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Unreal Skeletal Mesh/Animation (.psk and .psa)
Unreal Skeletal Mesh and Animation Export (*.psk, *.psa)
UI location Group:
Version 2.6 Author(s) Darknet/Optimus_P-Fat/Active_Trash/Sinsoft/flufy3d
Blender 2.65.4 License GPL

Executable information
File name io_export_unreal_psk_psa.py, io_import_scene_unreal_psa_psk.py

Links http://sinsoft.com ,http://forums.epicgames.com/showthread.php?t=747452

additional information


  • version 2.6

Updated by: Darknet

  • Scale and Rotation Object
  • Mesh in edit mode and armature in bone mode work in scale and rotation. Not the pose bone mode.


  • version 2.2

Updated by: Darknet

  • flufy3d has work on the armature bones and animation import. Note the animation import does take a while to load depend on how big is the file. That there is no loading information.
  • Unreal Tournament PSK file to Blender mesh converter V1.0
  • Author: D.M. Sturgeon (camg188 at the elYsium forum)
  • Imports a *psk file to a new mesh
  • -Export Text Log From Current Location File


  • Guide to installing the script



Import/Export PSK PSA

About the script
The export script will export the skeleton mesh and animation data to unreal file format.

The import script is work in progress. Please note export and import the same files. Doesn't work yet. Rotate and position is not worked well.

Link: http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/BinaryFormatSpecifications.html

Export Features:

* The script will convert your mesh into triangle mesh if there is quad polygon.
* You can export all Action Set(s) if matches the Armature bones in the action list groups. It will be ignore if it doesn't match.


How to use:

Skeleton mesh Setup.

First you need one armature and one mesh object. Both them has to be to center pivot point in object mode. Location (0,0,0). It has not yet been fixed.

Parenting the two object together. First mesh is select and then the armature is selected.

Then CrtlP.

You can chose either one of them.

* With Empty Groups
* With Envelope Weights
* With Automatic Weights

When Exporting. You need 3 bones to export else it will crash. The script will check if the mesh is quad that it will convert into tri mesh. If you have more than one mesh in the scene. You have to select only one mesh when it exporting.

Animation Data Select Animation View Mode.

On the left on top panel. You will see DopeSheet. It near the menu tools area. Change the Dopesheet to Action Editor. Get your armature object and set it to pose mode. This is where you set your keys. First frame is set to 1. Hover (mouse) over to 3D view port to press I "i" key. Set the either location or rotation or both. (There no scale in the animation data.) For he next frame. Set the frame first then the move the pose bone and add keys. You don't have to set all the keys for this. By default the action create a action name frame for this. It right beside the Action Editor that has the drop box.

When exporting. The script will check if there are no keys are set. It will ignore the action set. It will export all the frame length of the current set action name.