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Blender source code and addon repositories have moved to Git, however two things remain in Subversion repositories for now: translations and prebuilt Windows and Mac OS X libraries in the lib/ directory. Further, repositories from old projects on are also still accessible through svn.

Repository access

Access to the repository is provided via https:// both for anonymous (read access) and commit access (write access). The main urls for the repositories are:<operating_system>
Certificate information
  • Hostname:
  • Valid: from 2013-03-29 15:39:41 UTC until 2015-03-29 15:39:41 UTC
  • Issuer:, Root CA
  • Fingerprint: 7a:4d:44:33:cf:42:27:3b:8f:22:5e:1c:11:d1:20:e5:af:82:4d:3b

There is also a convenient web interface for browsing sources provided by

Read Access

This project's source code can be checked out anonymously. You will need a Subversion client. Most systems have one installed by default, for a list of clients look at the link provided near the end of the document.

When you checkout, you will probably see an error message about the certificate that is not issued by a trusted authority. However the certificate is fully functional and will ensure secure transit of the data. You can permanently accept this certificate.

If you get the message "Certificate verification error: signed using insecure algorithm" without proposing to accept the certificate, open with the file ~/.subversion/servers and add on the bottom of it: ssl-trust-default-ca = no

After accepting the certificate the sources will be checked out for anonymous users.

Commit Access

Most development happens in Git repositories, so most developers do not need commit access to the svn repositories. For those that do, you can do a checkout like this.

svn checkout --username MyUserName<some_repository>

Next you may be prompted for a password. This is the password you need to logon to

If you are not prompted for a password, you will instead have to provide your username and password during your first commit.

(Note: Subversion will store your password on your local system and use it next time you communicate with the repository.)

Additional information

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