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Campbell Barton

tweaks to fly mode

 tweaks to fly mode.
 * acceleration made it a bit fast. halved the speed.
 * holding shift make mouse wheel effect 1/10th as well as MMB mouse panning.


 Made it so blender has an active render layer for Uv and Vertex color mesh layers.
 This means changing the active UV/VCol layers wont change what renders.
 needed to adjust the minor version so old files will copy the active layer to the render-uv/vcol layer.
 boxpack2d.py - redoen in C now, dont need python version.

 PyAPI, Mesh.c - added renderColorLayer and renderUVLayer to the mesh
 buttons_editing.c - use icons for mesh viewport layer/render layer

option to limit the size of textures loaded into GL memory, usefull when a scene's models wont fit into GFX memory.

adding object.matrixParentInverse

Added 48x48 blender icon for X11

Script from Gerhard for exporting blender to m3g and java source, see website for examples http://www.nelson-games.de/bl2m3g/default.html

Experemental BMesh api

GSR [#6595] Ortho/Persp reporting in the View names

[#6787] OOPS window draw changes patch from Matthew Plough (meestaplu) And added groups to the oopsview

yafray settings access from py api

added an optional window ID arg to Window.ViewLayers so you can set the layer for each viewport.

changed floating point values in python to display one more decimal place- BMAE script needed to display more (as it worked with 2.41) and it seems resionable to add.

(Python Object API) setting object layers didnt break once the base of an object was found. DAG update and countall ran even when the object wasnt in the scene.

patch from harkyman to make it possible to extend images to span more frames in the sequencer.

Link includes example script https://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=6893&group_id=9&atid=127

Big update to kitsu's dxf importer from migius version beta09_f, too many changes an improvements to mention

The scripts thread is here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=84319&page=8

feature request-(PapaSmurf) tiny little little thing allow negative gravity on input for hot air balloons or under water plants

users feature request -- material memory

applying patch [#7000] AC3D importer doesn't handle relative texture paths simple fix for relative paths.

export_fbx.py - initial support for bones applied to weighted meshes.

initial support for baked bone animation - works for simple tests

script submitted by Johnny Matthews (guitargeek) - but I rewrote to make use of some existing functions in BPyMesh.py This averages the weights of vert groups per island (based on face connectivity) Nice for making scales and works well with new dual-quat interpolation

Added Paths:


added bone comparison for the python API

adding 2 new functions Mat3ToScalef and Mat4ToScalef

These return a floating point scale value which is the average of the 3 axies. Use this to adjust curve radius when applying scale/rot

Made ~ view all IPO's (similar to view all layers in the 3d view)

UV Editing

UV Editing is now done in editmode rather then UV/Face Select mode. Notes

  • you cant edit UV's in the image window in "UV Face Select" mode. (removed UV from the name)
  • going into Face Select mode no longer adds UV's and does not need UV's to work.
  • The UV Calculation menu is now in editmode (Alt+W)


  • Image replace - partly broken in stable also.
  • Rotate/Mirror UV/VCol are still only in Face Select mode.
  • Hide/Reveal is not quite right, (issue with editmode flushing)

Changes to "Face Select" mode

  • Does not indicate that UV's exist, nor does it add UV's when used.
  • Only accessible for texturepaint, vertexpaint and weightpaint from a button in the header (Paint Selection Mask)
  • Not accessible from the mode menu, this is only an option that applies to paint modes.

This dosnt effect DNA, face select (G_FACESELECT) can be enabled at any time but is only used when paint modes are enabled.

Other changes

  • UKey is uv unwrap in editmode, Ukey for undo was editmode only anyway.
  • UVCalc in editmode adds a UV Layer if there is not one alredy.
  • texture draw in editmode does not draw the face dots (they are get in the way of texturing)
  • some missing updates were added.
  • removed manipulator from when paint modes are enabled since the manipulator is not drawn in the 3d view.

some button arranging

(UV Calculation tab is nolonger relevent to FaceSelect draw modes.) Move FaceSelect draw options into WeightPaint and VertexPaint panels. Moved UV Calculation panel in with shape keys tab.

  • added functions to copy between UV and vertex color layers.
  • added CustomData_set_layer_active_index and CustomData_set_layer_render_index
 since they did not accept values from CustomData_get_active_layer_index and CustomData_get_render_layer_index
  • fixed some warnings
  • made the colored edge in active face draw mode only display when texture mode enabled.

Added UV face rotate and mirror to editmode and re arranged some of the editmode keys

The WKey menu was way too big and not well organized, re-arranged keys like this.

Ctrl+V - Vert Menu (remove doubles, smooth...) Ctrl+E - Edge Menu - left as is Ctrl+F - Face Menu - (flip normals, shading, Rotate and Mirror UV's/Colors)

Wkey menu only has subdivide in it now.

filesel.c - only show the relative paths option if the file is saved, (flag on by default caused the image to silently fail loading on my system, and gave permission errors on a users), also removed a warning.

Selecting faces in editmode did not delimit seams as it does in Face/UV mode. added this to editmode, only delimit seams if face selectmode is enabled.

  • minor changes, edited some tooltips (exr half and zbuf were not that helpful)
  • UV coord buttons overlapped others since merging uv/face and editmode.
  • added some quad join and triangulate into the Ctrl+F face menu.
  • active face cant be hidden anymore.

changed how shading works in editmode

Texture Draw; no shading only textures (better for mapping work) Shaded Draw; textured with shading (in editmode it used to be like solid draw mode) ZClip Option; dont draw face center dots.

2D Cursor in UV window this can be placed by the moused and used for transforming around.

still need numeric location input but no room left in the image panel.

added a transform panel to the UV/Image window - at the moment it sets UV and teh cursor location. added a stap menu to the UV/Image window for snapping the selection and cursor. reverted to drawing face dots in editmode when Limit Selection is enabled. even though its not needed for selection its consistent and dosnt look like modes are being changed.

new view option, SolidTex, to draw textures in solid mode. In the view panel as well as the shortcut Shift+T

this works in editmode as well as object mode

giving results like this http://members.optusnet.com.au/cjbarton/temp1.jpg

where before you could only see textures in textured draw type like this http://members.optusnet.com.au/cjbarton/temp2.jpg

New feature for UV/Editmode - 'Sync Mesh Selection' a button in the UV header this mode is disabled by default. This is implimented by defining macro's that take the mode into account when get/set/checking the selection and that a face can be drawn.

When this is enabled, things work a bit differently

  • all faces are drawn in the UV view (except hidden faces).
  • selecting faces/verts in the UV window selects them on the mesh also and vice vercer.
  • when EditMode (Face only) is enabled, selecting faces in the UV view is not sticky.
  • hiding/(de)select all and invert selection simle call the editmesh functions.
  • there is no way to select 1 uv corner of 1 face (because a mesh cannot have this as a valid selection) either all UV's that use a vert (sticky), or the whole face.

unwrapper wasnt working properly when UVSyncSelection was NOT enabled. unwrapper and UV mapping menu items were not selecting UV's when initializing a new UV layer selecting with the brush (BB) in the UV window did not update in the 3D view realtime, use the lock settings to make this work.


A user submitted a BVH file that took a long time to import (I didnt end up finishing since it was so slow) this is mainly because adding pose keyframes recalculates every handle so importing became increasingly slow.

added a 'fast' argument to insertkey that python api's insertPoseKey can make use of since it alredy accepts a 'fast' option.

The ~4450 frame, 31 bone BVH imports in ~108sec now

Seperated editmode switch statement in space.c's event handling, if editmode is disabled, or the images is a render or composite, UV editing operations are ignored. In previous releases it has given an annoying warning if selecting or scaling is attempted when out of UV/Face mode.

The option to automatically run scriptlinks wasnt in the preferences so it was not at all obvious that it was a preference. added a button for this in the prefs.

added pin for images, this is useful because you might want to edit a model's verts without the image changing.

ixed copy between UV layers. made the UV layer menu a generic functions (can make a menu from the names of any custimdata layer type) added a menu in the UV window for selecting teh editnmode UV layer - If there ends up not being enough room in the header this may need to be removed.

Local Image View for UV/Editmode

When mapping multiple images on 1 mesh, the UV coordinates often overlap and in many cases you only want to edit the uv coords for the faces applied to that image, this is an option that only displays UV's for faces use the currently displayed image.

reworked how tile functions, seperated image and tile setting functions/events and made tile work with image pinning.

changed how image replace works, it used to load a new image and then assign that image to all faces in meshes active UV layer. without replacing images in textures or images on inactive UV layers

now it simply changes the filename of the existing image and reloads the contense.

This is different in some other subtle ways, 1) replace used to use an existing image if it was available, this could be confusing because when I replaced with an image I didnt like, but had alredy applied to objects in some other scene, replacing again would alter the images from models unintentionally. 2) since replace used to load a new image, it would load with a new name. at the moment the name is left unchanged, This is better when dealing with linked libraries. because when replacing a images, anything linking to that texture gets broken. since imaged can get automatically named strings longer then its possible to enter into the user interface, you could wind up with some really annoying cases where it wasnt possible to type in the original name again.

Since this replace effects everything usiung the image, we may want to have 2 replace functions, "Replace Globaly" and "Replace in Mesh"

added a view properties panel for image/uv. moved the cursor x/y there to match the 3d view. added an optional view setting - Repeat/Tile image display so mapping with tiled textures you dont have to guess the locations or look in the 3d view to see what your mapping to. copy and face menu was missing depgraph update calls.

image display option for viewing non square pixels (x/y aspect for each image) - useful when editing UV coords with textures that have been resized to values that run fast in openGL (256/512/1024) but have lost their original aspect ratio, especially useful when rotating UV's. Bumped the subversion to 2, so the default aspect is set to 1:1.

Made "Repeat Image" option time image drawing and bail out early if its taking too long. (quater of a sec max) this could be avoided if the texture was drawn on a quad, but that wouldnt support other image draw options. This is a good short term solution because it was possibly to lock up blender if you zoomed out a long way then enabled "Repeat Image".

added draw types for UVs speedup for UV display (the MTFace loopup is only done once and stored in the EditFaces temp pointer)

made sticky UV editing options more accessible by adding them to a popup in the header. Changed how the sticky setting is stored in DNA - (as a char rather then 2 flags). replaced the UV/FACE icon with another needed for the sticky menu. removed 2 unused icons.

patch from gensher - UV menu from the header

commented the UV transform panel since it only had 2 buttons in it.

depgraph update calls needed to be added to Ctrl+V/E/F menu's because some commands were crashing.

added an active face for the mesh editmode and normal mesh - this is needed because the TFace flag was not always easy to access from editmode. using the last selected face was almost good enough however when selecting verts and edges the last selected face would become inactive and the space image would flicker about too much. The active face is used for getting the space image at the moment and keeps scripts that use this flag working also.

This has 2 commands to get and set, so the variable is not accessed directly.

all "UV Calculate" scripts work now

last commit crashed when in solid draw mode, it seems subsurf modifier is ignoring the displayMask since MTFACE is available. just made it do a null check for now.

uvcalc_follow_active_coords.py - should be done inC and put in the snap menu.

new snap tool in UV mode "Selection -> Adjacent Unselected" (functionality from recently removed python script: uvcalc_from_adjacent.py)

This is useful when adding faces in areas that are alredy UV mapped, this can be used to snap the selected face to the existing face's UV's.

added lasso selection for UV coords

drawimage wasnt updating when shadow mesh was enabled transform manipulator was shown in sculpt mode which is inconsistant sicne G key dosnt work and other painting modes have this disabled. - thanks theeth for finding this.

Dof Object - set the depth of field to an object - set in the camera edit panel but the distance is calculated on the camera object only so linked cameras work. Alt+Period - sets active pivot

some tooltips didnt make much sense, edited a few.

changed how draw modes work - when displaying textured meshes in editmode, only draw selected edges when "Edge Draw" is not enabled. this makes it easy to see the texture/mapping without edges getting in the way. This means editmode can draw like UV/Face mode did when "Draw Edges" was disabled.

Also made the active vert/edge/face color themeable, still need to set the default to somthing other then pink.

snap transform for UV editing, missing the draw circle at the moment.

- rewrote UV Stitch, (seperate from limit stitch now), does much less work for same results. - UV Stitch with the V key was not working (as stated in the menu) - Rotate UV's and Colors now have an option for CCW (was in the menu but not implimented) - Draw face dot in UV when in face mode

UV Editmode made UV face selecting into a generic function that respects UV sticky modes. moved this out of lasso so border select uses too.

Sequence editor, rewrote the part that deals with moving the strips on the X axis - only user visible functionality is that you can move the seq bounds in one step now. internally added macro's to make dealing with sequence's less touble.


changed teh way single images operate,

  • they dont act like a sequence of 1 image - so you can drag and resize without the trouble of having teh center image.
  • they draw without the single frame in them. and no 'gutter?' strip drawing.
  • the start frame is always set to be where the handles start.

This is done in the transform and draw areas of the sequencer. added 2 functions, fix_single_image_seq - moves the seq start without any visible change - so it will load in older blend's check_single_image_seq - quick way to check for single image.

Sequence editor, (peach request) Grab/Extend from frame - similar to a feature thats know as ripple editing in other applications. this is a fast way to add or remove frames from clips. to use.

Select all, drag the playbak head to the area you want to extend and press Ekey, the clips will be extended on the side the playhead that the mouse is on.

Also did more cleanups to sequencer transform code.

Peach request new option for the image sequencer's image strips, flip x/y, (useful when making animatics to test the direction characters walk across the screen) added IMB_flipy was alredy there, needed to add IMB_flipx.

sequencer, simple fix for extend (aka ripple editing) dont operate on metastrips makes them work as expected (since the seq's inside are moved).

patch 7145 - Copy Select objects by PassIndex, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+G

Sequencer Feature, Split Image Sequence. Splits a image sequence into strips. useful for importing frames for animatics.

Also added undo calls in a few places that did not have it.

markers in the sequencer

- added a new redraw type - REDRAWMARKER, at the moment this draws the same windows as REDRAWANIM, but this may not always be true, and it is more explicit whats happening, This replaced 5 or so draw calls in quite a few places.

Sequencer - Draw a verticle line for markers - Added an option to transform selected markers in the sequencer - useful for Extending time

Sequencer transform snap to marker, works with grab and extend, takes handle selection into account. this will snap one if 2/4 points to the marker when transforming. the active sequences bounds and the bounds of all selected clips.

Sequencer - snap to strips before and after the active strip, - Made max handle draw size 40px, instead of 28 (somtimes its hard to select handles)

made color generated strips work like single image strips - no center frame limitation

Sequencer... snapping to unselecrted strips didnt work (I didnt notice find_neighboring_sequence needed them to be touching, added find_next_prev_sequence to get the next/prev seq) added select linked (L and Ctrl+L) added Ctrl +/- select more/less

Use GL_ALPHA_TEST when drawing alpha faces in the 3d view, as suggested by Eskil, some scenes are unusable without this. at the moment it wont draw totally transperent pixels, this may need to be adjusted or made into a preference.


added an option to reload selected strip data (Alt+R - same as reloading images in the imaeg viewer) made the sequencer max memory limit 16gig for 64bit's.

UV/Image Window

nice alpha grid drawing. dont follow image.

Python API

layerMask access for bone and armatures Window.PoseMode() similar to Window.EditMode()


nodes from eechlo

  • glare
  • tonemap
  • lense distort
  • fast gauss blur


Python API

layerMask access for pose bones, even though this is a Bone property, its much more convenient to add access from the poseBone, it also matches how the user interface works.


first step to map particles from original mesh to derived mesh and removed some warnings.

At the moment painting particles are painted onto the derived mesh, which means changing the subsurf level will mess up particle painting (when the particles are after the subsurf in the modifier stack)

Particles should be painted onto the original mesh. This commit does nothing from the users perspective (other then making particles,subsurf not work anymore) only adds functions and make some info available that is needed for particles to be mapped onto the derived mesh from the original mesh's faces that the particles will reference.

Particles (peach requirement), reference original faces rather then the indicies of the faces given to it by the previous modifier. This has the advantage that particles dont depend on the state of the modifier stack.

(work in progress)

  • particles can be mapped from the original face to a subsurf mesh. ( a subsurf'd shape can emit particles, when the particles is after the subsurf )
  • a new customdata layer has been added (like UV's) to store coords so a derived mesh face can know where it came from without referencing the original face.
  • some new path funcs added to do this mapping.

Pointing directly onto a subsurf mesh is not working, and mapping hair dosnt work either - emitting particles

work in progress commit, no more particles refering to verts, subsurf level change updates hair

Python API

Blender.Geometry.ClosestPointOnLine(pt, vec1, vec2) -> (pt, lambda) This wraps lambda_cp_line_ex

Needed for experemental tree generator

tree wizard

(work in progress commit) - tree wizard, makes a subsurfed skin from curves. also adds UV's (and soon bones) needs a user interface.

saving and loading of settings per tree, also added a way to get unique animation using object locations in drivers

branch cap ends, UV scale options, Automatic update option added. as well as some bugs fixed.

better segment collapsing (check for radius/angle difference) remove vert groups from existing mesh when its being reused

Rewrote the part that converted blenders curves into branches, Was converting into a mesh and then doing location checks, to figure out what the radius should be and then interpolating. this was the slowest part of the script and it made a mesh every time.

Now use blenders bezier interpolation function and calculate points like blender does.

fixed a driver syntax error for the Z axis (typo)

Tree From Curve, - report error when nurbs or poly curves are used. - don't throw errors when >4 branch's per segment are used. also try deal with this better. though no nice solution exists. - default speed is 10x slower then before.

Tree Wizard. 'Twigs' - branch's added to the existing, made from blending existing branches into new ones.

Some user settings for scale, orientation randomness, number of twigs and recursive twigs.

- new UV scaling option works better for big/small branches. - Can constrain twigs to only grow in a bounding mesh. And an option to prune twigs that grow out.

- bounding meshes with loc/size/rot didnt work. - better sorting of twigs (for recursive twigs) - An option to lengthen child twigs.

Automatic alpha blended, textured image joins using material textures and UV layers.  Also added some detail options and made it easier to get low poly results.

wizard_curve2tree - more twig options - gravity (like particles) - follow parent (like gravity but use the parent normal) - limit the number of twigs on each branch - limit the radius that a twig may be placed on a branch - trim the base of branches in a way that better deals with small branches on large branches

initial leaf support (need to use in production, at the moment its really simple) Option to generate variation's - This modifies the original shape to make a variation on the original.

wizard_curve2tree.py - always use active object (local view was messing up the context) Mesh.c - mesh.faces.extend([..., smooth=True]) - smooth keyword argument, in a number of places was looping through all faces just to smooth them. mesh_skin.py - smooth by default

initial support for leaves as duplifaces as well as some a bugfix for loading settings

new twig type that gives more even results - "Fill Twigs" option

  • Improved Fill Twigs, they now join to make a continues skin like other branches.
  • Improved dupli-leaf placement - (should be good enough to use for final renders)

reference leaf object rather then group (which wasnt working and only used the last object). for dupli - leaves

curve2tree - option to face leaves up or down - random pitch and roll options - place 2 leaves on a point for denser leaves - random seed entry so you can get reproducible results

curve re-meshing had some errors when making joins, now collapse surrounding overlapping segments when adding joins to allow room for the join, joint rotation was also wrong between branches.

- better weighting for fill twig placement
- curve direction isnt used anymore - just make the small end the last.


peach request, pose relax - similar to mesh smooth, moves selected pose bones to closer match keyframes on either side.


EnV requests, copy and paste for colorbands, world ambient colorpicker


display real fps in 3d view option


for button popups, dont close unless you click or press escape, this would often close when dragging a button value (or when using a tablet I am told)

Patch from ILdar AKHmetgaleev (akhil) - [#7864] correct scale in sequencer's glow Added py-api write access to sequencer images.

Python API Merged from branch


Some areas are not yet finished, the 2.4 api can remain "import Blender" and the bpy api "import bpy" gives access to the new api.


  • event, link, etc are not assigned to Blender.*
  • Scripts need to be tested and updated.
  • Scripts cannot mix bpy and Blender modules anymore.
  • Makefiles need to be updated (only works with scons now)
  • Make the 2.4 api optional with IFDEF's
  • Lots of testing and small fixes


rewrote strip cut, now it works on metastrips and selects the strips depending on the side of the frame your mouse is on. also removed WHILE_SEQ from transform loops - about 5 or so because it allocates memory each time.

max vgroups

max selectable vgroups were 99, raised limit to 999 (lucky we have 2 screens)

Non square pixel display in the sequencer (uses render aspect setting), needed for displaying some DV footage correctly.

renderfarm help

Render-farm and file utils for dealing with external data. Useful to use before sending blend files to the renderfarm.

  • Make all Paths Relative - makes any absolute paths relative.
  • Report Missing Files - creates a textblock listing all missing files.
  • Find Missing Files - searches a directory recursively for filenames that dont exist at their current path.

Added a path looper type and functions that currently loop on image, sound, font and external library paths.


patch from Vladimir Espinosa for keying object layers from python

added utility function Blender.GetPaths( absolute=0 ) returns a list of files this blend file uses, wraps bpath functions.


trackball rotate patch from bebraw so using the Shift key works as expected.

NLA mute

patch from John Croisant [#8045] Allows muting NLA strips via Python API https://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=8045&group_id=9&atid=127


removed "Insert Gap" shortcut - alt/shift+mousewheel It was too easy to Pan (Shift+MMB) but mousewheel without meaning to. Extend - E-Key also does this in a more useful way.


2 new timeoffset buttons in the animation panel "Ofs" and "Rand" Useful when animating many objects falling at different times (for instance).

add the option to add the parents time offset value.

strip transforms

Made it so locked strips inside metastrips are transformed.

Removed FTYPE from render output panel - was some old format that did index colors, and wasn't even used anywhere.

Added 2 options to the render output panel that can be used for a really basic local renderfarm (even artists can use it!), "NoOverwrite" and "Touch" When both are enabled, rendering 1 scene between many pc's on a fast network will populate the directory with frames. Also useful to delete frames that have errors and re-render (without manually re-rendering each frame)

draw muted strips faded. hkey added alt+hkey to mute and un-mute strips, Mkey is used for metastrips. would be nice to make this similar to object mode restrict render option.

select random

Added object mode select random (use for changing the group instances of many objects to vary them without selecting manually - leaves/sticks etc)


Added view2d_getscale function for getting the opengl x/y scale for 2d windows. Display/Edit TimeOffset accounting for its added parent offset. removed Extension button by mistake.


Script to set timeoffset of all selected objects using the animated path of an active object. This means you can have 100's of objects animations run by animating an empty over them, (needs docs to explain really) ... Easy to setup and time a Mexican wave for instance ;)

py api

openexr, touch and noOverwrite setting access from py api


Select linked particles (Shift+L)


added a function to the outliner for groups - "Link Group Objects to Scene"

render python api

renderLayer access for the render api, no epydocs yet

render save layers script

script to save renderlayers to a file so you can load them in other blend's - useful when applying settings in a pipeline (andy tells me ;) )

blend 2 renderinfo

Standalone reads a list of scene, start frame, end frame from blend files without having to load them in blender. Scenes must be tagged to render, (old render daemon button) but selecting scenes in the data browser (shoft+f4) sets this also.

Using this script to generate jobs for the renderfarm much faster then loading blender.

some mistakes, also forgot to mention, this script can run from the command line and will print out the star,end,scene otherwise if its imported it will just have the function read_blend_rend_chunk(path) which returns a list of [(start,end,scene),...]

remove from group

feature request from peach, remove selected objects from 1 group. Also made rem_from_group return if it removed the object which save some looping.

Added a node in the blender help message that background mode dosnt load the .B.blend file as a bug was reported recently because of this.


Added 'File->External Data->Make all files Absolute'

user pref to make relative paths an option you can save (peachers need to be strict with this for the farm)


DupliGroups can now instance duplifaces and duplierts - not nice code, but this should help a move to proper recursive dupli's. This is needed for peach project leaves on tree's

Support for recursive dupli's, now dupliverts and duplifaces can instance empties that intern instance dupligroups.


Added a new option for 'Apply Object', (Ctrl+A) Called "Apply Visual Transform to Loc/Size/Rot" Since there was no easy way to apply a constraint's transformation back to the original objects transformation.

Also adjusted how Apply Scale/Rot works so that it wont change some objects then raise an error and leave others unchanged, better to check first so it changes everything or nothing.

made dupli's respect render and view restrict flags (from the outliner) This means one group can contain proxy objects to display in the 3d view as well as hi quality models that are only rendered. - again for peach tree's.

python api

added mipmap as an option for Blender.Get/Set


new function object_is_libdata - checks ob->id.lib but also accounts for proxy's. Object panels were using object_data_is_libdata, which meant linked obdata could not have object settings changed.


Patch [#7829] "compressfile" parameter for Blender.Set() from JMS

SetPivot, patch from malefico, #7785 also added GetPivot

Python API

made it possible to remove curves from python with "del curve[i]"

Python API

Added a keyword argument for mesh.pointInside(point, selected_only=True) This means only selected faces are tested when doing the inside/outside test, disabled by default.


added the options to PTCache_id_clear, remove frames before,after and only the current one.


draw image path and size stats in the sequencer again (removed when making single images act differently) sequencer marker selection didn't work like the marker view.


Update v1.0.11 from Migius

You can find the update v1.0.11 on http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/Manual/Import/DXF-3D

changelog: c4 added "analyse DXF-file" UI-option: print LAYER/BLOCK-dependences into a textfile c3 human-formating of data in INI-Files c2 added "caps" for closed Bezier-curves c2 added "set elevation" UI-option c1 rewrite POLYLINE2d-arc-segments Bezier-interpreter b9 many bugs fixed b9 rewrite POLYLINE2d-arc-segments trimming (clean-trim) b8 added "import from frozen layers" UI-option b8 added "import from paper space" UI-option b8 support Bezier curves for LINEs incl.thickness(0.0-10.0) b8 added meshSmooth_on for circle/arc/polyline b8 added vertexGroups for circle/arc b7 added width_force for ARCs/CIRCLEs = "thin_box" option b3 cleanup code, rename f_drawArc/Bulg->f_calcArc/Bulg b2 fixing material assignment by LAYER+COLOR b1 fixing Bezier curves representation of POLYLINEs-arc-segments b0 added global_scale_presets: "yard/feet/inch to meter"



Selecting an image in editmode now adds UV's if they are not there (before assigning the image)

simple weight invert script for the weightpaint menu, removed a print from weightpaint_average.py

weightpaint normalize

added options to weightpaint normalize script - armature only - so when using weight groups for other things only armature groups are affected, - Active only - so you can normalize all weight groups


added buttons in the Transform Properties for changing curve handle types, (Similar to how Metaballs can be selected) for easier access then H,Shift H, V keys

Python API

added .smooth setting to CurNurb's

so you can do.... for curNurb in Curve.Get('foo'): curNurb.smooth = True


Mesh edit option 'AutoMerge' - access from the mesh menu, basically runs remove doubles after transform. but only merges unselected verts into selected verts, so it wont merge verts your not editing.


made setting the pose_bone.poseMatrix possible, this does not set the matrix directly, only the pose bones loc/size/rot, when dealing with an armature without constraints this works as expected. it uses the same code as Copy Visual Loc/Size/Rot.

image stamp

Image Stamping patch by Diego (and peach request)- stamps image info into metadata and optionally draws into the frame.

This patch includes some changes I made...

  • use blenders bitmap fonts (rather then own fonts)
  • select font size
  • user interface layout changes
  • Marker as another image stamp option

Also added some new API calls BMF_GetFontHeight(font); BMF_DrawStringBuf(...); - so we can draw text into an imbuf's image buffer. get_frame_marker(frame) - get the last marker from the frame. IMB_rectfill_area(...) - fill in an image buffer with a rectangle area of color.

TODO - draw stamp info in 3d view, at the moment it just displays in the animation.

added an option to adjust the alpha clipping value in the oprnGL preferenes. in some cases you might want to use 0.5 to see through more of the texture. (less halo's with clipmaps), defailt is 0.0 so it will only clip 0 alpha.

patch, 7340 from frank richter add glPush/PopClientAttrib


python api, slicing works differently on the 64bit ubuntu gutsy system, compared to the 32bit install. face.uv[:] was returning a blank list. and making smart UV projection script fail.

On one system Python is giving the slice function positive values, whereas on the 64bit system its passing negative which are then clamped to zero. made mathutils types accept negative values for slicing. This is very odd because both systems are running ubuntu gutsy with python 2.5

PointCache functions for physics solvers to store their data in, includes a pointCache modifier that can read and write animation point cache to the disk.

main funcs are PTCache_id_filename(...), PTCache_id_fopen(...), PTCache_id_clear(...)

made drawing curve handles in the 3d view optional - this is much nicer for editing curves with Automatic handles so you dont select a handle by mistake and change its type.

reverted Mesh Specials WKey menu. Ctrl+V/E/F are still there but Andy and Ton requested this unchanged.


(from mingius)

Here is the new version of import_dxf.py - beta10_a1 . The wiki-manual is up to date too. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/Manual/Import/DXF-3D

changes since beta09g4: - added "fill_on" option to draw top and bottom caps for CIRCLEs and ELLIPSEs - rewrite f_CIRCLE.Draw: from Mesh.Primitive to Mesh - bugfix "newScene"-mode: Cylinders/Arcs were drawn at <0,0,0>location - redesign UI: grouping of buttons

active drawing

Added active drawing in editmode (may need some more work), this hilightes the last selected vert/edge/face, which is needed for moving some of the UV tools into editmode.

Added copy menu for editmode for copying from the active faces material, image, UV's vcols etc, improved on the current vertex color copy by averaging the 4th color when copying color from a tri to a quad.

And added edge crease and length copy

cerrently verts dont have a copy menu but eventually copy weights would be good.

made relative disabled by default when the user has not saved their file, this made images not load in a new scene and another user reported problems with permissions when relative paths was enabled with an unsaved file.

Patch by GSR #7628, I also added alpha for text background. The list of changes (some are fixes): - Properly horizontally centered tags in all fields (bug?). - File area does not have trailing space and has leading "File " at start instead (probably a bug). - Small separation between to time related fields, space saving. - Removed colons, for consistency and space saving again. - Frame field is zero aligned for higher visual stability. - Marker name shows a rarer name, "<none>" (using <> is typical for cases in which there is nothing: <none>, <empty>, <blank>, etc). - Top area for misc info that can be really long (file, note and render date). - Bottom area for more constantly changing but short ones (marker, SMPTE, frame, camera and scene). - Only render date moves a line (when note field is not used), and frame one moves if no SMPTE (still in same line, so no big jump), for extra visual stability (marker is fixed, assuming most people would show frame and or SMPTE). - ISO 8601 date format for render date, localization independant.

Comparision images: http://www.infernal-iceberg.com/blender/stamp-original.png http://www.infernal-iceberg.com/blender/stamp-cleanup.png

Image Stamp - Patch by GSR

When using non opaque background, some overlap lines appear due to filling some pixel lines twice. Before it did not matter as only opaque bg was allowed, and it even compacted the text a bit. The fix spreads a bit the lines to overcome the issue. As a plus no text should touch the top edge ever (slashes did, for example).

Compare: http://www.infernal-iceberg.com/blender/stamp-alpha-overlap.png http://www.infernal-iceberg.com/blender/stamp-alpha-cleanup.png


New Curve function in the curve specials menu - "Smooth Radius" this smooth's the radius of selected curve points to unselected or endpoints. useful when changing the taper of a long curve with many points (think treetrunk), it would be nice to take into account distance on the path when doing the curve interpolation. Also moved added undo call's that were missing for 2 of the other curve specials


  • new stamp option to stamp forground sequence strip name.
  • made stamp filename optional
  • renamed weightpaint "Filter" to "Blur"
  • made the defailt weightpaint opacity 1.0 rather then 0.2 so when you select 1.0 weight you can paint it with without multiple clicks.

Added single user ipos option - useful when you make linked duplicates with many objects and want them a unique ipo.

inverted the uv header mesh-sync-selection button, added face/vert selection popdown when sync selection is enabled.