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Show Vertex Groups/Weights
Finds the vertex groups of a selected vertex and displays the corresponding weights
UI location 3D View > Properties Region > Show Weights
Usage While in Edit mode on a mesh object, find the Show Weights panel in the 3D View's Properties region (N). Left-click the "Show Vertex Group Weights" button to display the vertex groups and corresponding weights for each selected vertex.

The values are displayed both in the 3D View as an overlay and as a series of boxes in the Properties region. And from the Properties region, the vertex weights for any selected vertex can be directly adjusted. you can also remove a vertex from any given group.

For the active vertex, you can add it to an existing vertex group (with a default weight of 1.0) or create a new group.

Version 0.7.2 Author(s) Jason van Gumster (Fweeb), Bartius Crouch, CoDEmanX
Blender 2.65.4 License GPL
Category Mesh Distribution Contrib
Note(s) This script borrows some code from Bart Crouch's old Index Visualiser add-on for the overlay in the 3D View.

Executable information
File name mesh_show_vgroup_weights.py
Current version download SVN
Python modules bpy, bmesh, bgl, blf, mathutils

Known Issues This addon toggles Edit mode from within the operators to add and remove a selected vertex to/from a vertex group. This, of course, is a no-no, but there aren't any easy workarounds at the moment.


  1. User Preferences → Addons
  2. In Supported Level, enable Testing
  3. Use the Addon browser to find and enable Show Vertex Groups/Weights (hint: it's in the Mesh category)



See usage above. More detailed instructions to come.