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Blender 2.62: Addons

Changes up to revision 2994. Before editing or adding items, please read the guidelines for editing the changelogs.

Network Render

Web Interface
Blender262 network render new ui.png

The network render master now has a new web interface. The previous interface is still available, you can switch between the two, but it might get phased out in the future.

Point Caches

Point caches can now be baked using network render, distributed over multiple computers. The result can be retrieved as a zip file from jobs page in the web interface. - r2871, r2843, r2843

Slaves and jobs can now also be tagged to specify which slaves should handle which types of jobs. By default render jobs are tagged with "render" and baking jobs are tagged with "baking".

There were also fixes related to handling of smoke point caches, and dynamic paint point caches are now supported. - r2796, r2805, r2810

  • The render engine to use can now be selected (for example Cycles instead of Blender Internal) - r2796
  • Add Force Upload option on master to force dependencies upload and download (don't reuse local copies outside of slave cache)
  • Cancelling jobs on the master should be much more responsive now- r2903
  • Add save on job option (default false) to save the current file before sending a rendering blender job. - r2903
  • Support for secure connections between Master/client/slave using SSL/HTTPS - r2957
Bug Fixes
  • Reseting a completed job correctly resets the status to queued - r2843
  • Fix job log name generation to not exceed filename limits when using large chunks - r2810
  • Better support different files with same name and dependency folder hierarchies. - r2990
  • Fixed a bug with total job time on web interface (wrong value) - r2957


3D Coat
  • Fix integration not working on Mac - r2955
  • Fix folder not being created soon enough - r2804
After Effects Exporter
  • Export of objects' scale is now supported, and rotation and scale export is now optional.
  • If scene's active camera is set by markers - now it's possible to export this as one camera.
Atomic Blender PDB Importer
  • New option: sticks connecting atoms can have now the color of the atoms. - r2808
  • New option 'Show sticks' scales the atom radii such that only the sticks are visible.
  • Double and triple bonds can now be displayed, by checking the option 'bonds', with option for distance between sticks. - r2826
  • A new 'smooth' option to make sticks more round was added. - r2826
  • Fix: scaling atoms with a specific name scaled also the sticks.
MHX Importer
  • Improvements for helper geometry import - r2930, r2770
  • Option to generate shapekeys for visemes from partial shapes. - r2920
  • Disabling the feature that allows defining frame split - r2971
  • Updates needed to work with the upgraded BURP backend of - r2853
X3D Exporter
  • Added option to export name decorations - r2917
  • Fix: writing of compressed files not working. - r2967
  • Fix: add missing route command. - r2790
  • OBJ import: file parsing failing on some input - r2852
  • Images to planes import: fix errors that could occur with some file paths - r2959
  • DXF import: fixes for CIRCLE, ARC and TEXT entities - r2894
  • Export UV Layout: added option to write UVs with modifiers applied - {{Commit|2872|bf-extensions}

Other Addons

  • New addon: copy render settings to other scenes - r2793
  • Copy Attributes Menu:
    • Added object group membership copying. - r2806
    • Fix error copying protected transform - r2994
  • Material Utilities: fix error when a mesh had an empty material slot - r2838
  • Presets support added to add object operators - r2824, r2823, r2822, r2821, r2820
  • Screencast keys: - r2868
    • Support for mousewheel in icon-display
    • Reset multiplier after text has disappeared
    • Improved fading