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Google Summer of Code 2006

This page was adapted from the Summer of Code 2005 page by Jiří Hnídek

List of successful Google Summer Projects

1) Interactive sculpting with multi-resolution models

Nicholas Bishop, mentored by Jean-Luc Peurière

  • entering University of Maryland
  • nickname: nicholasbishop
  • USA
  • Linux, gcc

2) Modifier Stack Upgrade

Ben Batt, mentored by Daniel Dunbar

  • 4th year Computer Science/Computer Systems Engineering double degree at RMIT University in Melbourne
  • nickname: artificer
  • Australia
  • Linux, gcc

3) Sky Generator

Dmitriy Mazovka, mentored by Kent Mein

  • 3rd year student of Belarusian State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
  • nickname: sionix
  • Belarus
  • Windows, VC 7.1


The participants of SoC 2006 can find some information about how CVS will be used to manage the source code of their projects here.

A non-developer (anonymous) user can also checkout each branch, e.g.:

 cvs login
 cvs -z3 checkout \
    -r name_of_branch soc-blender
 cvs logout

The 'name_of_branch' above is either nicholasbishop, artificer, or sionix, and the '\' at the end of a line indicates that this is one long line without a break.

Developer service

.c and .h templates

When developers need to add new file, then they need some template. Looking at existing source files could be confusing, because each file contains different copyrights in the header. When you edit some file, don't forget to add your name to list of contributors, write a description of the source file, write the name of .h file containing function prototypes somewhere at the beginning of .c file, write commentary, and write documentation in wiki.

Progress Reports

Planet SoC

Some SoC developers may choose to participate in this unofficial SoC blog, run by the nice people from Drupal:

Mailing list

You can get the latest information about this year's summer of code projects on our mailling lists: