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This is a tutorial for when you start working at the Blender for Robotics project. It will show you what you have to install and what you have to read to get yourself started.


  • Install Python. At least version 2.6, but the recent 2.5x versions use Python 3.x already. (Mac/Linux: you can check your version with "python -V" in your terminal).
  • Install an editor program for Python that can highlight code, show line numbers, show tabs/spaces,etc... Like Textwrangler for Mac, or Kate for Linux, or Notepad++ for Windows. A complete list of editors can be found at (


  • Install Blender. For some older scripts you will need to have blender 2.49, but all exciting new developments and features are being done on the 2.5x series. Caution: those are officially still beta versions, but the number of bugs is rapidly decreasing.
  • Old and new versions can be found on
  • A help forum can be found at (
  • Start Blender in your Terminal/command-line, so you can see the output of your scripts. (print() will only print to your terminal and not in Blender.)
  • In Blender, go to the "Scripts Screen" and open ファイル:Test.txt(change .txt to .py) with (alt+O). Press the "Run Script" button and check the output in the terminal. If there is an error your blender version might be bugged.
    • I had this on my blender version running on mac os x and needed to install ubuntu to get blender correctly working--Joske 11:52, 23 September 2010 (UTC).
  • Learn how to add your own panel in blender here.
  • Learn how to use blender as a robotics simulator with the Game Engine here.

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