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Force new master builds on BuildBot

Sometimes, when you fixed something important in master, and want users to be able to try it and confirm status asap, you may not want to wait for the nightly builds. In that case, you may force buildbot to create new builds immediately:

  1. Got to builders page
  2. Do not try to use the 'force build' options shown in that page - you'll get an authorization error…
  3. Instead, you must click on each builder link you are interested in (e.g. linux_glibc211_i386_scons for Linux 32bit, etc.).
    1. In builder page, you can check the buildslaves status (at least one should be connected).
    2. If you want, you can add your (nick)name and a quick reason for forcing this build (nice for logs).
    3. Check branch setting is set to “master”.
    4. Exclamation mark.png
      Do not set the revision, always use HEAD when building master. This is rather important, since those are public builds, users expect them to always reflect latest state of the master branch. Never use an older revision for those (unless you have a really good reason to do so…).
    5. Hit Force Build and wait for the process to complete (when a build is running, you have a link to it on top of builder’s page).

Once the build is successfully finished, it will replace the precedent one in main download page.