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OpenGL Debugging with Bugle

Some OpenGL bugs can give totally useless backtraces in GDB. (crash inside the GL driver).

Using bugle source -

scons prefix=/opt/bugle install

Copy doc/examples/filters into ~/.bugle/filters

BUGLE_CHAIN=validate LD_PRELOAD=/opt/bugle/lib/ ./blender.bin

Then instead of crashing it gives a useful message as to whats going wrong, like this... [NOTICE] checks.error: illegal normal array caught in glDrawArrays (unreadable memory); call will be ignored.

there are other options for debugging like showfps, trace, wireframe ... see ~/.bugle/filters for options.

With the "crash" filter I managed to get a valid backtrace from gdb too.

BUGLE_CHAIN=crash LD_PRELOAD=/opt/bugle/lib/ gdb ./blender.bin

Thought It might be useful for people looking into VBO bugs for the first time.