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About Internet Relay Chat

The fastest way to discuss Blender development and interact with other members of the community is through IRC (Internet Relay Chat). The Blender Foundation maintains an official presence on Freenode, a special network built around peer-directed projects like free and open source software. Many developers, artists, and experienced Blender users hang out in the channels below.

For help installing IRC, see below.

Blender Channels

Artists & Users

General support channel for those seeking help and advice with Blender, in a family friendly moderated environment.
Where Blenderheads meet and chat, ask questions, or just have fun!
Support channel for discussions about the video sequence editor, rendering, encoding, processing, color spaces and editing in general.
The place to ask questions about or discuss the Blender game engine. If you want to make a game, this is the place to go. Also be sure to look at the game engine forum on


Official Blender development chat room for discussions about the source and developer meetings. The meetings are held in a timezone rotating schedule, so that all developers across the globe can participate. You can check when the next meeting will happen in
Official Blender Game Engine development chat room for discussions about the source, new features and bug fixing.
If you need help regarding Blender's Python functionality, this is the place to visit.
There we discuss Plugins too, see bf-extensions
Need help compiling the Blender source code? Although it's quick and easy for some people, not everyone is as lucky getting Blender to build on their platform. Drop by if you need assistance.
For Blender user interface related chatting. The Blender UI meetings are held here too.
For Blender Grease Pencil and 2D animation related chatting.


Official Blender documentation chat room where discussions about this wiki documentation.
Where Certified Trainers hold meetings to discuss how to best serve the needs of the user community with regard to learning Blender.

International channels

Blender chat in French
Blender chat in German
Blender chat in Dutch
Blender chat in Spanish

Blender IRC channels policy

All Blender channels are independently operated by enthusiast Blender users and are now coordinated with the Blender Foundation through a partnership with Freenode. However, channel policy is controlled by the individual channel operators, not through the Blender Foundation. Therefore we kindly request that you direct comments/complaints/suggestions to these operators, as the Blender Foundation does not make it a policy to intervene in channel operation.

Accessing IRC

For more information on how to use this medium, the authors of the popular IRC application mIRC have put together a good first guide for IRC beginners here.


Windows and Linux builds of the popular open source chat client X-Chat, are available as free downloads, however the X-Chat development team only offers a shareware version of the Win32 client. If you wish to have an updated and totally free windows version of X-Chat you can visit where recent (unofficial) builds are made available continually.

Please have a look at this XChat howto

Firefox ChatZilla extension

You can get informations about ChatZilla on mozilla page or at the developers homepage.

Freenode web interface

Go here and connect.