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Blender 2.71: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision e097c98 up to be553273b80332c3191010feec34bc216273acbb

3D View

  • Fix T39101: Can not select object on backface by clicking when Matcap is on (r12c56d8)
  • Fix T39070: Custom bone shapes appear only one sided (rdf5cbfb)
  • Fix T39112: Increment snap does not work in perspective view at 0.01 scale (for scene and grid floor) (r6919ffb)
  • Fix T39123: Border select without "extend" does nor clear selection of bezier nodes in 3D view (r0a3850f)
  • Fix T39252: Regression: Auto perspective fails when switching from {front, side, top} to camera view, and then to user persp (rdf25dbf)
  • Fix T39306: Backface culling in Multitexture always uses mat game settings (r0f95149)
  • Fix T39305: Matcap Crash when using Material Nodes in Blender Internal (r1781928)
  • Fix T39626: Matcaps not working in edit mode (r574b0e2)
  • Fix T40543: Duplicators draw with 'Render Only'. (04c2e5d)
  • Fix T39065: Leaving QuadView lost view settings. (d71db08)
  • Fix T40283: Matcaps disables GLSL shadows. (90db85a)
  • Fix T40617: Ortho view selects objects behind camera 31e15b56a4a011dd61a5e04c344418ad0658de92
  • Fix T38905: view3d.object_as_camera didn't store the last-view. (cdaff06)
  • Fix T39988: Selected object count invalid after exiting local-view. (4516338)
  • Fix for image garbage collection failing to run for render-only views. (049b6cf)
  • Fix for rotate-around-selection in text-edit mode. (3210dfe)
  • Fix for dropping images into the 3D View. (dcabd3f)
  • Fix flickering when transform snapping in edit mode and cursor is. (7b5fe4f)


  • Fix T38774: Changing extrapolation type via RNA doesn't update FCurve (r3e26a7a)
  • Fix T39035: Cycles F-Modifier truncates end/beginning frame values for repetition (r7461fea)
  • Fix T39018: Duplicate entries for material/shader in AnimEditors (rd219312)
  • Fix T38897: Problems moving animation channels up and down in dope sheet/action editor (r1f3655d)
  • Fix T38870: Freezes when jumping in front of a keyframe (rd4cc81d)
  • Fix T39405: Make "amplitude" for elastic easing more intuitive to use (red775ed)
  • Fix T39291: "Stepped" F-curve modifier does not work as expected when stacked after other modifiers (rb37dc6a)
  • Fix T39850: Graph Editor - 'Mirror Over First Selected Marker' mirrors over frame 0 instead (r3f0227e)
  • Fix T39851: F-curve noise modifier on a bone: change selection when modifying value. (1fabfc9)
  • Fix T39795: Crash when duplicate f-curve keyframe, individual origins. (db32e6c)



  • Fix T37293: Trying to fix scrubbing not stopping playback (rb977cfd)
  • Fix T39083: Speakers were evaluated multiple times when used in sets (r23fbc9f)
  • Fix T39607: Audio not in synch when the blend file loads (r9351e87)



Meta Editing

Curve Editing

  • Fix T39109: Vertices affected by Hook Modifiers change after "switch Direction" on Curves (r7b03eb5)
  • Fix for curve having invalid active vertex after setting type. (eaf815f)

File I/O

  • Fix T39521: Render with two Blender processes on same computer: compression issues? (r6cd717e)

Game Engine

  • Fix T36566: 2D filters broken in the Blenderplayer when using side by side stereo (reedde31)
  • Fix T39509: Crash when assign an empty as a LoD (r70f089b)
  • Fix T39445: Async LibLoad Crash (rd050577)
  • Fix T39458: Switching physics type from Character to Dynamic enables ghost flag silently (r0f91d2c)
  • Fix T40343: Using replace mesh (e.g., LODs) on a skinned mesh crashes. (7317b4f)
  • BGE: Fixing a crash when animating objects with modifiers and armatures (r1941364)

Image / UV Editing

Mesh Editing

  • Fix Bevel multisegment profile bugs T39184, T37502 and last part of T40365. (84767a2)
  • Fix Bevel bug T39746, small scale gives flat profile. (8c2b5ff)
  • Fix for box-packing erratic placement with identical boxes. (ae71729)
  • Fix EdgeSlide behavior with boundry edges. (eb57f65)
  • Fix for slowdown converting mesh to curve with large polygons. (75381ae)

3D Text Editing


Motion Tracking

Movie Clip Editor

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T39189: Node editor Map Uv requires an scale node to work (rcaf5d90)
  • Fix T39455: Nodes scaled wrong when some in a frame, some not. (r29888dc)
  • Fix T39547: Toggling render passes on active scene does not update render layer nodes in a pinned tree from different scene (r2881473)
  • Fix T39206: Plane deform works incredibly slow (r5a29b55)
  • Fix T39643: Compositor renders blank Render Layer from other Scenes (r64e7065)
  • Fix T39700: Plane deform still works forever (r8fd6879)
  • Fix T39849: Adding links directly between node group input/output extension sockets would create additional extension sockets instead of simply ignoring them (r513066e)
  • Fix T39830: Viewer node update error in the compositor when using the seperate/combine YCbCr nodes. (488581b)
  • Fix T40448: Blurring bug in the compositor. (9016d6d)
  • Fix T39985: crash while rendering a scene with compositing nodes using another scene. (b62c2a9)
  • Fix T38245: Render slot buffer gets deleted in compositor when input is an image. (1b9feb0)
  • Fix T39799: Backdrop (compositor) ignores alpha. (005dabb)
  • Fix T40236: Undo not pushed in old-school node curve tool button functions. (2bbb442)
  • Fix T40383: Keying node doesn't work. (5a7b049)
  • Fix T40459: Gauss table can be NULL when ending the blur node operation,. (27630f4)
  • Fix T40596: Node link menus flipped & events inverted. (a8532fb)
  • Fix for wrong behavior of 'darken' blend mode with factor. (1dcf956)
  • Fix for typeinfo NULL pointer crash when initializing unknown node types. (a7918ea)
  • Fix for displace node regression: was adding a (0.5, 0.5) offset, even for zero displacement (ref51b69)


  • Fix T39081: Crash duplicating objects (r41dde55)
  • Fix T39080: Copy-to-selected operator fails for pointer properties (ra6bdad6)
  • Fix T39033: Regression, duplicating proxy loses proxy (rc2045ef)
  • Fix T39126: Convert To: Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surface does not respect "Keep Original" (rb23a439)
  • Fix T39136: DupliFaces: Inconsistent handling of group member types (ra6e3471)
  • Fix T39383: Blender crash when renaming bone in outliner (weight paint mode) (r07578be)
  • Fix T37599: Crash making linked objects local and undo (r6e5e3b7)
  • Fix T39736: Ctrl+V reports "Objects Pasted" regardless if it worked or not (r4f00737)



Physics / Hair / Simulations



  • Fix T39029: Blender Internal: Render tiles do not appear until render is finished if Save Buffers enabled (r89c793f)
  • Fix T39233: Face assigned textures bake too bright (r7997e38)
  • Fix T37675: blender internal viewport render wrong for volumes after rotation (rf270b34)
  • Fix T39828: Incorrect render layer visibility display for animated render layers (r14ab812)
  • Fix T39852: Crash (Blender internal) large objects (r1e6fa59)
  • Fix T39763: Blender renders disabled Render Layers using Blender Internal. (295c37c)
  • Fix T40388: 2.70a - Blender Render - Texture Stack - persistent checkbox state. (4b15a54)
  • Fix T40240: Bug with render region with maya short cut. (4fc0992)
  • Fix for missing render layer display buffer allocation. (1552b56)
  • Blender Internal: Fix texture influence panel not showing Displace/Warp sliders for volume materials. (12e47d0)
  • Blender Internal: Fix for lamp option "Specular" not working when "Only Shadow" is enabled. (650f1d0)

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix T39941: Freestyle: Rendered preview crashes when non-primary render layer is selected and disabled. (182e97a)
  • Fix T40020: Freestyle: dashed lines crashes blender. (047c3aa)
  • Fix T39669: Freestyle: Curve with extrude>0 causes warnings in console. (f8554ed)
  • Fix T40307: Crash with freestyle and particle hair. (97d047a)
  • Fix T40315: Boolean modifier with Freestyle edges. (edfd989)
  • Fix T40457: Subsurf modifier with Freestyle edges. (3e6c734)
  • Fix for missing initialization and copying of FreestyleLineStyle::pr_texture value. (308ec60)
  • Fix for an occasional crash in Freestyle stroke rendering. (1064b74)
  • Freestyle: Fix for a wrong interpolation of stroke segment visibility. (c4e277d)
  • Freestyle: Fix for dashed lines when applied to invisible stroke segments. (3a0be8a)
  • Freestyle: Fix for the active line set index possibly invalidated after deleting a line set. (d930c63)
  • Freestyle: Fix for texture spacing reset to a non-default value on load of old .blend files. (980c1a9)
  • Freestyle: Fix for GetOccludeeF1D returning a one-element list containing None when it is supposed to return an empty list. (6c136a6)
  • Freestyle: Fix for Z normalization in SilhouetteGeomEngine. (13c92a7)
  • Freestyle: Partial fix for thinning strokes due to flipping stroke directions at TVertices. (08528f5)
  • Freestyle: Fix for a wrong formula used for RGB to grayscale conversion. (de280ff)
  • Freestyle: Fix for viewport render not updating with changes of Freestyle settings. (269b14f)
  • Fix for missing visits of Freestyle-related ID data blocks in BKE_library_foreach_ID_link(). (00f7220)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T39114: Cycles lamp ray visibility not working (rd7cff8f)
  • Fix T39525: Branched path + no lights + disabled use all lights option crash (rc886280)
  • Fix T39523: Cycles cache BVH not working correct with deformation motion blur. (r7ed9d1b)
  • Fix T39525: Cycles volume render difference between branched/non-branched path (ra58814a)
  • Fix T39577: Cycles issue mixing anisotropic BSDFs with branched path tracer (r5e5ec4c)
  • Fix T39284: clamp cycles volume density to be >= 0, to avoid accidental strange shading (r7230866)
  • Fix T39833: Nurbs Crash (r0e2f6c7)
  • Fix T39946: OSL + tangent space normal maps not working in Cycles. (80e137e)
  • Fix T40048: Cycles bake crashes Blender [when there is no image]. (9fe618e)
  • Fix T39843: cycles memory leak rendering with high transparent depth. (61eba8f)
  • Fix T39965: Sequencer do not sync cycles strips. (19cd692)
  • Fix T40031: cycles deformation motion blur wrong render on last frame of animation. (7a2ece3)
  • Fix T40079: cycles crash with objects that have hair motion blur, but no triangle motion. (19bddbf)
  • Fix T39585: cycles motion vector pass problem with curves. (5f01b3d)
  • Fix T40149: cycles motion blur render problem with multiple render layers. (1b1b71f)
  • Fix T40194: cycles deformation motion blur not working with curves + shape keys. (f44e743)
  • Fix T40195: cycles smoke + persistent images animation render not working correct. (c6d9b11)
  • Fix T39764: cycles not rendering EXR image textures with 5 channels (RGBA + Z). (6271c72)
  • Fix T39711: cycles particle motion blur affected by viewport draw method. (27cebb2)
  • Fix T40299, Crash on rendering due to dependency cycles and NULL pointer when using particle duplis. (79fe023)
  • Fix T40320: wrong render layer visibility with cycles deformation motion blur. (f8ce417)
  • Fix T40345: cycles volume render + AO pass not working correct. (48b053b)
  • Fix T40386: cycles anisotropic BSDF difference between SVM and OSL. (4d1ec4d)
  • Fix T39804: cycles smoke domain visible in rendering. (0780f59)
  • Fix T40456: cycles bug with branched path + sss + no sample all direct lights. (bc4043e)
  • Fix T40478: wrong cycles fresnel with GLSL materials in the viewport. (9b3efa9)
  • Fix T40429: cycles CUDA + use persistent images problem. (2305e32)
  • Fix T40228: cycles CUDA multi GPU + world MIS giving error. (865dfa8)
  • Fix T40561: cycles refraction node with sharp distribution gives black. (fb6cb25)
  • Fix T40482: Cycles matlib file crashes. (dc2daf7)
  • Fix T40423: UV Editing 'Draw Other Objects' fails with Cycles. (a1f8cb6)
  • Fix T40436: No preview in Brush with Cycles. (ee5f432)
  • Fix T40282: Renaming node sockets in Cycles nodes causes crash. (07fa016)
  • Fix T40514: Cycles world MIS segfault. (8392e83)
  • Fix T40379: world MIS causing too much CUDA memory usage. (69c7522)
  • Fix occasional wrong normal for curves with minimum width (r0f85174)
  • Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in Cycles. (f300c15)
  • Fix cycles motion pass for hair curves showing a bit of motion when there isn't any. (fe00dbc)
  • Fix cycles CUDA error when trying to use >= 100 image textures. (30c42d7)
  • Fix uninitialized memory use in Cycles. (b1350cf)


  • Fix T39208: Adding scene to another scene's VSE causes audio and video to be unsynchronized (r930765f)
  • Fix T38566: "Separate images" in VSE is not working any longer (red26edb)
  • Fix T39584: Effects strips render black (r4f6c218)
  • Fix T39702: VSE channel preview: strips used as effect operands no more visible (r4863253)
  • Fix T39818: Strips from file with long filename broke auto-naming - animation can't be apply on it (r6ee8670)
  • Fix T39785: Video Sequencer, Aspect Ratio issue. (e7c5931)
  • Fix T40280: sequencer sound strips with an end at a negative time kept playing. (38fcc3e)
  • Fix Sequencer OpenGL render ignoring preview channel. (f574b1c)
  • Fix issues when ungrouping meta changes the final sequencer render. (ec97cb8)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T39034: Brush always shown even after deactivating the show cursor option after reentering a paint mode (r2de9da6)
  • Fix T39087: Weight Paint, custom color ranges don't update in viewport (rced595a)
  • Fix T39156: Add support for image paint operations in undo history operator (Ctrl + Alt + Z) (r93684d5)
  • Fix T38928: Particle add brush would generate trash on meshes with use_modifier_stack enabled (reca6264)
  • Fix T39520: Show diffuse not working in dyntopo (r8c730b1)
  • Fix T39517: Sculpting option "show difusse color" is only displayed when viewport is clicked (r03bd418)
  • Fix T39245: Crash when dynamic topology is enabled (r9bbb30b)
  • Fix T39430: Incorrect color management in paint cursor when using texture nodes (r301d7d2)
  • Fix T39704: Texture painting fails with different float image working space (re6ff0ec)
  • Fix T39429: Project paint error with UV bleed (rf2c483d)
  • Fix T39196, Dynamic Topology Undo Applied to Wrong Mesh. (33df6aa)
  • Fix T39978: Sculpting shapekeys - Using Smooth tool, turns shapekey into Basis. (ad87d47)
  • Fix hard crash when using persistent base on layer brush on multires and dyntopo (r20f7a34)
  • Fix crash when changing and using between layer and other brushes in dyntopo (rf03df4f)

Text Editor

User Interface

  • Fix T39060: "Choose by numbers" do not work with Enum-menus, but work with operators-menus (r330272b)
  • Fix T39228: Gamma/lift/gain are burned out in the circular color pickers and value/lightness slider stops midway (r06de5be)
  • Fix T39203: Boid particle naming UI semi-freeze (rc450ea2)
  • Fix T39378: Revert, Recover Last Session and Load Factory Settings have no prompt (r420da87)
  • Fix T39563: Tiny unit-display problem in constraint panels (r8714ae0)
  • Fix T39562: Properties panel Pinning is broken (r95b25e7)
  • Fix T39627: HSL color sliders acting funky (r2d655d3)
  • Fix T39234: Popup menus behave poorly when they have not enough width for all their columns (r09e5aa5)
  • Fix T39692: Text fields in datablocks editor are broken. (6ac300a, 8dcb1e9, f328f45)
  • Fix T40226: Keep collapse-menu when splitting areas. (04665e2)
  • Fix T40325: UILists do not save their height anymore. (01f5845)
  • Fix T40538: Multi-button canceling edit-text could leave edited value. (c04c6a3)
  • Fix T40534: Multi-button editing, hard to distinguish sliders. (5b367c9)
  • Fix T40411: UI incorrectly permits changing materal_slots on linked obdata. (47bf779)


  • Fix mempool bottleneck alloc & freeing a single item. (b707b07)

Input (NDOF / 3D Mouse)



  • Fix T39867: Hotkey is not displayed in the node editor's menu. (258a9b5)
  • Fix T39819: Decouple autosnap behaviour from time display. (9c28a24)
  • Fix T39861: UI destroys float precision. (d12ceec)
  • Fix T39886: Transformed parents of Rigid Bodies cause problems with Bake To Keyframes. (258e30f)
  • Fix T38924: wm.link_append() could fail to append. (1eb1351)
  • Fix T39895: Displaying the armature layers popup in edit mode always fails. (18060d8)
  • Fix for transform local-axis calculation with zero length normals. (a34a653)
  • Fix T39896: lock view rotation, behavior not consistent. (d0533b6)
  • Fix T34993: "Jump to Next Keyframe" shortcut not related to the timeline viewable keyframes. (c261052)
  • Fix T39919: Collada export crashes blender when using a "Copy Location" constraint. (4aea8f1)
  • Fix T39921: Collada export creates invalid XML when using Track To constraint. (f0ec202)
  • Fix T39597: Missing entries in VSE Preview menu. (a8eb95c)
  • Fix T39911: Unpredictable behaviour when editing y-coordinate of right handle via Active Key panel (for aligned handles). (c504b8b)
  • Fix T39902: Keyframe insertion by a Keying Set fails in the edit mode when keyframing object data properties. (2aa9d33)
  • Fix T39726: wire edges cause bevel artifacts. (27db753)
  • Fix T39934: Duplicate node shown in outliner's datablock display. (49a5c57)
  • Fix T39539. Initialization of not initialized memory when accessing the renderlayer directly(5d51de3)
  • Fix T39614: Ping Pong Action doesn't work correctly. (3448822)
  • Fix T39936: Plane Track operation would not initialize resolutions for. (55c720f)
  • Fix T39942: Displacement of group instance objects when switching to textured viewport shading. (7544961)
  • Fix T39940: animation of render layer on/off toggle not working during render. (4ff3ebf)
  • Fix issue discovered in soc-paint-2013 branch. (d36795a)
  • Fix for nurbs surface merge didn't update key index. (6edcff4)
  • Fix T31605: rotate around selection ignores numpad. (8db8422)
  • Fix T39952: Printing tiles gives negative numbers. (1f4cfb3)
  • Fix T39933: Link/Append Scenes misses VSE mask, clips. (32e0230)
  • Fix T39953: Float data images display trash in image editor. (fe29f92)
  • Fix T39931: Crash generating thumbnails (error in escaping). (d2032d0)
  • Fix T35176: Python fails with blend files from non-ASCII paths. (4d1a109)
  • Fix T39974: Popups lead to crash if 'UNDO' isn't set. (4b75956)
  • Fix for copy_object_pose incrementing custom user twice. (762a988)
  • Fix T39969: Make single user object looses custom-tx-bone. (d50f883)
  • Fix for making single user objects setting FROMGROUP flag incorrectly. (2ce3e46)
  • Fix first part of T39956. (73ad0df)
  • Fix T39884: Displaying filenames with '|' failing in menus. (4849ca8)
  • fix T39967: Added support for Import/export of vertex color layers. (8bdac4d)
  • Fix T39987: The new "redirect to bone constraints" button at the object constaints tab is wrong in bone edit mode. (e228825)
  • Fix T39932: LibNew can't find LibLoaded meshes. (5f80a7f)
  • Fix T35552: LibLoading objects with Collision sensors gives an error. (1a8b176)
  • Fix T39984: Interpolation errors in particle emitter animation. (6416979)
  • Fix T39966: Whole Group option of dupligroup visualization of particles. (b2c2edf)
  • Fix incorrect sizes used copying panel idname, tabname. (0bb2025)
  • Fix T39924: 400 character limit in text fields. (fc59147)
  • Fix for paste clamping the string length to UI_MAX_DRAW_STR. (43d5e54)
  • Fix T40001: Opening a 2.66 blend file in 2.7, a bone appear "rolled but not rolled". (39dc3bc)
  • Fix T39997: Multiple boolean modifiers sharing the same right operand crashes. (e08db08)
  • Fix T40010: Single user looses parent relationship (temporarily). (a1ba57a)
  • Fix typo (uninitialized var). (fd80ac4)
  • NLA Eval Bugfix: Influence settings on active action didn't work. (91f90f6)
  • Fix T39928: Blender crash/freeze when game engine is started with animation played directly on camera object with parents. (362b25b3)
  • Fix: T40016 ID Names translated in menus. (cf069af)
  • Fix T40029: Apply transform to empties reset their location. (38a430c)
  • Fix T39322, hair not rendered in rendered mode viewport after returning. (fbfaa47)
  • Fix T39956. (4638ca0)
  • Fix for uninitialized unit_use_radians variable with inset and bevel. (35380cd)
  • Fix issue discovered while investigating T39950:. (20f7aaf)
  • Fix T39653 crash on drawing modified UVs. (02b1dbe)
  • Bugfix: Bend modifier's angle property has crazy limits. (2679eaa)
  • Fix crash binding mdef with no faces. (0710d9d)
  • Fix T40052, Grid Particles Crash due to invalid empty mesh verts access. (77d11a5)
  • Fix T40051: Inconsistent dupli vert/face handling of group member types. (5e55fc2)
  • Fix T40033: Jumping between versions can lead to loss of node storage. (79c345a)
  • Fix for crash when userprefs fails to read. (d964bad)
  • Bugfix: "Lock time to frame range" didn't work in the Graph Editor. (d20c9e4)
  • Fix T40080: forcefield_toggle_exec() doesn't always enable force field. (cd60c18b)
  • NLA Editor Bugfix: Select NLA tracks too when selecting strips. (b2b7b3f)
  • Fix T40094 Faulty resizing behavior of frame node. (d61f8a5)
  • Fix T36973: Active snapping fails for edges/faces. (663c800)
  • Fix access violation when painting with tiled textured brushes +. (f622691)
  • BGE: Fixing shape key animations on meshes with no armature. (087bbe6)
  • Fix T40113: Skinned meshes with non-animated shape keys crashes the BGE. (d5588fd)
  • Fix T40119, CUDA Toolkit version mismatch. (fd26a32)
  • Fix T40107: painting on a psd image crashes blender + style cleanup in file. (8904eaf)
  • Fix for numpad orbit ignoring auto-perspective. (47e9057)
  • Fix crash removing objects rigid body constraints. (e2672a4)
  • Fix for crash when doing "make local object+data" on an empty. (3d7d930)
  • Fix T40115: Smoke simulator memory leak with high poly mesh emitter. (3557094)
  • Fix T40111: replaceMesh() crashes BGE when used on a parented object. (43f3e79)
  • Fix T38379: Mesh vertices only update when in cone of last created spotlight. (2055e96)
  • Fix T40162: Vert connect creates extra face cutting across concave NGon. (dd8a9ee)
  • Fix T40158: Playback with 100% proxies is very slow. (eed0c4d)
  • Fix T37796, Mesh lost after exiting sculpt mode and undoing. (ea6620c)
  • BGE: Fixing some NavMesh memory leaks. (1d1560e)
  • Fix T40172: LibFree() crashes with shared materials (e.g., from multiple LibNew() calls). (23b682d)
  • Fix for curve widget hue gradient drawing incorrectly when zooming. (30361a7)
  • Fix T40187: Can't set single keyframe handle as Vector. (53efee6)
  • Fix for FCurve keyframe editing left handle from button failing if not selected. (a756499)
  • Fix FCurve mirror ignoring aligned/free handles. (3c3fa29)
  • Dirty fix for memory corruption in the rigid body API. (2ac9e85)
  • Fix T40191: Misleading TypeError message when registering CollectionProperty wtihout kwarg "type". (6b2689c)
  • Fix T40182: Crash when using KX_GameObject.rayCast/rayCastTo(). (064ef3f)
  • Fix T40199: bge.logic.LibFree() could cause crashes by leaving dangling pointers in the rasterizer. (ff2ec05)
  • Fix T40154: UI Multi-drag sets value beyond max. (9892f03)
  • Fix T40180: Space between letters adds space after last letter. (7c51638)
  • Fixes for font underline. (c7ab68f)
  • Fix for right aligned text ignoring xoffset. (ac9eaf9)
  • Fix T40204: x-offset textbox failed with center/justify/flush. (e5b8d84)
  • Fix 3D font selection and material lagging behind with vertical cursor motion. (42eb36e)
  • Fix for cursor location with xoffset & flush alignment. (4725941)
  • Fix T39684, warn when entering sculpt mode with an object with non-. (56aa4ea)
  • Fix T40214: Wrong size calculation on new curve objects. (48fcadc)
  • Fix part of T39708, don't overupdate particles when changine active. (57e1ec2)
  • Fix T40202: File selector operators not reported in info view. (3e38be0)
  • Fix Bevel bugs T39726 and T39108, bevels with wire edges. (758bdcd)
  • Fix T40223: Setting bevel_factor_mapping_start/end crashes. (1923a8f)
  • Fix T38895: Unstable behavior using VehicleWrapper after Bullet 2.82 update. (2e20c16)
  • Fix T40230: Recursion check when adding objects to groups is incorrect. (003387f)
  • Fix T40246: Speaker Object is missing from Tabs > 'Create' tab in the Toolbar. (9127b8f)
  • Fix BLI_cleanup_path: '.' at the start of a path. (a089a86)
  • Fix T40201: Keyframe edits fail to update the viewport. (193e77c)
  • Fix T40251: Rename of Shape key is not redrawed in Dopesheep. (d1dde3c)
  • Fix T39897: shape keys created while the Relative checkbox is unchecked start out with frame=0. (875aff2)
  • Fix T40242: 3D view background images incorrectly shown during viewport render. (5f05ebc)
  • Fix compilation error on kFreeBSD. (76f7a5b)
  • Fix part of T35600: Outliner did not update when renaming armature bone names. (295bc12)
  • Fix T40271: Missing redraw for bone editing bone roll. (e2a9923)
  • Fix T40224: Crash moving objects to another layer. (c998d6d)
  • Fix T40267: Addon's bug tracker urls not respected. (6283538)
  • Fix T40291: Crash when adding # driver to some fields. (d203edf)
  • Fix T40222 texture painting on mirrored meshes does not apply pixel. (b963434)
  • Fix T40271: recalculation of the bone roll does not work correctly. (ebbeb08)
  • Bugfix T40292: Trying to rename shapekey datablocks from AnimEditors renamed object instead. (5bb615c)
  • Fix T40309: Select inner region 'bigger' failed with equal regions. (07ffd9c)
  • Fix T38493: ray_cast causes runtime error with no faces. (c6de033)
  • Fix T39901: Crashes if the resolution % is changed while rendering an animation. (c56bbcc)
  • Fix T40290: False (or malfunctioning) dependency-cycle warning when adding dupligroup objects to another group. (7a86765)
  • Another fix for T40230/T40290: Object tags were not properly initialized. (90449f9)
  • Fix T40324: Checker deselect fails for edge-rings. (bec8cee)
  • Fix crash rendering linked scenes in compo. (5811076)
  • Fix T40331: Incorrect display of path of editted data. (c75261c)
  • Fix curve switch direction ignoring active vertex. (a1d286a)
  • Fix for BLI_delete failing on files containing quotes. (6b7bee6)
  • Fix for thinning strokes at intersections between visible and background hidden lines. (fce731a)
  • Fix T40359: Scene / Color Management: White Point Mapping Has Limit. (1539785)
  • Fix T40354: Camera Tracks in the Dope Sheet can't be deselected. (3131b5d)
  • Fix for out of bounds reads with curve bevel mapping. (e9e1357)
  • Fix T40223: Errors in bevel_factor_mapping_start/end. (91a91b9)
  • Fix T40373: Adding movie creates overlapping audio strips. (13b81c8)
  • Fix T40344: Levels of Detail not smooth with Armature Modifier. (f469185)
  • Fix T40387, image api save and pack did not fire notifiers. (1c5ffdd)
  • Fix T40362: Projected texture from spotlight doesn't scale with spotsize when changed in-game via Python. (5c5ca13)
  • Fix T40403: Particles disappear after rendering. (6bb459f)
  • Fix T40272: Error setting option flags2 to value fastpskip. (9dbd577)
  • Fix mask transform when display aspect is not 1:1. (dcf2a07)
  • Fix T40338: Vertex transform origin ignores Normalize option in graph editor. (7c8be33)
  • Fix T40412: Moving mask layers does not invalidate mask drawing in the movie clip editor. (11a1562)
  • Fix T40414: Multiple input nodes in a group not working. (34ca8fe)
  • Fix T39686: nused omp firstprivate variable sphdata in particles. (3e0d589)
  • Fix T40408: world MIS + equiangular sampling giving unnecessary noise. (9e61dcc)
  • Fix T40078: GLSL Lamp with OnlyShadow makes weird colors in object. (8008d9b)
  • Fix T40438: Name of texture is not synchronize. (a26e41c)
  • Fix T40445: Disabled modifiers prevent cage edit mode. (6b538f4)
  • Fix incorrect flag checks for project-paint face winding. (c68295f)
  • Fix T40447: Creating Rigid Bodies is rejected for meshes without polys. (7674ebf)
  • Fix T40342: smooth shading flag in dyntopo does not work under MSVC. (d4c078b)
  • Fix T39053: Replace mesh actuator does not replace material (only mesh). (6c9dd17)
  • Fix T40489: Curve drawing skipped loose-wire when mixed with solid faces. (b3e9a71)
  • Fix for dupli's ignoring color in set-scenes. (5ee55ca)
  • Fix T40382: 2D stabilization uses disabled markers. (543ce85)
  • Fix subpixel precision in transform node. (6b256a7)
  • Fix T40508: Calculating normals crashes. (0b0bac8)
  • Fix T40522: Viewport layer name is not redrawed. (607cd0e)
  • Fix T38668: When using Maya Input style, there is no way to snap Knife tool to midpoints. (a98c27f)
  • Fix T40520: Properties panel in properties region in 3D view does not go away. (553264f)
  • Fix T40547: Can't read single channel EXRs. (615f4dc)
  • Fix T40057: invisible hair particles slowing down mesh edits. (0ae8ce3)
  • Fix T40549: box selection starting point in the file requester. (f1f33ba)
  • Fix wrong memory write in partial render update with Save Buffers enabled. (74e32ef)
  • Fix missing notifier when inserting keyframe. (00c7e2a2a)
  • Fix T40582: issues with apply scale when having multires and scene simplify. (20550d6)
  • Fix T40559: Maya keymap node selection bug. (3f2b023)