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Blender 2.60: More Features

Changes up to revision 40847. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.


  • Frame node in new layout node category, for organizing node setups - r39980
  • Muting nodes with only inputs or outputs is now supported (for example file output node) - r39437
  • Internal improvements to the node system (documentation) - r39941


  • Change sequence operator (C key) in sequence editor, to modify the filepath or effect inputs/type on existing strips - r39323
  • Clear offsets operator (Alt+O) in sequence editor, to reset the start/end frames around the strip data - r39379
  • Sequencer selected grouped operator to select by type, time, data - r40658
  • Sequencer make metastrip shortcut changed from Shift+G (now selected group) to Ctrl+G - r40645


  • Outliner right click, rename option in menu - r39867
  • Outliner implementation of Toggle visibility/rendarability/selectability on right click on Groups - r39867
  • Outliner filter now is a search function - r40066
    • The outliner filter box only filtered items that were visible. To find what you want you needed to manually expand a few levels so that what you wanted to find becama visible. This expands items when filtering is done - effectively turning it into a search.

Grease Pencil

  • Poly line drawing mode for grease pencil: - r39962
    • Like sketch mode for lines, but you're specifying line knots by clicking on position you want to add next knot.
    • View can be navigated between knots creation.
    • Holding left mouse button down and sliding mouse will lead to new segment preview so it can be created more accurate.

Game Engine

  • Two new functions to bge.render to allow users to change the anisotropic filtering level used by textures: - r39818
    • setAnisotropicFiltering(level) and getAnisotropicFiltering()
  • Lamp "Cast Buffer Shadows" option now works with GLSL in the viewport and game engine - r39683
  • Game engine post drawing callbacks are now done per viewport instead of per scene. This is handy for things like having a different HUD for each player in a splitscreen game. To figure out what viewport you're drawing too, check the scene's active_camera. - r39729


  • Many small speedups in drawing of text, buttons, meshes, ... - r39549, r39841, r40073, r40096, r40108, r40112, r40116, r40120, r40282, r40284, r40292, r40508
  • Various small speedups in rendering and file loading - r39568, r39570, r39742


  • Solidify modifier with vertex group option to set the thickness of zero weighted vertices - r39385
  • Applying armature object transform now transforms bone roll too, so animations remain correct - r39706
  • Drivers now have the noise module available by default (example .blend file) - r39919
  • Ambient occlusion maximum samples increased from 32 to 128 - r39972
  • 3D Mouse orbit now supports specifying inversion per axis - r40004
  • Adaptive time step for fluid particles - r40537
  • Quick effects now available in object menu - r40825
  • OpenAL support enabled in Windows 64bit release
  • JACK support enabled in Linux release