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This page contains old developer information, kept for archiving purposes.

BF-Extensions Monthly Meeting Dates & Times

  • Next meeting
  • In IRC freenode #blenderpython
  • Date = 1st Sunday in October.
  • Time = 1500 CEST (1300 UTC) to 1700 CEST (1500 UTC).
  • Please note Py Dev Meeting will start 1 hour before Blender Dev Meeting & may resume I hour after as this allows for people in different timezones to participate. Logs will be taken so devs in different timezones can be involved in decisions.

BF-Extensions Monthly Meeting Agenda

  • 1\ Current Projects
  • 2\ 2.6 Targets
  • 3\ To Do List
  • 4\ Proposals
  • 5\ I/O scripts planning
  • 5\ Misc/Other Buisness

BF-Extensions Monthly Meeting notes

4th September 2011

1/ Current Projects/Goals

Ongoing Projects/Goals

  • To improve the current list of addons by extending or consolodating a scripts, including merging where two or more scripts are similar or use the same menu.
  • To improve the quality of exsisting scripts.
  • To promote the healthy growth of the addons system.
  • To promote the use of our contrib svn for addons developement.

2\ 2.6 Targets

  • Scripts targeted/requested as longer term goals.
  • Motion Trail By Bart Crouch
  • Theme Manager By Bart Crouch

3/ BF-Extensions To Do List

Upload Script Reviews/ Author Svn Access

  • scripts/authors tagged for contrib & svn access

add_mesh_rocks by brikbot

beam_builder by revolt_randy.

Contrib Script Reviews/ Moves to Release

cursor scripts by seminumerical.

Vertex_Slide by ValterVB

  • we need to look at this script, it was tagged for review but not reviewed after 2 weeks.
  • ValterVB comment:
    • Campbell have warning me that the big issue is that I change from Edit Mode to Object Mode and viceversa for every Draw, so can be slow with big mesh (I think that work good with less of 100K vertices). So I need to know if this is a locking problem, because I haven't solution for this.

General Changes/Fixes

  • MichaelW (cowtools) has scripts in release for some time.
  • meta-androcto asks he be promoted to a Senior dev.

4/ Proposals

  • 1/
  • Proposal For Assigning scripts Contrib/Upload > Meta-Androcto
  • I feel the system of assigning scripts should be:
  • When a script is reviewed in Upload, the Reviewer/Senior Dev assigns the script to him/herself.
  • When the script gets moved to Contrib, the Script Author is then assigned the script.

  • 2/
  • Proposal to grey out broken scripts by Crouch.

  • 3/
  • Proposal to add "extra-info" to bl_info - Hart.

5/ Misc