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  • Sound project
  • Zagh Sky & Water (review need)
  • GE
  • Snap
  • plus any patch from tracker deemed good enough for next week ? if patch is major feature, it should be judged by maintainer

Blender 2.47 Bug Fix List

-- This is to keep track of the commit log, when all is ready I can move this to the typo3 --

  • (14892) Sequencer [11750] "Translate" stops working when offset > image size
  • (14893) Update Python API documentation "some updates to epy doc"
  • (14902) replacing epydoc generation script with one copied from bpy docs
  • (14905) Sequencer [#11745] Blender crashes when changing Scenes on Sequencer`s Strips
  • (14906) [#11748] Bevel tool not snapping when holding down ctrl and adjusting value
    • Added proper gear support and fixed some misc errors in the setup of this
    • transformation (negative values hav no effect, so use absolute value and
    • other small things like that)
  • (14907) [#11892] track-to + "around selection" bug
    • Transform conversion was resetting constraints when used to calculate orbit center.
    • This is a tentative fix, it fixes this particular case but maybe not all.
  • (14908) [#12103] Force field moves when strength changes
    • Wind effects would modify the center vector, so the limit sphere was drawn
    • from the position of the last "wind ring"
  • (14909) Bone Extrusion Bug
    • Extruding from root would incorrectly set the Connected flag when it wasn't needed.
  • (14911) testbreak was not working after the first use
  • (14912) scene frames scene.render.cFrame,sFrame and eFrame were being treated as shorts. (which clamped them to 37856)
  • (14916) add missing flags for NLA strips
  • (14923) Fix for bug #12334: the Disable Tex option didn't disable textures for the Texface material option.
  • (14925) Fix for bug #11758: crash cancelling hair softbody bake.
    • Fix for bug #11966: crash in hair softbody with hair amount 0.
  • (14926) Fix for bug #11743: incorrect transformation for particle group visualization DupliGroup option.
  • (14928) Fix for part of bug #12075: gamma node generated nan's on negative input.
  • (14930) Fix for bug #12077: tangent shading (which only affects specular) made bump mapping not work for diffuse.
  • (14931) Fix for bug #11698: mesh deform modifier not working on extruded curves.
    • The modifier work on the tesselated result rather than the curve itself.
  • (14932) Fix for bug #11895: databrowse for image painting clone image didn't work.
  • (14935) Bugfix #12508: Action Editor Border Select Channels no longer selects bones
  • (14936) fix for error when all faces are the same area "" Python scripts/ ""
  • (14937) fix for [#12218] Impossible to exit meta strips with hotkey
    • Only enter mesta's that are active and selected, inconsistent with editmode
    • in the 3D view, but editmode dosnt deal with nested data.
  • (14938) Fix for bug #12473: crash converting old particle system from a linked file.
  • (14939) fix for "[#11004] Adding ram sound and alt-U causes ram to look like HD sound and can lead to crash"
    • Missing call sound_initialize_sounds, cant be added BKE_reset_undo since its in blenderkernel.
  • (14940) Fix for bug #12526: object instancing didn't restore matrices
    • correct for envmap, could give objects rendering in the wrong position.
  • (14942) == PyNodes == Fixing bug #11737 reported by Daniel Salazar (Zanqdo, thanks!): assigning as
    • pynode a text that failed to parse as a pynode script, then deleting that text would crash Blender.
  • (14947) fix BGE bug #8646: unusable anaglyph settings
    • The best rules for stereo rendering are now applied to Blender. Here is the
    • new situation:
    • 1) The focal distance is now settable through the GUI: select the camera
    • (each camera can have a different setting) and go to the camera data (F9):
    • the "Dof Dist" and "Dof Ob" can be used to set the focal distance for that
    • camera. The "Dof Ob" is interesting because it sets the focal distance so
    • that the center this object will appear at the surface of the screen when
    • running the game.
    • 2) The eye separation is automatically set to focal_distance/30, which is
    • considered to be a reasonable value. If you need a different value, you can
    • always use Python scripting.
    • Notes:
    • - If you switch camera during the game, the focal distance will also change
    • unless you have set the focal distance by scripting, in which case it
    • overwrites the focal distance setting of all cameras.
    • - If you don't set the focal distance in the camera data or by scripting,
    • the default value will be used. The default value corresponds more of less
    • to the near clipping plane which means that all the objects will be very far
    • with little 3D effect.
    • - If you don't set the eye separation by scripting, it is automatically
    • computed as focal_distance/30, regardless on how the focal distance was set.
  • (14948) fix for [#12797] FBX Exporter Exports Incorrect Matterial EmissiveFactor and
    • DiffuseFactor- swapped diffuse and emit factors
  • (14950) -> FLT import: Zero area N-gon bug fix
    • FLT importer would throw errors when importing ngons with zero area. These faces are now ignored
  • (14955) for for [bf-blender-Bug Tracker][11843] 3DS importer imports broken meshes
  • (14957) Apply BGE patch 12799: Fix quad buffer stereo mode for Windows
  • (14958) [#11119] Tool tips correction (Patch by Olivier Saraja)
  • (14961) [#11124] Hide Threshold button when Constant QMC sampling enabled (Patch by Olivier Saraja)
  • (14965) Sequencer [#12106] Memory leak in sequencer (>10MB/frame)
    • in parts: inner contents of meta strips are freed up after calculation
    • making more room for the cache.
    • Actually have to think of a mechanism, that remembers, which output
    • frames are asked for and caches only those.
  • (14966) patch [#11491] Fix for bug 11362: Blender.Draw.Image() method does not clip
    • properly fixing [#11362] Blender.Draw.Image() method does not clip properly
    • also return silently on zero zoomlevel rather then raising an error, only
    • raise an error on negative values.
  • (14971) Bug fix in X-Mirror for armatures
    • When a bone in a mirrored chain wasn't named properly, it would leave the
    • head or tail in an invalid state.
    • Now it applies the mirror to connected joints that are mirrored.
  • (14973) the last selected nurbs curve lastnu could become an invalid pointer in
    • places, access this via functions now and store an index
    • rather then a pointer so if it becomes invalid it will just return a NULL pointer.
  • (14979) Bug fix Force proportional editing flag off in object mode.
    • While it didn't have any effect on objects themselves, it could display the
    • falloff mode (Smooth) in the header. The bug was purely cosmetic.
  • (14982) bugfix for crasher from Cedric Paille via bf-committers. (Bad initial value for psys_cache_paths in Python api)
  • (14987) bugfix, copy posebone constraints didnt update properly, canceling transform
    • would not reset the bone back to its original state. need to set teh flag
    • "ob->pose->flag |= POSE_RECALC", which is alredy done on adding a constraint.back to
  • (14994) bugfix for view naming, pressing numpad5 would clear the
    • V3D_OPP_DIRECTION_NAME flag even though it wont switch the view direction.
  • (14996) Fix for bug #12806: compositor nodes with use nodes disabled didn't properly redraw the node window on changes.
  • (14999) Fix for bug #12533: color picker didn't always redraw rgb/hsv/hex values.
  • (15000) Fix for #12526: still didn't get dupli transform in envmaps correct.
  • (15005) Fix for bug #12463: hair didn't draw z-buffered in wireframe mode.
    • Instead of making it an exception compared to other objects which don't draw z-buffered either, it now draws
    • without lighting in the wire color like it did before.
  • (15006) bugfix, edges with no faces raised an error.
  • (15011) bugfix for zero area faces and adding uv layers was not checking if the UV layer existed alredy.
  • (15013) Another fix for bug #11140: explode modifier was still using more memory than needed.
  • (15023) bugfix
    • python api render() would clamp the endframe to a short.
    • python api's render() and renderAnim() would not render compositing
    • because the name they gave to RE_NewRender was NOT G.scene->, added comments to G.scene->
  • (15027) bugfix for baking AO with greater then 16 samples, since it was being
    • clamped in sphere_sampler but not in ray_ao_spheresamp that calls it. giving uneven art deco results.
  • (15028) Fix for bug: [#11680] "Col" option for particle systems does not work
    • correctly with Mat IPOs -the feature simply was not coded
  • (15029) Small fix for last AO sphere sampling bugfix, didn't update random sampling code as well.
  • (15030) Fix for bug #13230: particle mirror could fail on some faces.
  • (15031) Fix for bug #13224: vertex parenting didn't work correct with multiple unconnected curves.
  • (15032) bugfix for own bug. mousewheel while playing in the sequencer crashes blender.
  • (15034) Bug fix: [#13268] Crash when creating a new particle system -Ugh.. sorry about that.. damn default cube with it's default material!
  • (15064) == PyNodes ==
    • Bug #13277, reported by Juho (bebraw) Vepsalainen (thanks!) - a typo made
    • pynodes w/o input socket definitions fail with an out of range error when
    • accessing the output sockets in the script.
  • (15069) bugfix for own error, introduced when running scripts were saved with the blend file.
    • a script error with a script that has an interface would not stop the
    • interface from running again immediately, causing an annoying error message loop.
  • (15070) bugfix
  • [#13394] Sequencer: if internal strips have handles selected, dragging the metastrip changes the meta length
    • Extend did not work correctly on metastrips when the nested seq's are out of the meta's frame range, added an argument to
    • seq_tx_get_final_left/right that returns the frame clipped by metastrip(s) if any.
  • (15072) bufgfix for [#13584] SIGSEV in fluid bake with large amount of small fluid objects
    • the maximum number of objects (255) wasnt being checked, added a check before baking.
    • also changed bakeing to use G.scene->base rather then G.main->objects since
    • these can be in other scenes, from linked groups, or used only by python so they should not be used for baking. it
    • also meant having a domain in 2 scenes would fail with an error.
    • Nils, could be good to have a dynamic number of bakeable objects.
  • (15073) bugfix for own error glitch when typing in / would ask the user to make a new directory. the last
    • shash was being removed, then the "" path didnt exist and asked to create it.
  • (15075) bugfix for own error [#13588] Python API Material.sssRadiusBlue broken
  • (15076) -Fix for bug #13067
    • Bevel tool was hanging on certain geometry where the edge
    • to be beveled was shared by two faces that had more than
    • one edge in common and caller was not checking return
    • status of Bmesh eulers. Fixed.
  • (15077) bugfix (typo) [#13587] Python API Material.sssFront broken
  • (15078) == FFMPEG ==
    • Shouldn't crash any more in the case that
    • a) invalid video options were selected
    • and
    • b) audio multiplexing was active
    • [#13311] video_stream NULL when writing ffmpeg
    • (did'nt crash for me though, but added extra protection :) )
  • functionality fix
    • Originally the only way to run scripts automatically was with scriptlinks,
    • which could be disabled for loading untrusted blend files.
    • Since then PyDrivers and PyConstraints would run even when
    • G.f&G_DOSCRIPTLINKS was disabled.
    • Gensher, Theeth and Ianwill agree its acceptable to reuse the flag for other
    • areas python runs automatically.
    • PyNodes still have no way to be disabled, (todo before 2.46a)
  • Added missing newline for error print in Py-button expressions
  • (15096) Bugfix #13603:
    • Action Editor Copy/Paste didn't trigger a depsgraph update for the active object (if the action was applied to it).
  • (15110) Fix BGE bug #13605: GameEngine corrupts Pose data
  • (15113) bugfix #13618 - 2d filters + GLSL python scripts
  • (15123) Issue jms was having with # else on msvc. Seems odd but easy to fix.
  • (15125) numbutton python expression evaluation used driver dictionary, when
    • EnableScriptlinks was disabled number
    • button input didnt
    • work. narrow down this test to the part of the pydriver module init that
    • uses a blender textblock as a module. This should
    • should reload the pydriver dict whenever the "EnableScriptlinks" state
    • changes. but for now working numbuttons is priority.
  • (14976) * The displist would be uninitialized when nurbs bezieru/v was set and the order wasnt 3 or 4. add a function that checks
    • nurbs can produce a valid line. check_valid_nurb_u/v
    • when check_valid_nurb_u/v fails, no curve is allocated or drawn.
    • knotsu/v could be NULL but some functions didn't check for this, make sure this is checked for everywhere.
    • The interface didnt change check the order when the bezier u/v flag was set, added functions clamp_nurb_order_u/v that
    • takes into accound the number of points and the bezier u/v flag.
  • (14978) when cyclic is enabled the knots would always be generated with uniform nurbs but after, cyclic nurbs would be incorrect
    • if the bezier or endpoint u/v was set.
    • also replaced some numbers with constants.
  • (15129) bugfix introduced in own commit 15055 - [#13621] Cloth cache files are in same directory as .blend
  • (15136) Bugfix: [#13619] Transform Rotate and Scale Strange
    • view: noclip version of int and float projection. Also project from behind
    • the view's position and return coherent values for near clipping
    • transform: use the above functions for 2d center and helpline drawing
    • NOTE: the result for centers behind the camera (in perspective) isn't 100%
    • perfect in the case of rotations because they always use the centered view
    • vector as rotation axis and not the one aligned with the 2d center. Changing
    • this would not be desirable anyway. At least it's predictible now.
  • (15144) fix 2dfilter problem on AMD64, Patches item #13626
  • (15147) bugfix, memory leaks when getting particles and particle system loc/size/rot/life (Just remember PyList_Append adds a reference! :) )
  • (15149) March 22 commit from Campbell to allow Lasso select in Compositor
    • with CTRL+LMB disabled the recently before added option to make
    • a Viewer connected to a node using same hotkey.
    • Now both work!
  • (15157) Fix for incorrect tooltip (provided by JMS va bf-committers)
  • (15158) Another minor typo fix in button naming
  • (15159) Bugfix #13649: Segmentation fault when deleting object
    • When the IPO editor was pinned, and the active object was changed, deleting
    • the active object would cause a crash.
  • (15160) Bugfix #13667: Outliner doesn't update when changing Parent in Transform Properties
    • There was a missing refresh call for the Outliner.
  • (15161) Bugfix #13666:
    • Missing #include <stdio.h> in source/gameengine/Ketsji/KX_RayCast.cpp
  • (15168) Fix for bug #13627: bFTGL sconscript missing opengl includes, didn't compile with non-standard paths.
  • (15177) Revision 15045 merged from apricot
    • ----------------------------------
    • Small fix to derivedmesh for snapping: don't create origindex for
    • editmesh derivedmesh since it's not being filled correct anyway.
  • 15187 bugfix, missing calls to free editmesh index arrays
  • 15195 bugfix, off by 1 error when filling in uninitialized values for new ID
    • values when the requested name length was greater to or equal to 21.
    • Also replaced incorrect use of strcpy with memmove since the strings overlap
  • 15197 [#13723] Select -> Grouped -> Objects in Same Group doesn't work directly
    • after appending Menu was shown even when it couldn't do anything. behavior now matches the object copy menu.
  • 15199 bugfix
    • - duplicated script spaces would keep a pointer to the PyObject button list.
    • (causing python errors with negative reference counts when freeing spaces)
    • - Exiting blender would crash when a UI was open because the ScriptSpaces
    • button PyList was being free'd after python Py_Finalize was called.
  • 15211 When your home directory is full, saving defaults would fail without raising
    • an error. checked all others instances of BLO_write_file give errors too.
    • When autosave fails it reports an error in the console so its not too annoying.
  • 15219 Bugfix:
    • Campbell's recent commit to fix game-engine pose/ipo corruption was causing
    • segfaults with duplicating armatures.
  • 15225 fix for ndof inconsistencies, bug #13954
    • patch provided by Ettore Pasquini
  • 15230 bugfix, simple crash in drawaction
  • 15234 Patch [#13668] Tool tip correction By Olivier Saraja
  • 15293 Patch [#13777]
    • This commit fix the following problem in the DPX code:
    • 1) The code always assume a depth of 10 bits
    • 2) The code don't check the file type (Log or Linear)
  • 15240 Material color was always overriding OBCOL for blender text.
  • 15242 bugfix from Markus Ilmola (glome)
    • patch was in [#8540] Import scripts for MilkShape3D file formats
    • Some animations were incorrectly imported and this adds support for weights.
  • 15247 Use the scenes framerate for ipo and action framerate in the game engine, was hard coded to 25.
  • 15256 [#14400] Crash on grab/move on axis when nothing selected (patch included)
    • I used a different fix than the included patch, but that was a pretty nasty crasher (only crash on menu/toolbox, not hotkeys).
  • 15262 bugfix, BGE, use vec.safe_normalized() rather then vec.normalized() because in some cases the ray_cast sensor could crash blender.
  • 15302 Bugfix: Update-automatically option in IPO-Editor now updates objects using the active IPO-block as their ObAction when transforming keyframes.
  • 15310 bugfix, Shift+H would hide unselected objects on unseen layers.
  • 15315 [#14398] In Object- and EditMode, global rotate manual input is different than mouse
    • The sign of the rotation angle was sometimes different between num input and mouse input.
  • 15325 An initializer line was missing from the beginning of a loop, causing crashes.
  • 15331 bugfix [#14796] -t <threads> command line switch doesn't work unless FIXED_THREADS has previously been turned on
    • Command line threads now override blendfile setting in background mode.
    • Command line Threads greater then 8 are now clamped.
  • 15334 BGE bug fix: action constraints were not correctly copied from Blender to BGE local copy, only the first one was copied


  • NDOF bugfixes 14402 & 14403 by ettore Pasquini
  • Fix crash in python API (Campbell: please check :) ) -- using myLamp.setType(number) crashed blender (reported in IRC by Djoef)
  • Fix for python APi error - (Campbell: please check :) ) -- using myLamp.setType(Area) resulted in 'TypeError: expected int argument in [0,5]' (reported in IRC by Djoef)
  • Daniel's last commit fixed the bug, but checking for the PyObject isn't needed.

also fixed own tooltip typo

  • Checked all cases where PyArg_ParseTuple is used in blenders game engine and made sure all will raise errors when called with invalid args.
  • Window Installer:

A couple of fixes:

- uninstaller now deletes itself (oops! :)
- uninstaller now correctly locates \.blender for removal.
  • == compile fix ==

- fix compilation for MSVC (added missing math define) - note: defines were already duplicated, added twice to keep them in synch

  • patch [#17275] Fix for: pressing delete on an empty sequencer pops up a confirmation

from Roelf De Kock (kiemdoder) to address report #15025

  • Bugfix #17139

When "image type" is a movie, image file saving falls back to jpg as a default. The code checking extensions didn't correctly include quicktime.

  • #16675: Object name doesn't get updated in 3D viewports if it is changed via Buttons Window
  • Bugfix #16669

The Image "do premul" option didn't work when Image was of type Sequence. (Note: this option converts key-alpha images to premul, as is standard in Blender rendering)

  • Fix for bug: [#14570] particle system: grid distribution + vertex emitting bug

- grid distribution didn't check for emission from vertices

  • Little tweak to timeline_force_draw, so that button windows are updated properly
  • Derived Mesh Bugfix

EditMesh MEdge vertex index were doubled incremented, so more or less always wrong (even worse, could read outside of array).

  • patch from res2k to stop the blender window being upscaled on vista.
  • Bugfix #16535

The infamous Fkey 'make face' in editmode still failed in cases, giving an annoying convex error popup. Found two errors in this code: - not all cases were evaluated to make a face of 4 vertices (6 cases) - the function that makes always a face when the 4 edges already exist

 failed when not in vertex-select mode.

I also removed the popup, but added a print... its still not perfect.

  • Fix for crash in freeing group nodes, node trees have to be freed

before materials.

  • bugfix - GameEngine PyObject methods did not all return when using dir(), because inherited methods were ignored, This made it incredibly annoying, not only having to search a C++ file to see what functions were available. but looking

up methods inherited from other C++ classes. There is still no __members__ attribute so dir() wont work at all for attributes.

  • fix for crasher with touch sensor, ben you may want to look at this, should be ok since the ray sensor does NULL checks in for getNewClientInfo in a similar area.

  • Fixing the fix: Sometimes, Valgrind sees memory leaks where noone is - especially with external used memory managers like in this case (and Python case)

  • Replaced strcasecmp with BLI_strcasecmp, to make msvc happy!
  • Buhh... and now I left in testing print in exr code.
  • Fixed bug #14510 - wave modifier crash

CDDM_apply_vert_coords needs a CDDerivedMesh, but it was getting a CCGDerivedMesh from the preceding Subsurf modifier. This fix just makes a CDDerivedMesh copy of the supplied DerivedMesh rather than using it directly.

  • [#17298] surface normal direction compensation for objects with negative scale in rendering with radiosity

from Roelf De Kock (kiemdoder) Fixes bug [#7969] Mirroring Object Breaks Radiosity Calculations - copied from the tracker. The code in this patch detects whether an object has negative scale (test the OB_NEG_SCALE bit in Object.transflag) and then compensate for the negative scale when the surface normals are calculated for a radiosity render.

  • === Transform Snap === Bugfix face snapping in edit mesh didn't test for selection properly

  • Transform Snapping

Snap to edges and vertice without have to go through faces. This means you can import floor plans and use the edges as snapping guides and other sort of fun things. The bounding box test still needs padding though.

  • Snapping

Snap to cage only in edit mode (respect the edit cage flag of modifiers). Especially important for subsurf, otherwise, Andy's automerge + snap video doesn't work in current SVN.

  • [#13691] apricot Snap didn?\226?\128?\153t work correct in svn

1. Updated selected restriction to not be so stingy. Snapping on edges and vertices work if they are part of a partially moving face 2. Change depth ordering (which didn't work all the time). Hits are sorted according to 2D distance and then depth, so for overlapping hits, it picks the one in front.

  • Merge from Apricot Revisions 14897, 14913, 14914, 14915, 14929, 15009, 15046

Snappy stuff Align rotation with snapping target: rotate the object, aligning it with the target (object mode only - temporarily) (New icon in the header when snap is turned on) Snap to different mesh elements (face, edge, vertice): snapping target slide on faces and edge or use exact position of vertice. When using Align rotation with edge snapping, the normal is interpolated as you slide along. Snaps correctly to derived mesh (sculpt, modifiers, ...) and duplis. In object and edit mode. NOTE: The snapping code is now based on faces, so even if you're snapping to vertices or edges, it will not work on meshes without faces. This might change if needed.

  • Centralize handling of individual center for rotations
  • object: ray - boundbox intersection test
  • Small fix to derivedmesh for snapping: don't create origindex for

editmesh derivedmesh since it's not being filled correct anyway.

  • Arith:
       - axis angle to quat conversion function
       - short to float / float to short normals conversion function (eventually, we could go over the go and replace copy/pasted code everywhere)
       - ray triangle intersection (to complement the line triangle intersection function)


       - viewray / viewline (get near plane point under mouse and ray normal/far point)


       - extract viewline from brush_add function

  • Fix for bug #17292: vertex paint blur darkens the colors as you

paint, due to old optimization to use >>8, but this is equivalent to /256, and it should be /255.

  • Fix for bug #14665: stars not working in 3D view.

  • Fix for bug #14411: missing preview render redraw for a few lamp buttons.

  • Bugfix #17306: Missing refresh call for button in UserPrefs

Autokey settings were missing redraw for Info-window

  • Memory leak fix: br_find_exe() uses strdup() which uses malloc and therefore the returned string needs free'ing (Found with valgrind).

  • Fix for bug [#13479] Particle system "corrupts" when changing material colour and used in conjunction with softbodies

- changing particlesystem settings for hair particles cleared & recalculated everything even when hair softbody was baked

  • Patch #17285: fix for bug #14685: frame counter not always updating while scrubbing

Patch submitted by Roelf De Kock (kiemdoder) The parts of the patch affecting the timeline were have not been committed, as there was a better solution.

  • BGE bug fix (good for 2.47): automatic detection that target object of AddObject actuator is being deleted to avoid crash (bad game design anyway)

  • Bugfix #14435

"(De)Select faces with material" (edit buttons) should also draw image window

  • Patch Benoit: Truncated loop n Ipo Actuator when start frame is not 1.
Parent Actuator did not check if activation was due to positive or
negative even (es la rev 15555 de blender-2.47)

  • importing the GameLogic module was being done by adding the text "import GameLogic" to the start of all scripts used in the game engine, this meant every error line number was off by 1 (quite annoying). better to do this to the

dictionary that the scripts run with.

  • last commit didn't work because GameLogic was a imported as a dict rather then a module. (was only printing it when testing).

Removed dictionaryClearByHand which was only called PyDict_Clear()

  • Bugfix #17323

Ztransp OSA render did not include z values anymore in pass... this is not good Z anyway (aliased), but at least it's back now. Note: for composites using Z values: use FSA for superior results.

  • Bugfix #17327

Small one: changed the string attribute in multilayer exr files to be: "2.43 and newer" To indicate that it's about compatibility of the exr file, not the version Blender saved it in.

  • bugfix
samples that wernt loaded could crash blender - divide by zero errors from having 0 channels or bits.
could also corrupt memory when selecting samples with long names. from the sample selector menu.

  • Fix segfault in the Sequence.

If you enable the Proxy and Custom Dir options and later disable the Proxy (but not the Custom Dir options), Blender crash every time that you try select the strip, because the proxy don't exist anymore. The solution: only draw the Custom Dir button if the Proxy option is enable.

  • BGE bug fix (good for 2.47): radar and near sensor did not filter correctly the collisioning objects based on ACTOR flag when the parent object was added dynamically. This could result in a very big performance decrease.

  • change active face behavior so that entering editmode will assign the first face as active when none is set. UnSetting the active face will also use the first face as active.
missing countall when selecting linked

  • Bugfix: particles with deflection based on size could pass through

objects due to a broken SweepingSphereIntersectsTriangleUV. This merges the code from the shrinkwrap branch by Andr?\195?\169 Pinto, thanks!

  • BGE bug fix (good for 2.47): fix logic reconnection after replication. The old method was matching the bricks by name assuming they are unique but it is not always the case, especially with the new dupligroup feature. The new method

matches the bricks by objects and position.

  • Change message printed by sceneRender.enableCropping() to be more descriptive, and note the method as deprecated in the python docs.

  • bugfix

the aspect of a block could become negative and default when scaling icons. this is caused by the using viewRedrawForce (transforming a mesh) and drawing icons in the image panel. must look into why bwin_getsinglematrix can give a negative value, probably because the opengl state is set incorrect. This is still not correct because the aspect will be wrong. but at least it wont crash.

  • BGE bug fix (good for 2.47): SetParent actuator did not work on dynamic objects. Dynamics will now be disabled automatically and the object will be set ghost for the duration of the parenting; this is to avoid static interaction with

the parent object. The dynamic state is restored when the parenting is removed with RemoveParent actuator. This fix also applies to setParent() and removeParent() python functions.

  • BGE bug fix (good for 2.47): remove static-static collision messages on the console since previous SetParent fix. The physical object is set to static+ghost while the object is parented. This behavior will be made optional in a future

release. The DisableDynamics actuator will also make the object static except that the ghost/non-ghost flag is preserved.

  • Bugfix #8182

Specular render in Blender still had terminator problems... only the diffuse part got "phong correction" applied. I didn't fix this before to not change rendering results just before the release. Now there's time I hope? Render results should only differ minimal, and only visible for low spec hardness values (like 1 or 2)

  • BGE bug fix (for 2.47): setParent() fix, third part: set mass to 0 when parenting. Allow loc/scale/orientation change on child object with physic controller.

  • Bugfix #16662

Curve modifier on lattice suffered drawing updates, only when the system was not animated though, missed depsgraph calls then. Solved it by forcing lattice to always return displist for its vertices, that's same as for how mesh/curve works now.

  • [#17356]: Reactor particles makes blender crash

  • == Sequencer ==

Fixes: [#17315] Sequencer: after undo there's no active object closes: [#17357] fix for bug #17315 - Sequencer: after undo there's no active object (kiemdoder: thanks for the patch, had to do it in a little bit different way, since sort_seq will kill your sort order idea...)

  • * Fix for bug #9450 'Problems with Extended Material node with AmbCol socket'

It turns out the material AmbCol property was never working properly, or even supported in the renderer, so I've removed it. Also included is a fix to make the 'Amb' input work properly too.

  • BGE bug fix: approve patch #17297: Track To Actuator bug fix

  • Two fixes:
For constraint mesh-targets, the check for whether the target mesh was in EditMode didn't check to see if the target mesh was the mesh in EditMode. 

Thanks jaguarandi for catching that!

  • == Sequencer ==

Fixes: [#17347] Scaling problems when "Use Translate" is enabled for image strip

  • Bugfix #17334:

This bug-report revealed a critical error made in the menus for Constraints Owner/Target spaces. It seems that the wrong values have been used for 'pose space' and 'local with parent' space. This has now been rectified, so that old rigs won't break (just that the labels will be a bit different).

  • #17309: Copy/pasting bone names (without editing text) doesn't update bone/pose names

The pasting code for text-buttons (when hovering over the button), was incorrectly using the drawstr (i.e. the string that is displayed in the text-button, and includes the 'name' of the button) as the old value. This meant that the renaming code could not correctly detect matches to rename.

  • commit by jms:

Rvk1 to rvk2 script python did not work anymore with the softbodie in blender 2.46. Only one line needs to be removed.

  • Bugfix: game engine does not support non-camera type objects as a

camera, would crash, so disabled using the object as a camera then.

  • Bugfix for #17396. Adding a text object would segfault when using freetype

2.3.6 or later. Thanks to Cyril Brulebois for a one-line patch, which was sent to the ML a while back.

  • Bugfix for mesh deformer under windows --> uninitialized variable was used in meshdeform_inside_cage()

  • Korean translation, provided by J.H. Jeong (yongdori)

(Bugreport 17415)

  • Ipo Editor would not allow access to either World or Lamp texture Ipos. Now it does. Fixes bug #17379.

1. Fix to read library_effects/.../transparent's texture


2. Fix to skip commments when reading


  • script update: ver. 1.0.12b3-2008.06.05

bugfix: conflict with existing meshes (different refactor/support for LWPOLYLINEs

  • == Sequencer ==

This fixes: [#17413] Sequencer: Blender crashes pressing R on a color strip

  • == Sequencer ==

This fixes: [#17405] Sequencer: unselected black strips are unreadable using [#17418] Fix for bug #17405: unselected black seq strips text unreadable Thanks to Roelf De Kock for providing the patch and mindrones for the bug report :)

  • DXF-importer script. Works well with 2.46winXP

Please commit to 2.47 branch patch history:

v1.12 - 2008.08.03
c2 warningfix: relocating of globals: layersmap, oblist 
c2 modif UI: buttons newScene+targetLayer moved to start panel
v1.12 - 2008.07.04
c1 added control Curve's OrderU parameter
c1 modif UI: preset buttons X-2D-3D moved to start panel
b6 added handling exception of not registered LAYERs (Hammer-HL-editor DXF output)
b5 rebuild UI: global preset 2D for Curve-Import
b5 added UI-options: PL-MESH N+N plmesh_flip and normals_out 
b5 added support for SPLINEs, added control OrderU parameter
b5 rewrote draw module for NURBS_curve and Bezier_curve
v1.12 - 2008.06.22
b4 change versioning system 1.0.12 -> 1.12
b4 print at start version-info to console
b3 bugfix: conflict with existing meshes (different

  • Fix for [#17366] Particle children from particles only take colour from UV-Maps

-Some old code in particle rendering hadn't been updated properly.

  • Fix for [#17414] Particles doesn't obey to lattice once children are added

-Lattice calculations were left out for children by accident

  • Fix for [#17291] Array modifier merge caps leaves a whole

This code was missing a test_index_face call after merging, so it was making quads with v4 == 0.

  • Bugfix #16673: Segfault when using Bake Constraints Script

There were several buggy things here (in order of significance): 1) PyAPI method didn't check to make sure that there was an active posechannel when deleting posechannel constraints. This was required by constraint_active_func() to be able to update the 'active' flags for the constraints in that stack 2) PyAPI method removed the links to the constraint data from the constraints list, even though that wasn't necessary, and may have caused memory leaks. 3) constraint_active_func() had no error checking for no constraints-stack being found

  • Collada 1.4 script, importer part:

- bugfix/refactor localTransformMatrix usage in hierarchies:

  it preserves local orientation for each child, so imported IPOs are correct working

- upgrade version nr from 0.3.159 to 0.3.160 - bugfix: tiny changes to make it work with DAE files found in differ sources

  • Fix for [#17421] Issue with Displace modifier not updating with
                animated textures

I have added a dependsOnTime function for the Displace modifier which checks if the displacement texture has IPOs, is a plugin, or uses an animated image.

  • BGE fix bug #17430: BGE Collide/Touch Sensor interfearing with other unrelated sensor states. The bug was introduced in the recent logic optimization patch. It only affects collision and touch sensors. The bug is fixed by keeping

track of registration count.

  • Fix segmentation faul in GE.

We assign the material name before check the pointer. Please Benoit check this and also I have a compiler warning about the second argument in the previous call of ConvertMaterialIpos, the argument is NULL but the function need a dword.

  • fix for [#17448] Duplicating textures with IPOs doesn't increment IPO user count

  • -> Fix for warnings in FLT exporter and Palette Manager

Removed buffer overflow masking warnings from the FLT exporter and Palette Manager.

  • BGE bug #17450 fixed: When we have parented objects with no scale-applyed objects the ray hit system doesn't work properly. Fix by separating rotation and scaling in the parent inverse node to keep scaling correct down to the leaf

objects. Only isotropric scaling should be used, as always with the BGE.

  • Fix for [#16671] Moving a metaball that a particle system uses as a object (for visualization) also moves the particles

-The particle dupliobjects were using the objects trackflag in combination with it's rotation causing strange behavior. Now the trackflag is ignored and only the rotation of the object being duplicated is taken into account.

  • Fix for [#13697] Reactor particles with children doesn't render

-Particles were being recalculated a bit too aggressively. Normal particles didn't care, but since reactor particles have dynamic birth times they lost crucial information in the recalculation.

  • Bugfix #17465: "Pose Edit Not Possible" message activated on 3D navigation

When navigating the 3d-view with a bone (or bones) selected, 'Rest Pose' enabled for the armature, and 'Orbit Around Selection' turned on, a "Pose Edit Not Possible" warning would pop up every time the view was manipulated. Was caused by a missing check for the 'TFM_DUMMY' transform mode used when calculating center to use (based on active item)

  • fix for [#17365] PLY export script writes comment in invalid way

this is good for 2.47