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View Camera Selector

This appears as a new 'Cameras' menu in the 3D View's View menu, containing a command to set the active object as active camera, and a list of the available cameras in the scene to choose from.

Easier python expressions

Removes the requirement to type # at the start when you want to use Python expression evaluation when typing a value in a button.

In a nutshell, that means you can now type 3 + 5 in a numbut and see it change to 8.

Word of warning: The normal Python operator logic applies, so if you type in 1 / 3, you'll get 0 and not 0.333. There's no going around that.

Two point perspective architecture camera

The 2-point perspecitve Architecture Camera!

When taking a picture of a high building, and aiming up, you get 3 point perspective with vertical lines converging. This is reality, nothing wrong with that. But architects tend to think different. They want their pictures completely straight. Which is quite nice for compositions, given that the lines of the paper you print on and the screen you view with are also straight.

Previously to get a 2 point perspective, you had to aim the camera level to the horizon, however this resulted in the top half of the building being cut off and the horizon being in the exact middle, which looks very boring. Architectural photographers use 'shift lenses' to solve this problem. Shift lenses shift the image to another place on the film.

This technique works well for high buildings as well as for normal sized objects.


pen tablet support

Pen tablet support has been added for all of the major platforms - in particular OS X, Windows XP, and Linux OSes.

lock view to object

Option to lock a view to always show a specific object, so you can see long walkcycles or actions well.

Option is per 3d window, in "View Properties" panel. It also can optional lock a view to a single bone even!

Copy Pose Attributes Menu

 I've added a few more options for the copy pose attributes menu - Copy:
 * Transform Locks
 * IK Limits/DOF settings
 * Custom Bone Shape


Static particle option: maximum length. Button is next to "Vect" in first

 particle panel. This allows weird forcefields and wind to act without
 extreme long strands.

recursive group duplicator

Group duplicators now are recursive, so group-duplid can be

 grouped and become a new duplicated group, and so on.
 - no check for eternal loops, so I've hardcoded limited it to 5 levels
 - no support for animation or deformation/modifiers/constraints
 So, only fun for the props and architecture department :)

New dupli-group feature: you can now set in Groups the layers you want

 a group to show when used for duplicators. Is in the Object Buttons,
 "Object and Links" panel. Note that the duplicator layer itself still
 defines still visiblitily of entire group.
 New behaviour for SHIFT+O (set subsurf on/off) or CTRL+0/1/2/3/4 for level.
 - Now works on selection of Objects (as do allmost all hotkeys)
 - If multiple selected have different settings, it sets all the same
 - Also does subsurf settings within a dupli-group


Four more selection options in Curve editing;

 - select more/less (ctrl+numpadplus/minus)
 - select first/last point
 All nice in menus and toolbox even!
 Patch note: had to fix bugs in using 'continue' inside of while() loops.
 Turned all oldstyle while() in for() for going over lists.

uv face select

 One of the annoying things in Blender was that the UV Faceselect mode
 immediately forced the object to draw 'Textured', mimicing how the game
 engine could show it. For modeling and texturing workflow not optimal.
 UV FaceSelect mode now draws textured & default lighted, if the view is
 set to 'Solid'. Switch view to 'Textured' to see again what the game
 engine could draw (which is using real lamps, and the per-face lighted

weight paint

 - Weight paint options now also show in Nkey panel
 - added uiNewPanelTitle() in interface API to rename panels. In use now
   for the Nkey panel title.
   (Note: original name is identifier, do not change that)
 Vertex/Weight Paint now uses the regular global Undo.
 Also cleaned up bad global variable stuff in vpaint.c, now only need a
 good place to store the paint settings in file still...

mesh editing

 ->Commit of patch #5132: Separate by material
 This patch adds a new option to the separate menu in editmode, 'By Material'.
 It simply loops through all materials in the mesh selects the faces associated
 with them and calls separate().
 Thanks to Andrea Weikert for the patch!


 Patch #5091, by Ramon Carlos Ruiz
 For numerical pad 2-4-6-8, it adds a step value in degrees in the User
 Presets. Code had to be rewritten some... :)

border zoom

 Patch #5126 by Ben Stabler
 In 3D window, ortho view, you can use SHIFT+B to zoom in to a border.
 I've disabled it for perspective, that doesn't work at all with this.


 Patch #5184, Juho V (bebraw)
 One liner basically; makes toolbox pop up like in 3d window, if you've
 set it to reveil on holding RMB.


 Patch #5185, Juho V (bebraw)
 Convert menu for Text objects (ALT+C) now has option to directly degrade to
 a Mesh.


 Set the default material preview type to 'sphere' for newly added materials.

desktop icons

Added a great new set of Linux Blender icons, conforming to the

 freedesktop.org standard.
 Many thanks to Jakub Steiner, who created these!
 ( http://jimmac.musichall.cz/weblog.php/Artwork/WarOnBlobs.php )


binary subversions

 NEW! Subversion control and test for future Blender binaries.
 Next to the release code, a subversion number is written in the file
 now. This is in the chunk GLOB, which is now in beginning of file.
 Subversions can be used to have finer control over do_versions(), so you
 don't have to wait for a release to patch stuff nicely. We can also
 increase these subversions regularly to denote important changes.
 If a subversion is not 0, it's being printed in the header, so a user can
 also verify the state. (We might even tag cvs for it?).
 Next to this, a minimum version and subversion number are written too.
 From now on, if you change files in a way a past binary cannot read this
 nicely anymore, you should set these minima to the current version.
 This was especially added for the new mesh layers, which will not work
 for older binaries once we make 2.43.


 request from malefico - select faces based on there weight in the active group.
 Access from the face select menu


 Thread support for commandline:
   -t <threads>
 It overrides the settings as saved in scenes. Only works for background
 rendering, to force thread amounts to match the cpus in system.
 For funny jokers: amount is clipped for MAXTHREADS :)

Script: UV Export

 * SVG export support (thanks to Jarod's patch in the tracker)
 * Faster tga export (from Jarod's patch too)
 * Fixes from the review thread and the wiki:
 ** No longer adds the extension (tga or svg) if already there
 ** Adds the object name in between the filename and extension (and not after the extension if it was already present)
 ** Renamed options here and there.

proxy for duplicate groups

 Next level of Proxy support for animation: Proxy for duplicated groups.
 - Only referenced groups (from other files)
 - Only 1 group (no more duplicates using same group yet)
 - Only Proxy working well for Armature or Empty
 Is going to be reviewed in Plumiferos team; but target is that this will
 solve a major animation pipeline bottleneck :)
 Usage; select group, alt+ctrl+p, pick an object you want to proxify.
 Group Proxy: now drivers from proxy to Shape keys work :)

new button type

 New 'TOG DUAL' button (for locking bone layers) disabled extend-press
 with shift key.


 New rule for append/reference Armature objects: the custom shapes get
 automatically loaded as well.

Bone Layer

 Bone Layer feature: now also Armature layers have a hotkey menu; Shift+m.
 Note that these menus again react to hotkeys, so making layer 4 visible
 then is Shift+m, 4.

Hook siblings

 malefico's request when working with many hook objects-
 Select Grouped -> Hook Siblings (Deform Same Data)
 changed select grouped hooks functionality- just select the hooks that use the active object.
 also speed up for select group, only find group status for unselected objects.
 Updated the select group menu in 3 places, the space bar menu was out missing some other group options also.

proportional edit

 * Allow Shift O proportional hotkey to cycle to random mode in 3D view,
 looks like I only got the image editor in previous commit.

global delete

 Added global delete, triggered with Shift+Del, this removes the object from all scenes (saves searching manually)


 * Clicking on a constraint in the outliner now shows object buttons


  • Added a new empty draw type - single arrow. This can be useful in situations
 where you just need a direction, like a wind or vortex force field for example.


 Embryon functionnality for snapping.
 - Only snaps to grid on translations (grab)
 - Transform constraints are supported but header display is wrong.
 - Can be turned on/off in the Object/Mesh header menu under Transform Properties (tentative spot, will have to integrate better and in other object type menus too)
 - Can be turned on/off during transform with ` (Back Quote, also tentative)
 This is, of course, very much Work in Progress.
 This implements part of the structural ideas for the transform cleanup I've been juggling around with.


 This allows to select parent bones in PoseMode and EditMode. Hotkey: P.

3D View

 Customizable Grid Subdivisions
 This commit adds a numbut to the View Properties panel that lets you specify how the grid is subdivided.
 This affects snapping in translations, obviously.
 Default: 10 (behavior doesn't change)
 That means people still stuck in feet and inches (shudders) can set it to 12 and have 1 unit = 1 foot.
 That also means you can work in "heads" when doing body proportions or whatnot (don't think of it as being limite to "CAD" uses).


Compositor: the 'File Output' node now has a min/max frame for which it

   writes files
 - Compositor: fixed a very bad bug (even in 2.42a release) that made the
   depsgraph for nodes not work... while editing, only the nodes that change
   should be recalculated, but accidentally all of them were done each time.

compositing curves widget

New Curves Widget option: curves can get extrapolated extension.

 Especially for Compositing it was annoying that colors always got clipped
 in the 0.0-1.0 range. For this reason, extrapolated Curves now is the
 default. Old saved files still have horizontal extrapolation.
 Set the option with 'Tools' menu (wrench icon). This is a setting per
 curve, so you might need to set all 4 curves for an RGBA curves widget.

curve modifier

Changed the Curve Modifier to have it's own X/Y/Z axis deform direction

  settings, rather than using the object's TrackX/Y/Z/etc buttons.
  This is good for two reasons: a) having the settings over in the object buttons
  before was terribly unintuitive and hidden, now it's more visible how to
  control the deformation, and b) now if you have more than one curve modifier,
  they can have their own settings, instead of being forced to use the object
  level data.

render window zoom with mousewheel and pgup pgdwn

 adds additional shortcuts to zoom on the render window, patch by Onur Yalazi (onuryalazi)


Added button in Armature options panel to set custom

 bone drawing on/off. Is default on.