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Phabricator Migration Guide

We are migrating from (gforge) to (phabricator). Here is what you need to know.

User Accounts

Your user account and password will still work. We did have to merge accounts with the same email address due to phabricator requirements, just try to login as usual and you should get instructions on how to pick the account name you want.

Projects and Bug Reports

For the new organization, see the Phabricator documentation page. Basically we only keep the 3 truly active projects (bf-blender, translations and addons), and they will keep their trackers in an updated form. Their repositories will be hosted in git.

The other projects will keep their repositories hosted in read-only subversion. The reports from their trackers will be moved to phabricator, but without trackers and all closed as archived.


For the new addons workflow, see here:

On there was a bf-extensions project with various trackers that not only store bug reports, but also an entry for each addon. This was confusing however, and instead the on addons catalog will now be the authoritative list of addons.

The only remaining open reports are:

  • Bugs reported to the tracker
  • Patches in Py Scripts Upload that are not in contrib or release yet
  • Everything else is closed as archived


The translations repository will now only contain .po files, and no longer any binary .mo files. These will be generated as part of the Blender build process. This makes the repository smaller, and makes it easier for translators to simply rebuild Blender and see their translations in the user interface, without the need to install any extra tools.

Translators will keep committing their work to svn for now, and the maintainer will copy these to a git repository.

Git Checkout and Commit Access

All code except for translations and prebuilt libraries have moved to git repositories, these will stay in subversion for now. See here for general Git instructions: