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KDevelop supports loading blender projects directly by opening CMakeLists.txt, so this document mainly covers configuration.

Loading the project file

  • Project (Menu) -> Open / Import Project
  • Navigate to the blender source director and Select 'CMakeLists.txt'
  • Accept defaults for Project Information

Now the project is loaded, you can run:

  • Project (Menu) -> Build Selection

Configuring Runtime Options

Launching Blender

  • Run (menu) -> Configure Launchers
  • Select 'blender' and press the "+" icon.
    A new options box will appear
  • Under 'Executable', set the 'Project Target' to 'blender' (there will be makesdna and makesrna as alternatives)
  • Under 'Behavior' set the working directory to the source directory (where CMakeLists.txt is located)

Application Preferences

  • Settings (menu) -> Configure KDevelop
    • Background Parser
      • Set 'Maximum Number of Threads' to the number of processors/cores you have
        This makes a BIG difference to initial parsing time on load!

Configuring The Editor

See: Dev:Doc/CodeStyle/Configuration#KDevelop