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LightWave Object Import
LightWave Object (.lwo) Import
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Version 1.0 Author(s) Ken Nign
Blender 2.5.3 License GPL

Executable information
File name io_import_scene_lwo.py

Introduction: Import

Allows you to import a LightWave object, both the newer LWO2 and original LWOB/LWLO formats. For layered objects, each layer is created as its own object.

Will import and apply UV, Morph, Color and Weight map data. Can also construct an Armature from an embedded Skelegon rig.

Maintains correct vertex order/count so that .mdd files can be exchanged between 3D programs.


This Script is in Blender 2.5 addons folder, it will need to be enabled in Blender's Add-Ons panel.


With the script enabled, you can use it via the File>Import menu as LightWave Object (.lwo). Selecting that menu entry will open Blender's file browser where you can select a .lwo file and adjust the script's options. The script provides a few options for how to import the object, currently they are:

Load Hidden Layers: Object layers in an LWO2 file can be marked as hidden. In LW, a hidden layer shows up when modeling but not animating. If the model being imported is destined for further modeling, this option should be enabled. Default=Off

Create Armature: Will convert an LWO2 file's embedded Skelegon rig into a Blender Armature. This Armature object will have the same name as the object layer but with the prefix "ARM_" Default=On

Apply SubD Modifier: If any of the polygons in an object layer are set to be subpatched, then Blender's Subdivision Surface modifier will be applied to the imported object. Default=On