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Useful ideas.... I've started using this in the Ipo and Curve modules for changes to the API. I think it's a good idea to also use the BLENDER_VERSION (in BLE_blender.h) to be sure the code gets flagged for deletion after deprecation. For example:

/* #####DEPRECATED###### */

static PyObject *Ipo_getNcurves( BPy_Ipo * self )

#if BLENDER_VERSION < 241 static int depcount = 2;
  if ( depcount ) {       
    printf ("Ipo.getNcurves() is deprecated by the len() operator.\n");       
    printf ("   This method will be removed after version 2.40.\n");       
 // body of function here

  return EXPP_ReturnPyObjError( PyExc_NotImplementedError,
    "replaced by \"len(ipo)\"" );

When the function is called, a deprecation warning is printed (two times max) until version 2.41, when a NotImplemented exception is thrown. After version 2.43, a compile error occurs which forces us to remove the old code.

-- KenHughes - 08 Jul 2005