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Blender 2.66: Collada



  • Added support for export of shape keys


  • Added support for export of shape keys
  • Option to use the X, Y or Z axis as up direction
  • Improved import of Armatures
  • Support for Armatures without enclosing root node (compatible with Maya)
  • Units are automatically adjusted to the current scene
  • Units can be inherited from the imported file

Note for Maya users

If you import armatures from Blender to Maya, then ensure that your unit system is set to meters, and take care that the joint sizes are set to the smallest possible value (0.01) Otherwise you get giant armatures and giant joints.

Known Issues / Workarounds

  • Long running Import (seen with Sketchup files)
    If an import contains really many objects (1000 and more) then the Importer can take a long time (in order of minutes)
  • Leaf nodes have wrong orientation
    Collada files which have been exported with "Export for Second Life" will have their leaf bones (the last bone of a chain) oriented towards the negative Y axis when imported back to Blender.