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Macros Recorder
Record macros to text blocks; change parameters of procedural objects after their creation
UI location Text Editor -> Text -> Record Macro
Version 1.4.5 Author(s) dairin0d
Blender 2.6.3+ License GPL 3+
Category Development Distribution External

Executable information
File name development_macros_recorder.py
Current version download https://raw.github.com/dairin0d/macros-recorder/master/development_macros_recorder.py

Links https://github.com/dairin0d/macros-recorder/blob/master/README.md


Hit CtrlAltU to load up the User Preferences (or use the File menu and click Save User Settings). Click the Install Addon... button at the bottom, then navigate to the development_macros_recorder.py script.

Check the little box on the right of the Addon entry in the list to enable it. If, for some reason, you have a hard time finding it, you can search for "Macros Recorder", or click on the "Development" button on the left.

If you want to keep this addon available at all times, follow the above steps on a fresh .blend (CtrlN to create one), then hit CtrlU at this point. The next time you run Blender, you won't have to repeat the above.

When enabled, it would add "Record Macro" menu entry to the Text menu in the Text Editor, and a panel in the Tool Shelf with the buttons to record/stop recording and to regenerate active procedural object.


Click on "Record Macro" to start recording; click "Recording... (Stop)" to stop recording. The recorded commands would be written to a new text block when the recording is stopped.

By default the recorded actions are wrapped in an operator template. If you want to record simple scripts, enable the "Record Macro as script" option (located in the Text menu of Text Editor).

Note that starting the recording from a 3D View would allow you to record some extra context information, such as pivot mode and transform orientation.

Blender3D FreeTip.png
Please keep in mind
The script does not guarantee to record the correct history of operations if there were undos/redos during the recording. For example, in Edit Mode, if you undo an operation, it won't get erased from the record. Also, the results may be not reproducible because of the wrong context, or due to the differences between operators' behavior in modal and non-modal regimes.

The addon also allows you to save parameters of procedurally generated objects and regenerate them afterwards. To save procedural parameters, invoke "Regenerate procedural object" operator just after you have created the object. Invoke it again anytime afterwards to change the parameters.

Blender3D FreeTip.png
Procedural parameters are saved in the active object, so make sure the right one is selected. Also, regeneration would replace the whole object's data, so any changes you did to mesh/curve/etc. would be erased.

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