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Blender 2.79a: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision rBe8e40b171b to rB4c1bed0a12, inclusive.

Total fixed bugs: 202 (117 from tracker, 85 reported/found by other ways).

Nearly all commits from 2.79 are listed here (over 75% of total), only really technical/non-user affecting ones have been skipped.

Objects / Animation / GP


  • Fix T52932: Driver with target of custom property from scene fails to update (rBad834085b7).
  • Fix T52835: When driven IK influence change, ik animation have 1 frame delay (rB89de073ea5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix missing ID remapping in Action editor callback (rB9f6d5d679e).
  • Fix unreported: T50354: Action length calculation added unnecessary padding if some F-Curves only contained a single key (on the last real frame of the action) (rBf887b8b230).
  • Fix unreported: Fix: Undo pushes were missing for Add/Remove Driver Variable buttons, and Remove Driver button (rB08e16e0bd1).

Grease Pencil

  • Fix unreported: Fix: When transforming GP strokes in "Local" mode, the strokes would get obscured by the transform constraint lines (rB99e4c819f7).


Dependency Graph

  • Fix unreported: Transform: Enable recursion dependency check for new depsgraph (rBef04aa4a43).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Fix relations for metaballs (rB7103c6ef3b).

Data / Geometry


Curve/Text Editing

  • Fix unreported: Curves: Fix wrong bitset being checked against CYCLIC bit flag (rB2edc2b4912).

Mesh Editing

  • Fix unreported: Fix for inset when accessed from spacebar search (rBdb3e3f9c24).
  • Fix unreported: Edit Mesh: click extrude, ensure inverse matrix (rB3e3a27d089).
  • Fix unreported: Polyfill Beautify: option to rotate out of degenerate state (rB0834eefae0).
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: use less involved check for edge rotation (rB58ab62ed6d).
  • Fix unreported: Avoid bias when calculating quad split direction (rB569d2df634).
  • Fix unreported: Beauty fill was skipping small faces (rB1b6130533f).
  • Fix unreported: Polyfill Beautify: half-edge optimization (rB4a457d4f1e).
  • Fix unreported: Use BLI_heap_reinsert for decimate and beautify (rBeaeb0a002e).
  • Fix unreported: BMesh: move bridge tools stepping logic into macro (rB02b206780e).
  • Fix unreported: Subsurf: Avoid global lock for loops and orig index layers (rB83b0603061).
  • Fix unreported: Subsurf: Avoid possible use of partially initialized edge hash (rB72151f3e36).
  • Fix unreported: Fix scalability issue in threaded code of Mesh normals computation (rB71e0894e0d).


  • Fix unreported: Fix (irc-reported by @sergey) invalid precision value in a float RNA property (rB8e43a9e9cc).

Material / Texture

  • Fix unreported: Fix logic for pinning textures users from context (rB8f9d9ba14e).

Physics / Simulations / Sculpt / Paint


  • Fix unreported: Fix missing update for particles w/ fluids (rB84361a0709).

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix unreported: Fix error copying smoke modifier uv layer (rB9f032c3867).
  • Fix unreported: Depsgraph: Don't make non-dynamic hair dependent on time (rB76032b133c).

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix unreported: Fix brush reset (missing notifier) (rB98dc9072e5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix sculpt secondary color missing some brushes (rB6058b651c4).

Image / Video / Render

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix unreported: Fix writing Iris images w/ invalid header (rBacae901a10).


Motion Tracking

  • Fix T52851: Per-frame traking is broken when sequence doesn't start at frame 1 (rBf0743b56ec).
  • Fix T53612: Blender crashes on CleanTracks with 'DELETE_SEGMENTS' and a disabled marker (rBa1d05ac2a1).
  • Fix unreported: Tracking: Fix crash when tracking failed (rB350f5c6894).
  • Fix unreported: Tracking: Create mesh from selected tracks only (rB333ef6e6f7).

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix unreported: Fix compositor node links getting lost on file load for custom render passes (rB6bd1189e5c).
  • Fix unreported: Node selection: Stop operator when mouse selection selected a node (rBbf58ec9265).
  • Fix unreported: Compositor: Ensured 16 byte alignment for variables accessed by SSE instructions (rB02bac54fa9).
  • Fix unreported: (Nodes) Display image name if any in the Image and Texture Image node title (rB010cf35e7e).
  • Fix unreported: Fix old files with changed node socket type not loading correctly (rB79563d2a33).


  • Fix unreported: Fix incorrect color management when saving JPG previews for EXR (rB1dbdcfe9a9).
  • Fix unreported: Fix leak when rendering OpenGL animations (rBe4dce3b3d7).

Render: Cycles

  • Fix unreported: OpenVDB: Fix compilation error against OpenVDB 4 (rB0cdfe887b4).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix possible race condition when generating Beckmann table (rBb5c629e604).
  • Fix unreported: Fix Cycles bug in RR termination, probability should never be > 1.0 (rBdf1af9b349).
  • Fix unreported: CMake: support CUDA 9 toolkit, and automatically disable sm_2x binaries (rBcd9c68f0c5).
  • Fix unreported: Fix part of T53038: principled BSDF clearcoat weight has no effect with 0 roughness (rB440d647cc1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix incorrect MIS with principled BSDF and specular roughness 0 (rB866be3423c).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix possible race condition when initializing devices list (rB93d711ce55).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix wrong shading when some mesh triangle has non-finite coordinate (rB075950ad66).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix compilation error with latest OIIO (rB49f57e5346).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix compilation error with OIIO compiled against system PugiXML (rBb6f3fec259).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix compilation error of standalone application (rB391f7cc406).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Workaround for performance loss with the CUDA 9.0 SDK (rBb3adce7766).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix difference in image Clip extension method between CPU and GPU (rBa50c381fac).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix crash opening user preferences after adding extra GPU (rBa3616980c6).
  • Fix unreported: Cycles: Fix bug in user preferences with factory startup (rB2f5a027b94).


UI / Spaces / Transform

3D View

  • Fix unreported: Fix ruler access from search pop-up (rBb0fbe95a1b).
  • Fix unreported: 3D View: use shortest angle between quaternions (rB2895cb22a7).

Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)



User Interface

  • Fix unreported: Fix failure in our UI code that could allow search button without search callbacks, leading to crash (rBe8e40b171b).
  • Fix unreported: Add some security checks against future bad float UIprecision values (rB7e4be7d348).
  • Fix unreported: UI: avoid int cast before clamping number input (rBa437b9bbbe).
  • Fix unreported: UI: fullstop at end of tooltips (rB4c3e2518c8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix incorrect allocation size (rB6b2d1f63db).

Game Engine

  • Fix unreported: Fix BGE sound actuator property access (rBd2d207773e).

System / Misc


File I/O

  • Fix T52816: regression can't open file in 2.79 (crash) (rBa4116673c7).
  • Fix T53002: Batch-Generate Previews generate empty or none image for large objects (rB47a388b2a9).
  • Fix T52514: don't clear filename when dropping directory path in file browser (rB625b2f5dab).
  • Fix T53250: Crash when linking/appending a scene to a blend when another linked scene in this blend is currently open/active (rB06df30a415).
  • Fix T53572: Alembic imports UV maps incorrectly (rB0f841e24b0).
  • Fix unreported: Alembic import: fixed mesh corruption when changing topology (rBbae796f0d5).


  • Fix unreported: Fix potential string buffer overruns (rB30f53d56b6).
  • Fix unreported: Fix build with OSL 1.9.x, automatically aligns to 16 bytes now (rBf968268c1e).
  • Fix unreported: WM: minor correction to user-pref writing (rB75aec5eeaa).
  • Fix unreported: WM: don't load preferences on 'File -> New' (rB571e801b27).
  • Fix unreported: WM: load UI for new file, even when pref disabled (rB9f0ebb0941).
  • Fix unreported: Fix MSVSC2017 error (rB405874bd79).
  • Fix unreported: Fix SGI foramt reader CVE-2017-2901 (rB7b8b621c1d).
  • Fix unreported: Memory: add MEM_malloc_arrayN() function to protect against overflow (rBa972729895).
  • Fix unreported: Fix buffer overflows in TIFF, PNG, IRIS, DPX, HDR and AVI loading (rB16718fe4ea).
  • Fix unreported: Fix buffer overflow vulernability in thumbnail file reading (rB04c5131281).
  • Fix unreported: Fix buffer overflow vulnerabilities in mesh code (rB9287434fa1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix buffer overflow vulnerability in curve, font, particles code (rB8dbd5ea4c8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix manual lookups (data is now lowercase) (rBcae8c68ca6).


  • Fix unreported: Fix bpy.utils.resource_path('SYSTEM') output (rB21ecdacdf1).
  • Fix unreported: Fix setting the operator name in Py operator API (rB8c9bebfe28).
  • Fix unreported: Docs: add note for bmesh face_split_edgenet (rBa253b1b7bc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix edge-split bmesh operator giving empty result (rBce6e30b3dc).
  • Fix unreported: Fix BMesh PyAPI internal flag clearing logic (rB6639350f92).
  • Fix unreported: Docs: clarify return value for BVH API (rB0c456eb90a).
  • Fix unreported: bl_app_override: support empty UI layout items (rB6d640504e8).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bad 'poll' prop callback API doc (rB3193045c59).
  • Fix unreported: Fix background_job template (rB38357cd004).
  • Fix unreported: Fix bmesh.utils.face_join arg parsing (rB20cccb1561).


  • Fix unreported: GPU: Fix memory corruption in GPU_debug on GTX1080 (rB3a1ade22e5).
  • Fix unreported: Task scheduler: Start with suspended pool to avoid threading overhead on push (rB8553449cf2).