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Things to do before release:



  • Presets
    • Configs/keymaps for other apps, using preset system in splash screen -- DONE
      • Need presets contributed by community
    • New 2.5 key map
  • Clean up installation issues
    • Proposal, define locations for config info/resource files, implement
  • Partial User Preferences saving

Stable 2.5 release


  • Mesh tools
    • We have a problem where many of the mesh editing tools have limitations, missing functionality, or bugs. It would not be too wise to spend a lot of time fixing this up, particularly with bmesh on the horizon. What we can do for now though is at least to define clearly what is supported and what isn't, and leave improvements for bmesh system
    • As part of this, go over what's supported and what isn't, and hide properties/functionality that don't work or don't update properly with operator redo system


  • Move sequence editor preview to image editor

User Interface

  • Threaded jobs system
    • less hardcoded, make possible for multiple jobs per owner
    • nicer UI, with progress bars -- DONE
  • Header reports
    • nicer UI graphical layout (fading?) -- DONE


Alpha 1/2

Fixing up existing features

Targets for release - when these are done, we can release Beta 1.


  • Fix new sculpt bugs
  • Get tracker back to 2 pages or less

Key Maps

  • Clean up UI, easier to find things and edit them -- DONE
    • Categories/hierarchy -- DONE
    • Search -- DONE
    • RMB context menu -- DONE


  • Animation Radians->degrees display in the UI -- DONE
    • Initial patch using UI units system -- DONE
    • Store fcurve point values in degrees -- DONE
      • Convert internally in animation system -- DONE
      • Convert back to radians in RNA access functions -- DONE
  • RNA review
    • Notifiers, update functions -- DONE (still can use more work though)
  • Operator review
    • Notifiers, poll functions -- DONE (still can use more work though)
    • All operators with different names to UI should be renamed to match


  • Implement non-blocking reports in the info header
  • Replace all printfs in operators with reports -- DONE

Alpha 0

First testing version Done