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Blender 2.63: Motion Tracker

Tracking and solving

Joining two tracks now works better for tracks which have got intersection by frames: coordinates of joined track would be interpolated linearly on segments with intersection. This is still not perfect from accurate solving point of view, but this allows to prevent camera jump which is much more annoying than sight camera slide (r45066).

Added operator to define world orientation based on points on the wall (r44672).

Curves view

Curves view had got a small usability improvement and now border select operator works there. Also, selected markers can be disabled directly from curve view now (r44640, r44746).

Animation support

Added support of animated properties for Movie Clip datalocks (r44178).

Currently only animation of stabilization data settings (such as transformation influence) are allowed. Animating other parameters requires support from camera solver which isn't here yet.


2D stabilization now supports filtering of result including nearest, blinear and bicubic interpolations which gives much smoother results (r44184).

Added operator to fit frame to the whole clip editor instead of zooming to a power-of-two factor (r44643).

Active scene clip would be used as sequencer background and as background for OpenGL rendering when rendering from camera view (r44711).