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  • Audio-Output: Add a basic audio mixing console, that has bare necessities for audio mixdown.
Basically include the Postfish source into Blender. It seems rather ridiculous right now, that we can do HD-video editing, but do all our sound mixing in 16bit stereo... Peter Schlaile
  • (Optional) audio output pegel meters in the preview window, that show a) volume pegels, b) power spectrum, c) precise direction of sound. Peter Schlaile


Sony Vegas previously Sonic Foundry
I am in love with Vegas because of it's ability to do 5.1 surround sound so nicely. The interface for the sound position is scalable, I can use a joystick, and the whole project can be exported as an ac3. IMHO, Blender should have surround sound support and the ability to have sounds come out of objects in a scene so we can do crazy stuff like "sound particles". (Vilem Novak, aka pildanovak, on Blenderartists).

Cinelerra has a nice feature for multi-channel audio. You are presented with a circle in which you can place your audio tracks and you can click and drag each channel within the circle to determine its position. I know blender isn't an audio editor, but it is a nice feature. Example Image, BROKEN LINK directedition

  • Cinelerra does actually contain an audio editor... I think it started as an audio editor and then he added video later. M.e 11:43, 18 May 2007 (CEST)