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Multi Extrude Plus / Mesh Extra Tools
Face Extrusion & Rigging tool.
UI location View3D > Edit Mode > Toolbar ( T key )
Usage In edit mode Extrude faces, add detail to end point extrusion, add rigged armature along extrusions.
Version 3.0 Author(s) macouno, Liero, meta-androcto
Blender 2.60 License GPL
Category Mesh Distribution Release

Executable information
File name in folder multu_extrude_plus
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/mesh_extra_tools/
Python modules to be done
External Python Modules or dependencies to be done
Data to be done

Warning this script is in stable development
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  • This addon is in Blender Contrib addons
  • Download all files from the link above
  • Place files in a folder called "multi_extrude_plus" in your addons/addons_contrib folder.


Addons multi extrude2.jpeg
  • You need to be in face select mode to use this addon.
  • This combination of addons allows you to quickly extrude faces.
  • You can twist & set many parameters on the extrusions.
  • You can use the bump button to create greebles or add detail to multi extrude end points.
  • With the end points still selected you can then create an armature with linked empties along the extrusions.

  • Thanks to Liero for the Multi Extrude functions & the Armature to Mesh functions.
  • Thanks to Macouno for the Bump functions


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