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Blender 2.66: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 53177 up to 54687

3D View

  • Fix T33501: Grease pencil in OpenGL render (r53068)
  • Fix T33599: VBO textured draw mode did not update correctly when an image filepath was changed to an invalid one (r53116)
  • Fix T33524: Interaction of "Size" & "Distance" sliders in "Spot Lamp" panel with "3D view" (r53254)
  • Fix T33753: Not selected surface objects don't update in view if shading is changed (r53575)
  • Fix T33894: Viewport heavily distorted (r53874)
  • Fix T34205: Zooming in rendered mode during update out of sync with intended zoom (r54491, (r54520), r54574)
  • Fix T34290: backface culling option in 3d view was not interacting well with the option in the material in texture draw mode (r54633)
  • Fix T33778: for user preference "Mini Axis Brightness" being ignored (r53634)
  • Fix NDOF, User preference "Rotate around selection" now works for all input operators (r53403)
  • Fix NDOF, dolly factor (fly in/out) with now correctly scales for distance to view center (r53404)
  • Fix threading issues of viewport rendering when using movies/generated images (r54067)
  • Fix zoom doesn't work when camera is the pivot of 3d window, and you go to camera view, moving out of view with MMB drag (r52888)


  • Fix T33541: Deleting all keyframes leaves dangling action groups (r53052)
  • Fix T33424: Inadequate bake action (r53369)
  • Fix T33682: Animation not updated when the active shape index isnt set (r53518)
  • Fix T33852: Scale of a strip in NLA is changed after moving it long distance using numeric input (r53943)
  • Fix T34281: random crash on editing disabled fcurve rna path (r54616)
  • Fix T34303: Rotation fcurves don't work with transforming with individual centers (r54637)
  • Fix drivers and shape keys not handling subframes / frame mapping properly (r54122)


  • Fix T33275: iTaSC ignores location of disconnected bones when they are changed in pose mode. (r53411)
  • Fix T29950: Linked proxy armature object properties can't be edited (r54027)
  • Fix T33974: Bone roll flips 180 degrees when extruding bones vertically (r54061)
  • Fix T34012: Skeleton Sketching settings unclear (r54168)
  • Fix T34046: Armature widgets have their transforms reset (r54351)
  • Fix T34143: Can't Select Bones in Weight paint mode with Left mouse Selection enabled (r54453)
  • Fix T34203: Editing bones, parenting, blender quits 'Set Inverse' was mixing up pose/object constraints (r54480)
  • Fix T34283: armature bones losing their roll setting upon translation in edit mode (r54651, r54653, r54657)
  • Fix T34123: "Switch Direction" doesn't work when selected bone belongs to more than one chain (r54345)



  • Fix T33955: Model Import Hangs Blender (r54398)
  • Fix T33437: importing a scene from sketchup 8 changes the unit system in Blender (r54442)
  • Fix T34080: import breaks on '#' in filepath (r54399)
  • Fix T33938: export does not include shape key animations (from gsoc-2012)
  • Fix T34051: export crashes (r54387)
  • Fix T33437: importing a scene changes units. Added an option to disable unit settings during import (r54411)
  • Fix T33437: Added scale matching for Scene imports (r54442)
  • Fix T34062: fixed redundant transform information and order of creation for the loc/rot/trans (r54477)
  • Fix T34284: update problem for vertex weights directly after import (r54615)
  • Fix T34049: importer doesn't import armature. Added support for 'rootless' armature. r54677
  • Fixed import for objects which have NO children (r54386)
  • Fixed importing of shapekey names: name is now taken from geometry name instead of deriving it from the mesh name (r54508)
  • Fixed import of textures with path settings relative to main import file (r54532)
  • Fixed import of armatures only added the root bone (r54474)


  • Fix T34019: Limit Constraints still affected transforms when turned off (r54159)


  • Fix T33796: Curve radius makes affect only in full fill mode (r53676)
  • Fix T33748: Hiding curve segments has erratic behaviour (r53818)
  • Fix T34009: multi user curves + deform modifier behavior (r54181)
  • Fixed applying rotation/location for surface object types (were recognized as 2d curves). (r54666)

File I/O

  • Fix T33586: Encoding to mpeg4 makes first frame(s) blocky (r53138)
  • Fix T33629: DDS DXT5 with alpha not loaded correctly, Y flipping code was wrong (r53209)
  • Fix T33630: DDS compressed textures were not actually using mipmaps for minification (r53210)

Game Engine

  • Fix T33663: Objects Share Materials / Textures When Grouped In SingleTexture / MultiTexture Mode (r53306)
  • Fix T33758: Blender crashes when user goes to choose "build navigation mesh" (r53549)
  • Fix T33769: Material friction settings are ignored (r53576)
  • Fix T33053: 2.6x Joystick Sensor Event: Axis fails to fire at full tilt (r53617)
  • Fix T32831: TrackTo aktuator +X direction not working correct (r53754)
  • Fix T33585: Setting dLoc of motion actuator [0,0,0] via python won't stop object (r54201)
  • Fix T33503: Character physics type won´t accept more than one motion anymore (r54201)
  • Fix T34083: crash trying to play surround .wav file in the game engine on Windows, it still doesn't play but it doesn't crash at least.
  • Fix T32606: Raycasts are locked to the scene of calling object (r54472)
  • Fix T34242: It does not render in "P" mode for Game engine if you UV mapa a face of a cube (r54589)
  • Fix T32294: Navmesh crashed if on creation navmesh is also selected (r54682)
  • Fix T33746: Unable to add Controller to objects correctly (r54103)
  • Fix T33839: logic.joysticks crashes on scene change (r53733)
  • Fix T33768: BGE segfaults in do_versions during libload (r53571)
  • Fix T32294: Navmesh crashed if on creation navmesh is also selected thanks to Sv. Lockal for investigating and providing the fix. (r54682)
  • Fix crash that occurred when LibLoading a scene with a 2D Filter Actuator (r53476)
  • Fix for the initial color of the object not being passed to the game (r54115)
  • Fix for navmesh being created on the first layer, rather then a visible layer (r54137)
  • Fix incorrect names being used for new controllers (r54136)

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix T33761: Infinite loop in space_image if tile size > image size (r53572)
  • Fix T31581: UVs get broken when the option "correct uvs" its used (r53641)
  • Fix T33842: Replace Image Does Not Work When Set To Generated (r53740)
  • Fix T33875: Minimize Stretch doesn't tell how to use Blend / Setting blend factor in-/decreasing twice per keystroke (r53813)
  • Fix T33975: Crash when reloading texture (r54069)
  • Fix T33740: Incorecct UV mapping from camera view (r54203)
  • Fix T34079: RGB and HSV values inconsistency (r54293)
  • Fix T34118: Crash, when clicking "Assign image to UV Map" (r54329)
  • Fix T33935: Texture painting slow down with mouse, but not with tablet (r54463)
  • Fix T34174: Blender does not properly handle EXRs with both named and un-named layers (r54412)
  • Fix T34213: crash loading openexr multilayer with use alpha disabled (r54499, r54502)
  • Fix T34216: uv unwrap with some faces pinned to point the normals down will now automatically flip the unpinned faces to point down too (r54525)
  • Fix UV edge stitch mode did not average final position of uvs in midpoint, non-snapping mode. (r53337)
  • Fix UV rotation of islands during stitch did not take uv aspect ratio of image into account, distorting the islands. (r53336)
  • Fix UV rotation of islands during stitch on images with aspect ratio was different for different island rotations (r53475)
  • Fix UV stretch area draw mode when used with ngons (r53696)
  • Fix UV smart stitch failed to detect angle if islands were rotated close to 180 degrees (r54478)

Mesh Editing

  • Fix T33497: scale to 0 make vertex un-movable in edit mode (r53014)
  • Fix T33673: Edge Lengths not displayed accurately (r53329)
  • Fix T33667: crashing file in edit mode cycles (r53332)
  • Fix T33651: Spin tool destroys unselected loose vertex (r53335)
  • Fix T33625: failure to cut in otho mode sometimes (r53559)
  • Fix T33801: new bevel crashing file (r53647)
  • Fix T33784: Select Linked All + Seams fails to select seam bounded area (r53664)
  • Fix T33646: Deleting edge loops creates holes in uv map (r53666)
  • Fix T33939: 'G' key after vertex duplicate crashes blender (r53933)
  • Fix T34018: Delete Edge Loop undo works not as expected (r54149)
  • Fix T34024: delete - Edge loop crash (r54180)
  • Fix T33906: Bevel tool produces unwanted distortion with "skewed" meshes (r54231)
  • Fix T34073: Combined EdgeLoop slides weirdly on even try (r54267)
  • Fix T33949: Vertex Slide - misleading description also use C key to toggle clamping rather then alt (r54446)
  • Fix T34256: join a mesh with non-uniform scale with another mesh showed wrong normals (r54578)
  • Fix T33714: bevel crash (r53532)
  • Fix T34244: Snap to face projection - Entire mesh is affected by projection when Proportional Editing mode is active. (r54675)
  • Fix T34072: Fix Knife cut-through error (r54389)
  • Fix T33813: knife angle constraint error (r53730)
  • Fix for weight painting not flusing selection in edit-mode (r53482)
  • Fix for adding vertex color layer in mesh editmode would overwrite UV's (regression since 2.63), (r53704)
  • Fix bridge tool error creating bow-tie quads when given 2 isolated edges (r54198)
  • Fix edge slide bug, when no edges existed to slide along the direction calculated from the face could be wrong (r54164)
  • Fix for select flushing in face mode for mesh 'Select More' (r53665)


  • Fix T33606: Adding the Decimate modifier will crash Blender (r53147)
  • Fix T33189: Units in doc strings in ocean modifier (r53507)
  • Fix T33689: Crash with decimate modifier (r53521)
  • Fix T33742: Solidify - Material index problem missed copying material offset values (r53553)
  • Fix T33797: decimate modifier bug on uv-coordinates when mesh uses vertex color (r53660)
  • Fix T33781: Confusing units in displacement modifier parameters (r53807)
  • Fix T33937: Planar decimate + triangulate operator leaves non-triangle faces (r53966)
  • Fix T32866:] Crash by cyclic use of Boolean Modifier (r54017)
  • Fix T34098: Crash after using Decimate or Remesh modifiers (r54292)
  • Fix T34096: ocean sim vertex color bug Caused by my assumption that alpha wasn't used for vertex colors (r54481)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T33648: Setting node.location via python clips at around 1000px (r53252)
  • Fix T33650: Compositor locks up when input is an unrendered render layer (r53310)
  • Fix T34040: Moving Normal Node with enabled Cycles Material Preview crashes (r54318)
  • Fix T33804: Blender crash unlinking multilayer exr image in image node (r53652)
  • Fix T33822: Compositor gets stuck if a sequencer window is also visible (r53709)
  • Fix T33846: Points of Curves in Vector Curves node can't have negative X or Y values (r53753)
  • Fix T33953: blender crash after few steps with .exr image in compositor (r54083)
  • Fix T34022: Lines on renders using Blur node in flat mode (r54278)
  • Fix T33785: compositor is (unnecessarily?) slow (r54281)
  • Fix T34115: Group Node corrupted by frames (r54354)
  • Fix T34133: Creation of an RGBA buffer from an RGB color and an alpha channel not possible. (r54370)
  • Fix T34194: Render Layer node didn't initialize color management flag properly (r54460)
  • Fix T34182: Movie Distortion and Bilateral Blur doesn't work together (r54600)
  • Fix Node "View-All/Selected" calculating bounds incorrectly (r53536)


  • Fix T33560 Child object wont move with parent (r53082)
  • Fix T33600: copying objects with point caches did not copy the external, disk cache and lib path settings (r53121)
  • Fix T33643: Rotation does not work at certain zoom level (r53227)
  • Fix T33889: Unexpected weights after parenting with Empty Groups (r53986)
  • Fix T34230: Dupliverts ignore modifiers on mesh (r54551)
  • "Add Group" was excluding linked library objects. (r53345)


  • Fix T33640: Blender crashes when I click on "Connect Hair" in "Particles" pannel (r53237)
  • Fix T33647: Moving keys of hair particles is very viewpoint depended (r53250)
  • Fix T33788: Particles - Fluid "exploding" behavior (r53648)
  • Fix T33896: particle add brush with radius 1 would give duplicated and NaN hairs. (r54054)
  • Fix T34099: Particles leaking from moving meshes (r54648)
  • Add "Textures" panel in particle properties, to make it possble to add textures when Cycles is selected (r53059)

Physics / Simulations

  • Fix T34008: Scaling Smoke Domain In Z-Axis Crashes Blender (r54192)
  • Fix T34169: dynamic paint bake from python + command line = segfault (r54470)


  • Fix T33677: Lambda is un-settable for mesh.vertices_smooth_laplacian (r53363)
  • Fix T33726: keyframe_insert() and keyframe_delete() with index=-1 always fail (r53505)
  • Fix T33792: Accessing a bmesh object created by from_object crashes blender (r53657)
  • Fix T32581: Mesh properties API does not allow for zeros in byte array (r53681)
  • Fix T33876: bpy.path.ensure_ext adds extension twice / extra period if filename empty, just a period or equal to extension (r53803)
  • Fix T33836: issuing bpy.ops.render.render() in console crashes the program (r53976)
  • Fix T33841: Disabling and re-enabling live addon crashes blender (modal/draw handler) (r53980)
  • Fix T31338: UILayout.prop() does not display enum elements when icon is supplied and icon_only=True (r54055)
  • Fix T34113: operator_menu_enum() - Tooltip not showing descriptions (r54312)
  • Fix T34126: report list memory leak when calling operator from python and the operator context poll failing (r54504)
  • Fix T34279: Python console: Selected region is not highlighted when using white background color (r54620)
  • Fix BMesh operators exceptions not being cleared after raising as a python exception (r54514)
  • Fix unicode text editing in the python interactive console (r54456)
  • Fix python foreach_get/foreach_set not working with dynamic sized arrays. (r54253)
  • Fix for RegionView3D.view_matrix assignment (r54075)


  • Fix T33639: Alpha from texture blended over material with multiply/screen/... is ignored (r53239)
  • Fix T33815: blender internal crash rendering material pass with strands. (r53683)
  • Fix T34090: Blender messes up the Render output if the Render border is animated (r54273)
  • Fix T34276: OpenGL render not doing color space conversion to linear correctly with transparency, would show as too dark colors on edges (r54631)
  • Curves heavily scaled down will have render artifacts (r53058)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T33654: distance to line segment function is not implemented but compiled anyway (r53273)
  • Fix T33641: cycles self intersection artifacts with motion blur and one of the X/Y/Z coordinates close to 0 (r53293)
  • Fix T33662: cycles crash using displacement on meshes with vertices not attached to any face (r53334)
  • Fix T33752: UV Orco coordinates were wrong for Cycles (r53711)
  • Fix T33821: cycles background intensity fix had uninitialized memory usage for area lights (r53712)
  • Fix T33824: Not enough reflected glossy rays with non-progressive rendering (r53719)
  • Fix T33863: cycles viewport render crash entering edit mode on an object with a subsurf modifier. (r53788)
  • Fix T33868: cycles sample as lamp for world background not rendering with the correct intensity on the GPU. (r53789)
  • Fix T33830: cycles normal mapping was not quite correct (r53820)
  • Fix T33838: light render passes for non-progressive integrator were not correct. (r53824)
  • Fix T33909: If "Progressive" checkbox was disabled but device was GPU, it still used the amount of "aa_samples" instead of "samples" (r53885)
  • Fix T33905: cycles crash with bsdf node plugged twice into add shader. (r54042)
  • Fix T33915: Motion Blur Artifacts r54051)
  • Fix T33984: cycles shadow pass problem with CUDA. (r54212)
  • Fix T34087: cycles shadow pass not properly normalized for non-progressive integrator with > 1 samples for a lamp (r54276)
  • Fix T34041: rendered view + border sometimes freezes (r54326)
  • Fix T34139: render display did not convert to straight alpha when dithering was enabled (r54359)
  • Fix T34184: cycles speed vector pass should be zero when using motion blur, instead it had value 10000 (r54436)
  • Fix T34121: OSL + persistent images option was not freeing shader memory properly, causing memory to increase continuously during animation render (r54556, r54557)
  • Fix T34254: cycles brightness/contrast node was missing for GLSL material view (r54576)
  • Fix cycles displacement not working well with OSL and multiple objects (r53298)
  • Fix cycles intersection issue with overlapping faces on windows 32 bit and CPU without SSE3 support (r54299)
  • Fix cycles aliasing warnings caused by motion blur transforms. (r53240)
  • Fixed hair shape and inclusion of multiple attributes for triangle primitives (r54256)

Sculpt / Paint

  • Fix T33513: Transfer weights mixing up (r53041)
  • Fix T33806: weight paint crash and computer freeze when painting (r53673)
  • Fix T33987: X-ray mode on bones nullifies weight paint mode (r54197)
  • Fix T34104: vertex color: color select bug (r54294)
  • Fix T34190: Viewport artifacts when using Multiresolution modifier (r54434)
  • Fix weight painting operated only for selected vertices in edit mode (r53477)
  • Fix tiled image painting in image editor was broken for float canvas (r54554)
  • Fix the sculpt object being incorrectly clipped during drawing due to an out-of-date bounding box r53914)


  • Fix T33674: Meta strip could overlap with other strips when exiting edit mode (r53574)
  • Fix T33735: sequencer crash when using rendered preview (r53633)
  • Fix T33913: Unable to set sequencer proxy custom directory as relative path (r53890)
  • Fix T33910: Wipe effect starts and stops to early with blur enabled. (r53892)
  • Fix T34093: Metastrips don't behave correctly with alt+leftarrow (r54275)
  • Fix T34186: Incorrect movie output when scene strip is muted by keyframe (r54425)
  • Fix T34004: crash when canceling ongoing render with scene strip (r54151)
  • Fix T34013: Incorrect offset and crop of strips (r54441)
  • Fix incorrect display of Sequence layer when rendering animation and float/byte render results were mixed (r54490)
  • Fix sequencer cut tool creating duplicate strip names (r54618)
  • Fix "Extend" transform leaving dangling "temp meta strips" if none of those strips occurred on the same side of current frame (r54261)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T33941: Memory leak with texture paint clone tool (r53929)
  • Fix T34198: Scene units scale influences brush size (r54482)

Text Editor

  • Fix for syntax highlighting with unicode characters (r53838)
  • Fix for double clicking in the text editor not selecting text correctly (r54543)

User Interface

  • Fix T33458: Tooltips in Blender were not scaling when zooming in/out on UI elements (r53060)
  • Fix T33563: 'Properties' panel does not appear when clicking the '+' sign (r53062)
  • Fix T33623: UI for Factored Polynomial Generator FModifiers drawing incorrectly (r53228)
  • Fix T33623: Missing labels in UI for Expanded Polynomial FModifier (r53230)
  • Fix T33644: rendering to a new window and then closing it would not completely remove it, but still stick around listed in the Window menu. (r53244)
  • Fix T33873: Ctrl + F opens sidepanel in text editor, but doesn't close if mouse is over the sidepanel's region (r53821)
  • Fix T33877: Pressure Sensitivity stop after opening User Preferences Window (r53842)
  • Fix T33887: text selection offset (r53879)
  • Fix T34003: datablock template shows "unlink data block" option (which actually unpins the datablock) when a panel is pinned (r54189)
  • Fix T34031: in the keymap editor, Timer and Text Input types did not show field to edit the operator name (r54191)
  • Fix T34050: Regression from 2.49, "Release confirms" interferes with loop cutting (r54222)
  • Fix T34165: Disappearing active marker label in timeline window (r54382)
  • Fix T34292: CTRL + MMB zoom in 2d editors now depends on 'max zoom' level (r54635)
  • Fix T34295: Color picker brightness to infinity (r54655)
  • Fix T33899: Maya keymap/custom keymap selection issues (r53956)
  • Fix region scrollbar calculation (r53326)
  • Fix for material icons being too dark (r53489)
  • Fix for bug rendering text at small sizes (r53533)
  • Fix left aligned text offset when zoomed out (r53535)
  • Fix arrow keys being reversed in the snap menu (r53867)
  • Fix text select bug, moving the mouse to the left could result in incomplete selection (r53883)
  • Fix Copy/Paste from and to color swatches omitting alpha (r53217)
  • Fix "Zoom Scale" User preference 2D views (r53249)
  • Fix 'Reset to Default Theme' wasn't taking into account those themes that enable panel header/background. (r54585)
  • Fix fix airbrush giving incorrect tablet pressure (r53870)
  • fix for airbrush not using tablet pressure (r53856)


  • Fix T30300: Tablet pressure not working in multiple blender windows (r53618)
  • Fix T32806: v2.64 - NDOF Settings don't effect 3D mouse (Space Navigator / Explorer) (r53401)
Mac OS X
  • Fix T28915: Mac OS: problems with macbook's trackpad (r53205)
  • Fix T33538: Mac OS: kinetic scrolling bug (r53205)
  • Fix T33681: Mac OS: Mouse wheel - (NOT magic mouse) doesn't zoom without Ctrl (r53367)
  • Fix Mac OS: on closing Blender, it 'flashed', which appeared to be a white window opening and closing quickly (r52975)
  • Fix Mac OS: Intuos tablet mapping tablet to touch events (r53844)
Linux/Unix X11
  • Fix T34026: X11: Blender starts with too large window (r54220)
  • Fix T33831: X11: "Alt" key is "Alt Window Deactivated" in Ubuntu/Unity (r54288)
  • Fix X11 using uninitialized memory for the tablets active state (r53858)
  • Fix X11 incorrectly checking tablet active state (r53850)
  • Fix X11: no pressure with Genius Mousepen i608X tablet (r54454)
  • Fix X11: blender quitting in X11 if you start blender with a tablet, unplug it, then open a new window (r54033)
  • Fix X11: fullscreen toggle failing with some window managers (r54334)


  • Fix T33598: Regression in 2.65 while opening a 2.64 file (r53114)
  • Fix T33715: Dirty Vertex Colors display problem since 2.65a (r53519)
  • Fix T33800: GLSL group nodes not using the external input value unless a node was connected to the socket. (r53814)
  • Fix T33962: Grease Pencil crashing blender (r54000)
  • Fix T33997: Units Scale in Metric mode displays wrong face area (r54101)
  • Fix T34070: set origin operator did not work for lattice objects (r54249)
  • Fix T34107: Grease pencil crash after box select (r54295)
  • Fix T34200: Metaball Tessellate error (r54462)
  • Fix T34217: Maya keymap preset doesn't handle Shift-Click selection properly (r54521)
  • Fix T34177: errors with concave holes inside polygons (r54579)
  • Fix T34315: memory leak cancelling move to layer operator (r54661)
  • Fix T34299: Motion Tracking 20x slower under Windows (r54684)