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Blender for Architecture

It's quite possible to do architectural design in Blender, but the standard tools are not exactly easy to use. Here you'll find infos & links to the various related tutorials, scripts and news postings.


Tutorials & News

Helpful built-in functions

Display edge length

Mode: Edit Mode (Mesh; in Edge- and Vertex Selection Mode)

Panel: Mesh Tools 1

Hotkey: F9

Edge Length button in Mesh Tools 1

To display the length of edges in blender-units you can activate the button Edge Length (in Edit Mode in the panel Mesh Tools 1)

Curve length

Mode: Edit Mode and Object Mode (Curve)

Panel: Curve and Surface

Hotkey: F9

PrintLen in Curve and Surface

This is basically a method to get a "tape measure" inside blender.

In Edit Mode (F9) with a curve selected, on the Curve & Surface panel, there is a button labelled PrintLen with a string of zeros next to it. Just click it and it will change to display the length of the curve. This will only work if CurvePath is turned on (should be default for newly created paths, but not curves).

See this thread for more.