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Blender 2.66: Mesh Modeling

Vertex Bevel

You can now bevel selected vertices.

This is enabled by the vertex only option of the Bevel tool. Use the Ctrl⇧ ShiftB shortcut or Mesh » Vertices » Bevel menu item to start the Bevel tool in vertex only mode. After starting the bevel tool, you can move the mouse to adjust the vertex bevel amount, and Wheel Template-MW.png to adjust the number of segments used to make the bevel rounder.

Vertex Slide

Vertex slide has been rewritten as a transform mode and supports sliding multiple vertices at once in a single step (without having to first select the edge as before). (r53767)

Modelling Improvements

  • Pressing G twice now enters either edge slide mode or vertex slide mode depending on the selection. (r53768)
  • Edge slide now works much better with ngons and irregular mesh topology (r54164 r54166 r54177 r54269)

GeometryData Efficiency

Meshes no longer store crease and bevel weights in editmode when they are not used, this saves some memory for edit-mode and modifiers that use bmesh such as decimate and edge split.

see the "Geometry Data" panel in the object data buttons view.