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This is a short guide on how I've been editing the blender-manual with real-time feedback (WYSIWYG).

This guide relies on vim and the Instant-rst system by Rykka


1. Go to the Documentation Page and follow the instructions on how to build it [link]

(for this guide I'm assuming the sources are in ~/blender-manual)

2. Install InstantRst: [link] (this is a plugin for vim)

3. Install InstantRst Server: [link] (this is a patched python plugin)

Running the Server

instantRst -f ~/blender-manual/manual/render/workflows/bake.rst -i ~/blender-manual/manual/images

Editing the Manual

vim ~/blender-manual/manual/render/workflows/bake.rst

This will open the file in vim, and now you can run the plugin


Start editing and look at your browser being updated while you edit it.

Further Considerations

Some RST syntaxes are not supported by Instanst-Rst server (in particularly guilabel, which we use a lot). So it's good to build the docs as you would normally to make sure everything looks fine. In this case you could either do make to build everything, or make render to build only the parts relative to the rendering.

Advanced Notes

The patched instant-rst server has two new additions:

  • A new command-line parameter for the images folder
  • The static files and templates the Blender Manual requires

In the future we will try to change this system so it can be merged back upstream.