied' to whole parenthesis, gives 1' 4".

It also fixes cases which would break with previous code, like e.g. (1'1") * 2.5.

Warning! We do not want to have a full featured unit engine in Blender, so invalid inputs like 1cm" might not be evaluated, or give odd results, etc.

See also T38722, T39267, 8535b9bd1543, D340.

Small improvements

  • Use toolbar tabs in the Compositor. (647870b)
  • Fix T41343: Make it easier to remove a group from objects. (ef68faa)
  • Fix T41381: Moving shapes keys up/down shouldn't wraparound. (7284e6a)
  • "Rotate Around Selection" in 3D View now uses boundbox center. (e233be5)
  • Add back ability to select a custom interface font. (b96172c)
  • Add material shade mode to viewport. It is the exact same as textured + GLSL mode. GLSL flag is still relevant for game engine, so it's still there.

Shortcut changes

File Browser fill select (LMB Template-LMB.pngAlt) moved to LMB Template-LMB.pngCtrl⇧ Shift to avoid clash with middle mouse button emulation