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Smart Tabs
Adds auto-indentation functionality to Text Editor windows.
UI location Group: Text Editor
Version 1.0 Author(s) Chris Foster (Kira Vakaan)
Blender 2.52.5 Rev:#30120 License GPL

Executable information
File name




  • Drop into the 2.52/scripts/addons folder
  • Enable the Add-On from the Add-Ons tab in the User Preferences window


After installation, the functionality provided by the Add-On is available from any Text Editor window. Press the return key to use it.

Other Information

When enabled, this Add-On will allow Text Editor windows to use "smart tabs". When the user presses the return key, the new line will automatically be indented with the whitespace that preceded the line before it.

There are a few special cases that the script takes into account. First, the script provides the old "text.line_break" functionality if Text.tabs_as_spaces is not set. Second, the script automatically unindents after lines that start with "return", "break", or "continue". And finally, the script automatically indents after lines that end with ":".


  • 2010-5-29: Moved to Contrib Tracker.
  • 2010-5-24: Created this BlenderWiki page.
  • 2010-5-20: Uploaded the script to the Blender Extensions Upload Tracker.

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