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The Blender A/V API should encapsulate all the platform independant code in an effort to make the blender UI/render code cleaner and more manageable. This should give blender a uniform way to load or save image buffers/audio buffers to disk.

Currently these are the functions defined:

 void BAV_init();
 void BAV_start_movie();
 void BAV_append_movie(short frame_number);
 void BAV_end_movie();
 void BAV_get_codec_settings();

These functions are called by the above functions depending on what codec is selected from the user interface.

 extern void BAV_init_ffmpeg();
 extern void BAV_start_movie_ffmpeg();
 extern void BAV_append_movie_ffmpeg(short frame_number);
 extern void BAV_end_movie_ffmpeg();
 extern void BAV_start_movie_windows();
 extern void BAV_append_movie_windows(short frame_number);
 extern void BAV_end_movie_windows();
 extern void BAV_start_movie_quicktime();
 extern void BAV_append_movie_quicktime(short frame_number);
 extern void BAV_end_movie_quicktime();
 extern void BAV_start_movie_sgi();
 extern void BAV_append_movie_sgi(short frame_number);
 extern void BAV_end_movie_sgi();

These are the functions to open media files and load them into image/audio buffers.

 void BAV_open_movie();
 void BAV_open_audio();
 void BAV_open_image();
 void BAV_save_image();
 void BAV_save_audio();

-- RobertHolcomb - 30 May 2005