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Blender 2.66: Cycles

Hair Rendering

Eames chaise lounge - Model and render by Marco G

Initial support for hair rendering is now available, when enabling the Experimental feature set and using CPU rendering. Settings can be found in the Particle tab after creating a hair particle system. A Hair Info Node has been added to retrieve hair data. (r53373)

Experimental feature
This feature is still under development, settings might change causing .blend files to render differently in future versions

Open Shading Language

  • Add diffuse_ramp closure in addition to phong_ramp. (r52887)
  • Add diffuse_toon and specular_toon shaders, for toon shading. For typical toon results, lamps with size 0 should be used, otherwise the edges will be blurry. (r53189)
Blender2.66 cycles toon diffuse.png Blender2.66 cycles toon specular.png

  • Cycles OSL now autodetects the presence of emission and transparent closures to enable multiple importance sampling and transparent shadows. (r52910)


  • RGB and Vector Curves nodes now supported, with the limitation that the range must be left to the default (0..1 and -1..1) and that it will only affect values in this range, values outside of this range will be clamped. (r52886)


  • Reduced memory usage of instanced objects by about 40%, as long as the motion vector pass is not enabled. (r53219)
  • Several fixes and improvements for the Non-Progressive Integrator. (r53688, r53719, r53824)
  • Multiple importance sampling for lamps, which already existed for mesh and background lighting. This helps reduce noise for big lamps and sharp glossy reflections, at the cost of samples rendering a bit slower. There is currently no way to disable this but it will be added later. (r53688)
Blender2.66 cycles lamp MIS before.png Blender2.66 cycles lamp MIS after.png

User Interaction

  • Added highlighting of currently rendered tiles (r53486)
  • The render order of tiles can now be specified in the Performance panel. (r53639)
  • Added support for packed, generated and movie textures. (r53737, r53848)
  • Preview Renderer is now available inside the Properties Editor. (r54153)
Blender2.66 cycles preview monkey.png


For Mac OS X users that build the kernel at runtime, CUDA toolkit version 4.2 should be used for correct operation and optimal performance, other versions are not supported.