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Select Strips By Type

Sequencer Select Strips By Type
(De)select sequence strips by type.
UI location Select menu (Video Sequence Editor window).
Usage Just use the menu entries!
Version 0.0.3 Author(s) Bastien Montagne (aka mont29)
Blender 2.5.6 License GPL
Category Sequencer Distribution Extern

Executable information
File name ?
Current version download Media:PyExt_select_sequence_strips_by_type.tar.bz2

Warning beta
Links My talk page

Change Log


Initial release.


Updates to follow Blender API:

  • bl_addon_info renamed in bl_info!
  • adding bpy.utils.(un)register_module calls.

Also, in standard import, using “from . import …” now.


Now using an EnumProperty to set which types to (de)select. A little bit more verbose, but much less hackish than the previous string technique… Nothing changes from the user point of view, though.

Renamed the addon in “Sequencer Select Strips By Type”.

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