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Blender 2.62: Game Engine

User Interface

Blender262 game engine standalone player.png
  • Game engine render properties panels were reorganized and extended to include more relevant options. - r42750
  • Added option to let the fullscreen Blender player use the desktop resolution - r43311
  • Added option to use multisampling antialiasing in fullscreen Blender player - r43311
  • Blender player can now be launched from within Blender - r42750
  • The game engine exit key (default Escape) can now be configured in the user interface and python API - r42750
  • Copy All Physics Attributes tool added in the Object > Game menu - r42782

Text Objects

Blender262 game engine text object.png
  • Text objects can now have a property name "Text", that will then set the text of the object in the game engine. By using this property, the text displayed by such objects can be controlled using logic bricks. Previously the only way to do this was using bitmap fonts. - r43002, r43028, r43145
  • Python API changes:
    • KX_FontObject now supports the x and y offset options.
    • KX_FontObject now makes use of the font's line spacing option, and correctly accounts for rotation and font size when applying the spacing.
    • Primitive support for the new line character added to KX_FontObjects. The line spacing is fixed, and does not work when the FontObject is rotated.

Camera Actuator

  • Camera Actuators can now track the -X and -Y axes: previously it was only possible to look at objects from their front face. Given that Blender takes -Y as the default forward orientation, the current functionality didn't let a camera to track an actor from behind. This way a camera over the shoulders of a character is possible, without resorting to rotate the mesh/armature original orientation.

Python API

  • KX_GameObject now has read/write properties localTransform and worldTransform for the local space and world space transformation, and a read-only property worldScale to retrieve the objects scale independently of its parent's scale. - r43591
  • Added bge.render.setWindowSize() to dynamically change windows size or fullscreen resolution in Blender player - r43618
  • More mist settings accessible - r42956
  • Added an active_events property to SCA_PythonKeyboard and SCA_PythonMouse: this property is similar to the events property that both have, but it only returns events which are not KX_NO_INPUTSTATUS. This moves the "no input" check out of python scripts, which can give input handling a code a speed up (2x in one case). - r43598
  • Video texture module constants SOURCE_ERROR, SOURCE_EMPTY, SOURCE_READY, SOURCE_PLAYING, SOURCE_STOPPED added - r43591