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Blender 2.60: Sequence Editor Proxies

Support for proxy building is available again. Proxies are lower resolution versions of image or video files, that can be used instead of the full resolution for faster editing. Additionally to the way Blender 2.49 worked where you could make proxies for individual strips, you can now select several strips at once and build proxies in the background.

There is now also Timecode support to fix seeking issues with files, that:

  • have varying frame rates
  • have very large GOP lengths
  • are broken inbetween
  • use different time code tracks

The proxy builder can build timecode indices, which are used (optionally) for seeking. For the first time, it is possible, to do frame exact seeking on all file types.

Additionally there is now support for different video-streams in one video file, the stream to be used can be selected in the sequencer.