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Blender 2.62: Collada


Dev-Ref Release Notes 2.62 Collada Export options.png

A Second Life compatibility option was added for exporting armatures, along with a number of other fixes related to transformations and armatures. In particular: - r43915

  • Adds objects parentinverse to exported transform if it's non-identity
  • Fix mismatch between add_inv_bind_mats and add_joints_source accessor counts
  • Fix bone exports in world space should be local space
  • Other fixes for Collada exporter.

State of the development

There has been much discussion about the state of the Collada integration, it's not currently working very reliable yet, and this needs to be solved somehow. A new team now started working to improve Collada support to get it more useful for integration with external tools and game engines, improving the existing OpenCollada based I/O module. Members of the team are:

  • Domino Marama (development)
  • Juha Mäki-Kanto (development)
  • Gaia Clary (Organization, Documentation and all the rest)

Other developers interested in joining development are welcome. There's a wiki page where we collect plans, application support info, test files, and a list of issues to solve.