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Google Summer of Code 2007

Welcome to the wiki page for the Blender Foundatons's 2007 Google Summer of Code Projects.

List of successful Google Summer Projects

1) Deep Shadow Maps and Tiling Disk Cache

Joseph Eagar, mentored by Martin Poirier

  • Northern Arizona University
  • nickname: joeedh, joeedh_sleep
  • USA
  • Windows, Mingw, gcc

2) Render API

Aaron Daniel Moore, mentored by Ton Roosendaal

  • 3rd year Computer Science, Gonzaga University
  • nickname: mosani
  • USA
  • Windows, Mingw, gcc

3) Blender Audio System Cleanup and Upgrade

Csaba Hruska, mentored by Robert C. Holcomb Jr.

  • 4th year Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • nickname: hcube
  • Slovakia
  • Linux, gcc

4) A GLSL Shader Editing and Preview System for Blender

José Miguel da Silva Torres Lima, mentored by Brecht Van Lommel

  • Computer Science, University of Porto, Portugal
  • nickname: maike
  • Portugal
  • Linux, gcc

5) Mesh Bevel and Offset Tools/Modifiers

Levi Schooley, mentored by Geoffrey Bantle

  • Computer Science, Excelsior College
  • nickname: reD_Fox1
  • USA
  • Windows, Mingw, gcc


The participants of SoC 2007 can find some information about how Subversion (SVN) will be used to manage the source code of their projects here.

A non-developer (anonymous) user can also checkout each branch, e.g.:

svn checkout

The 'NAME_OF_BRANCH' above is either joeedh, mosani, hcube, maike or red_fox, and the '\' at the end of a line indicates that this is one long line without a break.

Developer service

.c and .h templates

When developers need to add new file, then they need some template. Looking at existing source files could be confusing, because each file contains different copyrights in the header. When you edit some file, don't forget to add your name to list of contributors, write a description of the source file, write the name of .h file containing function prototypes somewhere at the beginning of .c file, write commentary, and write documentation in wiki.

Progress Reports

Mailing list

You can get the latest information about this year's summer of code projects, including weekly progress reports, on our mailing lists:

Planet SoC

Some SoC developers may choose to participate in this unofficial SoC blog, run by the nice people from Drupal: