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Layer Manager
Display and Edit Layer Name
UI location View3D > Properties panel N
Version 1.5.4 Author(s) Alfonso Annarumma, Bastien Montagne
Blender 2.76.0 License GPL 3+
Category 3D View Distribution Release

Executable information
File name ui_layer_manager.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?255225-Addon-Layer-manager-for-Blender-2.63a


  • Activate it in User Preferences / Add-Ons Panel / 3d View


Addons layer manager.jpg
  • Layer groups
  • Named Layers
  • Classic (shift select) or click select
  • View Index Optional
  • Extra layer tools
  • Select all objects on layer
  • Lock all objects on layer
  • Move selected to layer
  • Hide Empty layers


  • This add-on can be used for a wide variety of layer management tasks.
  • It's both useful in very large scenes or simple scenes.