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Bleeding Edge

Blender 2.8 - The Workflow Release

Main Projects

  • Workspaces
  • Assets Integration
  • Dependency Graph
  • Layers and Collections
  • OpenGL Upgrade (2.1 -> 3.3)
  • Viewport


Non trivial features are usually developed in their own new branches. When finished, they may be approved and merged back into the master branch.

The same happens with special versions of Blender, like the ones used (upgraded and adapted) in Blender Institute movie productions.


Python scripting is a very powerful feature in Blender, both for key functionality (the User Interface, for example) and for plugins that can greatly extend the program's capabilities.

Google Summer of Code


Blender 2.7x - Latest Production-Ready Version

Blender 2.7


Known TODOs

Issues for (new) developers to work on are collected in wiki. It's known todo items, features or fixes that already have been approved to be worked on:

Design Documents

Projects that have reached step 3 of the development process.