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Cells v1.2
Voxelize mesh-objects.
UI location Group: Object
Version 1.2.0 - 2007.07.03 Author(s) Michael Schardt
Blender 2.42a - 2.48 License GPL
Note(s) Also in Add Menu Toolkit

Executable information
File name Cells.py
Current version download updated version in rar-archive on blenderWiki -

Cells_v1.2_248.rar (2008.12.30) - Script update for Blender 2.48a

Links Original link (gone) http://members.fortunecity.de/pytablet/



voxelization of mesh objects

  • This script covers the Area of one Object.
  • With another Object.
  • Effects similar to the popular 'Cubism' are possible.
  • The script is not limited to Cubes.
  • Any Object can be used to cover the Area of another Object.
  • Area is the surface of the mesh, not the vertice count.
  • For quick reference, the amount of Voxelization.
  • Is dependent on the size of the "covering" Object.
  • A large cube may cover once.
  • A small cube will cover many times over.
  • More in the Instructions.


Cells Two Objects.jpg

Using Cells v1.2

  • Download the script & place it in Blender's default script folder.
  • Create two Objects.
  • One to be Voxelized (large or Target Object),
  • One to Cover the Area of the Target Mesh (usually Smaller).
  • Important At this stage each Mesh must be Converted to Triangles.
  • Select the first object, go to Edit Mode, press CtrlT.
  • Or Mesh/Faces/Convert Object To Triangles.
  • Repeat for Both Objects.

Cells steps 1.png

Using Cells v1.2

  • Now the preparation is done, we are ready to Voxelize the Objects.
  • Select Both Objects.
  • The script is found in Scripts/Object/Cells v1.2
  • When you run the Script a pop up appears.
  • Choose Suzanne as the object to be voxelized. (Covered)
  • Choose hollow in the create voxel dialog.
  • You have just created your first (maybe) Voxelized mesh.
  • See below.

Cells final.png

Using Cells v1.2

  • This was the result using a beveled cube.
  • Use any Object you like.
  • I will place a few more examples here.
  • There is some more to tell you about with this script.
  • |
  • |

Additional Information

Known Issues

  • The Mesh must be triangulated before it can be Voxelized.
  • The "Solid Setting" (undocumented as of now), Requires the mesh to be manifold.
  • From Michael Schardt:
"In addition, for a solid voxelization the mesh has to be manifold (read: all edges are shared by exactly 2 faces) which simply means you have a closed volume (no holes in the surface and no "fans" where 3 or more faces share a common edge). Otherwise you coudn't define what's inside and what's outside the mesh and there'd be no volume to voxelize..."
  • Be careful when Using too complex meshes as this may cause lag or crash.
  • Always save your work before using scripts.


  • v1.2.0 - 2007.07.03 by Michael Schardt
  • v1.0.0 - 2006.05.19 by Michael Schardt



Thanks go to:

  • Michael Schardt for The Script, Help, Permissions.