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Here is a multilayer data flow design:

Multilayer Data Flow Design


Multilayer design of data flow of blender have many benefits, i think, and also may be hard to implement, any way here my design, it may have problems so tell me if there is any idea.

Data Layer

This layer is an external layer that contains various storage types, from files to databases and also web services that provide data. This layer is only available for Data Access Layer and is hidden for other layers.

Data Access Layer

This layer is a very important layer that play an import role in blender and other apps that want to work with blender data. Data access layer(DAL) has two components:

  • DAL API, that provides public functions for users of this layer
  • Data Providers, that makes it possible for DAL API to work with various data storages

Business Layer

This layer is for blender use, and check some data constraints, and also have a cache component.

Presentation Layer

This layer contains those parts of blender that doing presentation of data, for example blender UI, blender player or blender python


I think this is out of the 2.5 scope, but useful to keep in mind for a further redesign of especially the way Blender handles data.

--Ton 17:45, 22 November 2008 (UTC)