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Edit Linked Library
Allows editing of objects linked from a .blend library.
UI location View3D > Toolshelf > Edit Linked Library
Usage Select an object that's been linked from a separate .blend file. In the 3D View's Toolshelf, the Edit Linked Library panel will show a button labeled "Edit Linked Library". Click this button to open the .blend file that the active object is linked from. Once you complete your work to the linked file, return to the Toolshelf and click the "Return to Original File" button. In addition, the ⇧ Shift/ NumPad hotkey can be used to toggle between the linked file and the original (the "Local View" functionality is maintained for non-linked objects)

By default, this addon automatically saves your current file before opening the linked library or returning to the original file. This can be disabled using the Autosave toggle in the Edit Linked Library panel of the Toolshelf.

Version 0.7.4 Author(s) Jason van Gumster (Fweeb), Pablo Vazquez (venomgfx), Bassam Kurdali (slikdigit
Blender 2.65 License GPL
Category Object Distribution Release
Note(s) Needs to be tested on proxified rigs.

Executable information
File name object_edit_linked.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/trunk/py/scripts/addons/object_edit_linked.py
Python modules bpy

Known Issues Needs to be tested on proxified rigs.


  1. User Preferences → Addons
  2. In Supported Level, make sure Community is enabled
  3. Use the Addon browser to find and enable Edit Linked Library (hint: it's in the Object category)


When working in larger projects that involve scenes with assets linked from a .blend library, it can get very time-consuming to save your current scene, track down the proper linked .blend, make your modifications, save, and return to your original scene file. This add-on allows you to accomplish this process with only a pair of mouse-clicks (one to get to the linked library and one to resume work on your scene).


See usage above. More detailed instructions to come.