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access to actions has been there under armatures, but as actions are becoming a more general concept (with the upcoming introduction of IPO bags?) ..

also NLA

Roland Hess ('harkyman') is working on new NLA functionality to match pose positions between different actions based on a selected bone. his example: "lets say you have two actions in NLA, one for someone doing a backflip, and one for someone walking. The backflip action ends five blender units behind the starting point. With a MatchMove feature, you just point the next strip (the walk), to the backflip, and indicate that you want to match it based on, say, the left foot. then, it translates the poses of the walk Action so it lines up naturally with the finish of the backflip action."

now, how would doing that be supported nicely by the API?

backflip.match(walk, l_foot) ? not really i guess, 'cause this is not about the actions themselves but about how they are used with the strips in NLA.

strip1 = Strip(character, backflip) strip1.sta = 0 strip1.end = 50

strip2 = Strip(character, walk) strip2.sta = 50

strip2.match(strip1, l_foot)