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Limit Distance Constraint


The Limit Distance constraint forces its owner to stay either further from, nearer to, or exactly at a given distance from its target. In other words, the owner’s location is constrained either outside, inside, or at the surface of a sphere centered on its target.

When you specify a (new) target, the Distance value is automatically set to correspond to the distance between the owner and this target.

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Note that if you use such a constraint on a connected bone, it will have no effect, as it is the parent’s tip which controls the position of your owner bone’s root.


Limit Distance panel
This constraint uses one target, and is not functional (red state) when it has none.
If Target is an Armature, a new field is displayed offering the optional choice to set an individual bone as Target.
If a Bone is set as Target, a new field is displayed offering the optional choice of where along this bone the target point lies.
Vertex Group
If Target is a Mesh, a new field is displayed offering the optional choice to set a Vertex Group as target.
This numeric field sets the limit distance, i.e. the radius of the constraining sphere.
Reset Distance
When clicked, this small button will reset the Distance value, so that it corresponds to the actual distance between the owner and its target (i.e. the distance before this constraint is applied).
Clamp Region
The Limit Mode drop-down menu allows you to choose how to use the sphere defined by the Distance setting and target’s center:
Inside (default)
The owner is constrained inside the sphere.
The owner is constrained outside the sphere.
The owner is constrained on the surface of the sphere.