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Import/Export OFF
Import and export OFF mesh files
UI location File > Import/Export > OFF
Usage Load mesh objects from .off files. Select a mesh and save it to .off file.
Version 0.3 Author(s) Alex Tsui, Mateusz Kłoczko
Blender 2.74 License Apache 2.0
Category Import-Export Distribution External
Note(s) Work is in progress; report issues at: https://github.com/alextsui05/blender-off-addon/issue

Executable information
File name
Current version download https://github.com/alextsui05/blender-off-addon
Python modules os, bpy

Release Log 2015-06-01 - Version 0.3 handles loading edges and faces with more than 3 sides.

2014-05-17 - Version 0.2 properly handles Blender transformations.
2014-01-21 - Version 0.1 is an initial working version.

Known Issues NOFF and COFF files not yet supported. Can only export one mesh at a time.