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Blender 2.67: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 54697 up to 56521
Addons 4268 up to 4488

3D View

  • Fix T34492: clipping border not working with GLSL/matcap and Nouveau drivers. (r55251)
  • Fix T34711: matcap option not showing when switching from cycles material/rendered draw mode to blender internal. (r55730)
  • Fix T34825: Transparent background of Empty Images clips objects behind them away when Empty is not selected. (r55746)
  • Fix T34903: Lock Camera to View allows Numpad orbit, but not Numpad pan. (r55893)
  • Fix T34908: compressed DDS files did not display properly when their mipmap levels did not go down to 1x1 image size. (r55906)
  • Fix T34961: camera fly mode would reset camera scale. (r55990)
  • Fix T35043: Camera view breaks with multiple scenes and the "view center camera" action. (r56192)
  • Fix T35007: Clipping border error. (r56220)
  • Fix T34706: Projection precision is zoom dependent. (r56226)
  • Fix T35063: GLSL texture node Value output was not outputting alpha. (r56267)
  • Fix T34714: cycles viewport render would restart when minimizing and unminimizing a maximized Blender window in Ubuntu Unity (r56278)
  • Fix T35121: cycles 3D viewport render pause button not working during render. (r56360)


  • Fix T32492: Part 3: Error filter now includes drivers where there are errors with the variables/targets, even if those errors are for variables which aren't used (r55070)
  • Fix T34394, T31843: Visual Keying not working for bones. (r55103 )
  • Fix T34688: Auto-Keying doesn't include custom properties when pasting poses. (r55457)
  • Fix T34932: Drivers on world nodes not updating on frame changes. (r55923)
  • Fix T34805: Bake action ignores parent motion. (r55954)
  • Fix T34836: Crash when driver variable has path == 'data' (r56206)
  • Fix T34869: Switching actions does not trigger animation refresh. (r56232)
  • Fix T34958: keyframe many items would fail if there was a (") in the text. (r56249)
  • Fix T34645: NlaStrip Tweak Mode - No automatic action length sync on exit (r56314)
  • Fix T35151: NLA editor: the channel list and the main area were not perfectly aligned, and could jump a bit around (r56416)
  • Bugfix: Selecting AnimData "expanders" in AnimEditors works again. (r55261)
  • Bugfix: Filtering option in NLA Editor to include AnimData blocks with no actions or NLA data attached was broken. (r55266)


  • Fix T34541: Sketching bones created bones with 0 radius for envelope. (r55105)


  • Fix T33518: Jack sync doesn't work in 2.64, 2.64 or 2.65 stable versions (r55616)


  • Fix T34443: Ability to set 'Pivot Center for rotation/scale' missing in weight paint mode. (r54888)
  • Fix T35014: Import crash with UV coordinates. (r56153)
  • Fix T35073: Face normals calculation used wrong mloop index. (r56292)
  • Fix T35229: Crash exporting constraints with no target set. (r56508)



  • Fix T34444: Counter intuitice name for curve Select Nth Number of Points. (r54884)
  • Fix T34616: Wrong face culling for curves with constructive modifiers. (r55273)
  • Fix T34785: only one curve cap is visible while backface culling is enabled. (r55627)
  • Fix T35039: Issues with capson cyclic curve. (r56200)
  • Fix T35026: Curve build modifier behaves unexpected oncurves without faces. (r56204)
  • Fix T35097: only one curve cap is visible while backface culling is enabled (r56330)

File I/O

  • Fix T34511: Invalid Audio/Video codec combination produces hung filehandle. (r55189)
  • Fix T34608: MultiLayer OpenEXR (from Maya) - passes lost in Compositor Image Node. (r55210)
  • Fix T34626: voxel data texture can't read > 2GB files on Windows. (r55247)
  • Fix T34689: Multilayer EXRs don't load correctly if one layer is named and the other is not. (r55498)
  • Fix T34745: TGA with size of 4Kx8K won't load. (r55557)
  • Fix T34776: Linking the group in this .blend causes crash with this starting scene (r55610)
  • Fix T34779: Channels disappear from multilayer exr sequence. (r55624)
  • Fix T34929: Windows would show a "No disk in drive" error popup when one of the recently opened files was on a DVD that's no longer there in the DVD drive. (r55966)
  • Fix T35139: Output panel options are not taken into account when you safe your render (JPG) (r56376)
  • Fix T35081: opening .blend files with chinese characters not working. (r56454)
  • Fix T35143: Animplayer treated .tif extensions as movie files, so that didn't work. (r56412)
  • Fix quicktime video export not properly supporting animation of audio properties like volume. (r56494)
  • Fix for non-terminated reading of JPEG metadata. (r56495)
  • Fix double free error in OpenEXR when file cannot be saved. (r56456)

Game Engine

  • Fix T28753: Mouse Over doesn't work at certain angles. (r54733)
  • Fix T34483: multi UV glsl materials not working correct after changes to support more than 2 UV maps. (r54965)
  • Fix T34523: 2dfilter produces render error (objects disappear). (r55010)
  • Fix T34677: Setting Boolean property on KX_GameObject creates Int type. (r55396)
  • Fix T34550: getVertexArrayLength changed in 2.66 (r55483)
  • Fix T34505: Vertex Colors not working in the BGE (for custom GLSL shaders) when multitexture and no material. (r55487)
  • Fix T34997: When starting the game engine in one window and switching to a second window, the game would stop drawing in the first and mess up the OpenGL state of the second. (r56148)
  • Fix T34383: Blender crash Steering actuator. (r56353)
  • Fix T34609: mesh.getVertex doesn't work as spected with poly.getMaterialIndex() and poly vertex indexes (r56460)
  • Fix T34889: negative lights not working in glsl view and game engine. (r56484)

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix T34589: Strange behavior with projection painting and 16bit PNGSs. (r55195)
  • Fix T34672: Image sampling line didn't use color management for byte buffers. (r55367)
  • Fix T34772: Incorrect aspect for tex mapping from camera view. (r55606)
  • Fix T34866: UV/Image Editor breaks on mode change + undo (r55823)
  • Fix T34978: For cycles, images displayed in the UV editor where coupled to the active image texture node in the material. (r56070)
  • Fix T35011: UV unwrap giving poor results for ngons. (r56152)

Mesh Editing

  • Fix T34611: Bevel modifier needs to limit amount to max without overlap. (r55234)
  • Fix T34620: SHIFT+T (texture space transform) crashed in editmode. Not checking NULL pointer. (r55244)
  • Fix T34633: Merge First/Last crashes Blender. (r55292)
  • Fix T34603: ALT-F fails, freezes, CPU=100% (r55579)
  • Fix T34802: Individual Transformation Confusing in Edit Mode. (r55771)
  • Fix T34918: Interactive bevel doesn't accept +/- keys to change # of segments, only scrollwheel. (r55890)
  • Fix T34947: Alt-F Fill not working. (r55949)
  • Fix T35009: Edge/Vertex Slide issue using G-G. (r56162)
  • Fix T35025: Mesh Debug samples strange behavior. (r56181)
  • Fix T35058: Mesh > Edge/Face > Bevel would do vertex bevel if that was used in the operator the previous time. (r56240)
  • Fix T24887: Crash on snapping verts on other object. (r56254)
  • Fix T34657: Smoothing will not be updated in object mode, when hiding faces in edit mode and changing shape. (r56258)
  • Fix T35085: Loop cut slide didn't work nice with multicut. (r56318)
  • Fix T35156: Edge slide gg shortcut brings up wrong settings. (r56402)


  • Fix T34526: crash using mask modifier + subsurf + UV map. (r55255)
  • Fix T35113: solidify modifier not preserving clamp option on duplicating the object or modifier. (r56338)
  • Fix T35149: solidify modifier + vertex parent not working after going in and out of editmode on the child object. (r56447)

Movie Clip Editor

  • Fix issue with bright frames appearing in clip editor when compositor is open. (r55968)
  • Fix missing angle zerolization when 2d stabilization is disabled. (r56516)
  • Fix for crash when using 2D stabilization for float movie clips (r56517)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T34436: Texture node editor crash on node delete. (r54908)
  • Fix T34599: Mask nodes stop working if output is later piped through HSV node. (r55204)
  • Fix T34617: Track Position node behaves wrong when creating second connection from output socket. (r55298)
  • Fix T34709, T34709: cycles group nodes were not working well with 0 or 2+ group input/output nodes. (r55440)
  • Fix T34694: Bokeh Blur operation was writing outside of allocated memory in case of (0, 0) size buffers, with the usual unpredictable results. (r55444)
  • Fix T34758: Nested node groups (groups inside other groups) were ungrouped ("inlined") repeatedly causing corrupted memory + crash. (r55566)
  • Fix T33628: Segmentation fault after pasting a closed group of nodes into an open group. (r55752)
  • Fix T34948: Bug with cycles group nodes. (r55955)
  • Fix T34910: NodeGroup input/output sliders bug. (r56037)
  • Fix T34911: Compositor with multiple views autozooms to node when creating a link. (r56115)
  • Fix T35037: Compositor: MultilayerEXR + undo loses image. Crash when selecting in Image Editor. (r56201)
  • Fix changing image ID datablock from browser in Image node didn't change output sockets. (r55211)
  • Fix for crash in special cases when mixing translate node with other. (r55215)


  • Fix T34726: Appending a group to 'Active Layer' doesn't work. (r55503)
  • Fix T34972: Blender crashes when Force Field-> Curve Guide is created. (r56060)


  • Fix T34667: trail_count option missing for Particle (emitter) System Render Panel "Path" UI (r55500)

Physics / Simulations

  • Fix T34519: deleted cache after duplicating an object with baked simulation. (r55065)
  • Fix T32233: exporting bullet format results in corrupt files. (r55096)
  • Fix T34561: Possible smoke crash if smoke flow had lower density than adaptive domain "threshold". (r55179)
  • Fix T34710: Crash on duplicating object with cloth modifier. (r55449)
  • Fix T34685: Dynamic paint sub-steps don't work if brush is animated through parent chain longer than 2 objects. (r55517)
  • Fix T34721: Smoke adaptive domain threshold ignores high resolution data. (r55518)
  • Fix T34749: Fluid domain > 10GB crashes Blender - out of memory (r55567)
  • Fix T34857: Negative temp.diff. in a smoke simulation doesn't work. (r55801)
  • Fix T34783: smoke simulation crash when changing frame while preview rendering. (r56273)
  • Fix T34806: rigid body world settings were not copied with a full scene copy. (r56282)
  • Fix T35082: Blender Freeze when change smoke domain setting (r56306)
  • Fix T35115: Character physics type fails collision with static type with an action r56369
  • Fix T35110: Dynamic Paint does not paint accurately in baked "Image Sequence" on Armature-Posed-Mesh (r56384)
  • Fix T35173: Object's draw_type resets when removing smoke (r56469)
  • fix T35071: Bullet Convex Hull Crashes on Win32 with SSE (r56519)


  • Fix T34768: Out of bounds access in console selection. (r55621)
  • Fix T34636: not run on startup file loading after splashscreen. (r55643)
  • Fix T34804: Only timeline_markers[0] is selectable if multiple markers at same frame. (r55655)
  • Fix T34856: crash passing an object rather than a mesh to (r55757)
  • Fix T34863: bge.render.makeScreenshot from Blender was only saving PNG files, while the docs said it followed the settings in the Output panel. (r55781)
  • Fix T34881: Bad characters in error output (PyConsole) if trying to use a Bmesh UV Layer on a BMVert. (r55813)
  • Fix T34870: bmesh.ops.* parameter lists and descriptions don't show in PyConsole on auto-complete. (r55829)
  • Fix T34898: Typo in error message of mathutils.Vector * Also fixed some more cases of "more then" -> "more than". (r55885)
  • Fix T34875: Some property subtypes not working (no unit suffix), precision=0 not supported. (r55910)
  • Fix T34902: Unicode decode error in Python console when completing a method name of text object in edit mode. (r55914)
  • Fix T34941: Space.draw_handler_add now supports PRE_VIEW and POST_VIEW callbacks for more editors: timeline, graph, action, NLA, sequencer, image, clip. (r55937)
  • Fix T34983: bpy.ops.mesh.primitive_torus_add() ignores rotation-parameter. (r56223)
  • Fix T35056: crash running bpy.ops.transform.rotate() in background mode. (r56227)
  • Fix T35068: bpy.ops.node.output_file_add_socket() fails if there is no "node" in the context. (r56272)
  • Fix T35150: Crash when bmesh operation called from within a Panel draw() (r56396)
  • fix T35154: Python: UI issues with invoke_props_dialog() - highlighed buttons that were never pressed could be activated by accident when canceling search popup. - canceling a search popup on a popup would close both. (r56399)


  • Fix T34481: camera focal length and sensor size did not use units yet, now they do. (r55248)
  • Fix T34551: blender crash rendering with save buffers. (r55253)
  • Fix T34671: Video file overwritten even though overwrite option is unselected. (r55371)
  • Fix T34803: blender internal SSS rendering black/nan with negative texture colors. (r55735)
  • Fix T34923: Images that have their alpha calculated should not get de-premultiplied. (r55960)
  • Fix T34817: improve OpenGL preview render speed, it got quite a bit slower since 2.60. (r55970)
  • Fix T34992: OpenGL Preview Renderer: Displacement Modifier with Noise Texture not working. (r56073)
  • Fix T35017: Ssetting alpha to zero for ray-transp material with refraction did not render. (r56134)
  • Fix T34895: Spotlamp with buffer shadow + object without "Cast buffer shadow" = artifact. (r56145)
  • Fix T35091: Blender internal does not render face texture alpha. (r56316)
  • Fix T35171: crash rendering cube with two subsurf modifier in some circumstances. (r56441)
  • Fix T35174: Dynamic paint displacement missing in render. (r56472)
  • Fix crash rendering material with "Face Textures" option. (r56513)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T34414: Python error with frame_change callback and Cycles motion blur. (r54941)
  • Fix T34654: Cycles hair particle system modifier obeys viewport visibility as well. (r55332)
  • Fix T34700: Cycles depth of field now works with orthographic cameras too. (r55454)
  • Fix T34759: Cycles texture influence for particles not shown correct when switching to a different texture slot. (r55739)
  • Fix T34700: Orthographic camera DOF was still not working correct. (r55763)
  • Fix T34625: Duplivert/face rendering with modifier could crash accessing UV and generated coordinates on the original mesh, after the change that made duplis take modifiers into account. (r55765)
  • Fix T34601: Cycles OSL crash when using preview render and viewport render at the same time, due to shared texture cache system. (r55792)
  • Fix T34867: Cycles viewport render did not respect viewport visibility for modifiers with text/curve/surface objects. (r55796)
  • Fix T34679: Cycles image texture alpha fringes. New rule is now that color output will not give straight RGB values if the alpha output is used, so that mixing with a transparent BSDF gives the correct result. (r55818)
  • Fix T34877: The render status feedback (progress bar) does not take into account specific Renderlayer samples. (r55821, [ r55826 rr55826])
  • Fix T34880: Cycles motion blur render issue with some compilers. (r55832)
  • Fix T34871: Cycles/CUDA/sm_35: Build problems probably due to issues with float3 operators. (r55839)
  • Fix T34921: Cycles rendered a specific scene with a small high poly object contained in a large low poly object very slow, due to failure case of fast multithread BVH binning. (r55912)
  • Fix T34740: Cycles rendering issue mixing glossy/glass BSDF's with zero or very low roughness and same index of refraction. (r55922)
  • Fix T34322: Cycles crash with (undo) save during threaded render. (r55991)
  • Fix T34966: Cycles packed PNG images were showing alpha fringe, packed images were not properly premultiplied. (r56088)
  • Fix T35004: Fireflies with .tif image in cycles, try to avoid extreme values when openimageio can't detect premul/straight alpha correct. (r56112)
  • Fix T34725, T34725: cycles crash with OSL and both a 3D viewport and preview running at the same time. (r56208)
  • Fix T35077: cycles incorrectly rendered an empty with dupligroup that was dupliverted by its parent. (r56294)
  • Fix T34172: cycles BVH build crashing in some rare circumstances on 32 bit linux. (r56303)
  • Fix T35102: crash with experimental cycles displacement feature due to uninitialized memory usage. (r56333)
  • Fix T35207: addition to previous fix to avoid OSL getting uninitialized. (r56492)
  • Fix T35209: cycles generated texture coordinates did not stick to deforming meshes. (r56500)
  • Fix for material icon rendering with cycles. (r55961)


  • Fix T34782: Video Editor - Subtract after transform fails. (r55644)
  • Fix T34811: Wrong result of add/subtract effects. (r55924)
  • Fix T35117: Properties region didn't respond to "Nkey" to hide the region. (r56355)
  • Fix T35182: VSE, speed control Trim duration (soft) end reset to 0. (r56467)
  • Fix: Scopes in sequencer were not drawing OK (drawing code assumed alpha). (r55603)
  • Fix: Histogram in Sequencer now uses same formula to quantify R G B as the other histogram in Blender (per channel). (r55603)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T34370: Collapse-edges crash in dyntopo. (r54827)
  • Fix T34416: Sculpt with ALT-B affects unseen mesh parts. (r55008)
  • Fix T34501: Painting on image editor with texture brush causes memory leaks in render module. (r55017)
  • Fix T34641: "Front Faces Only" option in SculptMode behaves weird. (r55343)
  • Fix T34348: Collapse short edges affects masked geometry. (r55344)
  • Fix T34720: Sculpt mode T panel has no texture preview. (r55499)
  • Fix T34730: Brush texture angle gets offset incorrectly due to rake setting. (r55561)
  • Fix T34773: smooth brush used on a shape key messes up the topology. (r55642)
  • Fix T34813: smooth brush used on a shape key messes up the topology - part2. (r55694)
  • Fix T34860: View in Weight Painting mode no longer rotates around active bone (r55769)
  • Fix T34970: in glsl mode the vertex paint face mask is not visible (r56131)
  • Fix T34818: Sculpting Mode only rotates around geometry origin. (r56168)
  • Fix T34640: colors darkening when using the vertex paint blur tool. (r56293, r56295)
  • Fix T34233: bad alpha blending for 2D image painting. (r56337, r56359)
  • Fix T35140: texture paint would give 'noisy' strokes and poor results for strokes crossing themselves. (r56391)
  • Fix T35141: stencil and 3D texture mode did not work with 2D image paint. (r56410, r56411)
  • Fix T35166: texture paint mask texture stencil not scaling properly. (r56440)
  • Fix T35166: texture mask stencil Reset Transform did not work properly. (r56474)
  • Fix 2D painting gave squares rather than a disk for the "Max" curve falloff shape. (r56458)
  • Fix for weight gradient when used with active-unselected object (r56462)

Text Editor

  • Fix T34460: Text editor freezes when turning on syntax highlight. (r54907)
  • Fix T34610: Syntax highlighting freezes. (r55206)
  • Fix T34405: Side panel of Text editor re-scales if hovered the 1st time (if window not maximized). (r55504)
  • Fix T34905: Text editor: replacing matches by empty string not allowed. (r55889)
  • Fix crash when overwriting ascii character with multibyte character. (r54917)
  • Fix for cursor jumping error stepping backwards (r56506)
  • fix for glitch in text editor using: Ctrl+(Backspace / Delete). (r56521)

User Interface

  • Fix T34374: Fixed tooltip for checker-select, it works on the active item, not selected ones. (r54786)
  • Fix T34450: Vertical zooming in graph editor is very unresponsive r54910
  • Fix T34334: Ugly shadow in UI popups. (r54954)
  • Fix T34490: Copy and paste floating point number fields losses precision. (r55005)
  • Fix T34560: Wrong angle for text in Horizontal mode of Properties space. (r55107)
  • Fix T34573: Icon File for interface theme doesn't work currently. (r55159)
  • Fix T34365: Dragging option (cursor change) for region dividers in editors was having an N-even sensitivity hotspot. (r55163)
  • Fix T34598: Modifier-Icon in Outliner does not appear. (r55197)
  • Fix T34621: I18n Switch Issue When Gimbal and Rotation Manipulator On. (r55245)
  • Fix T34716: Change Trim Duration (soft) value nothing happening. until mouse drag footage (image sequence). (r55573)
  • Fix T34775: Persistent "can't find file" when saving packed .blends. (r55626)
  • Fix T34850: "x" to clear ID prop fields is too close to the right border (r55745)
  • Fix T34862: some operators like mesh separate or object clear parent were not showing shortcuts in menus. (r55797)
  • Fix T34936: Unable to select items using only the arrow keys. (r55952)
  • Fix T34974: The open region indicator (with +) didn't do alpha blending properly, so it wasn't visible for any theme color. (r56110)
  • Fix T34868: Pulldown menus with long shortcut text labels got clipped badly occasionally. (r56126)
  • Fix T34943: Extreme narrow scaled editors lead to crash in some circumstances. (r56129)
  • Fix T34822: Blender does not respect custom modifier keys. (r56142)
  • Fix T35051: When viewing a complex node setup in the material properties, the properties were continuously redrawing, which slowed down everything else. (r56210)
  • Fix T35055: Crash in Edit Source feature for multilevel menus. (r56242)
  • Fix T35072: View name of 3Dview is clamped in Japanese just increase size of string to allow for utf8 chars. (r56286)
  • Fix T34545: Render layer name is unwantedly translated in composite node editor. (r56300)
  • Fix T35124: Outliner was drawing "Animation" category even when no actions/strips/drivers existed. (r56354)
  • Fix T35178: Autoselect-in-list for Vertex Group selection doesn't work. (r56465)
  • Fix: multisample viewport drawing didn't work well with selection or particle brushes, due to issues with color coded drawing or slow/buggy reading from such a buffer on some systems. (r55316 )
  • Fix curves widget error: after deleting a point, and click to add a new point, on dragging it the point flipped up 20 pixels r55370
  • Fix: drawing disabled buttons now draw OK in all cases. (r55379)


  • Fix T35157: export key configuration did not export text input events correctly. (r56475)


  • Fix T34649: Texture size limit user preference not working. (r55310)
  • Fix T34713: MultiSample broke GPencil Surface sticking mode. (r55462)
  • Fix T34467: File Browser deletes unselected files. (r55556)
  • Fix T34698: Axis Locking works incorrect don't do projection when constraints are used. (r55587)
  • Fix T34658: GreasePencil eraser deletes strokes through geometry, surfacemode. (r55588)
  • Fix T34847: Box selecting shape keys of a mask causes crash. (r55744)
  • Fix T34954: Sample Color gets stuck with custom shortcut. (r55967)
  • Fix T34896: Previous session is restored even when a .blend file should be loaded. (r56006)
  • Fix T34967: Display transform makes byte image with alpha=0 black. (r56065)
  • Fix T34897: Select edge loop shortcut not working in Maya preset. (r56085)
  • Fix T34350: Maya Keyboard map preset problems. (r56209)
  • Fix T29932: Left Shift + Numpad 1,2,3 not Aligning to Active (r56285)


  • Fix T34350: Rigify, UIList resize, resizes wrong list II/II r4274
  • Fix T35040: Rigify, dev tools panel was displayed regardless of mode. (r4488)
  • Fix: Rigify, move widget meshes to match the bones, even if the widget meshes already exist r4277
  • Fix: Rigify, deleted WGT objects now get properly replaced on generation r4278
  • Fix: Rigify, certain kinds of import errors were being suppressed in rig types. (r4321)
  • Fix: Rigify, two bugs in IK/FK snapping that made it fail in some cases. r4334
  • Fix: Rigify, biped arm/leg rigs. The bbone elbow was causing weird twisting and sharp bend angles r4342
  • Fix: MilkShape3D, error export for non-select objects r4303
  • Fix: MHX Import, bug with lipsyncing r4416
  • Fix: X3D, exporting UV's was broken r4325
  • Fix: X3D, import comma separated coordinates failed r4464
  • Fix: X3D, import of lists of images and alpha support. (r4327)
  • Fix: X3D, import face colors r4362
  • Fix: 3DS, import material transparency value short/float fix r4369
  • Fix T34607: MDD import didn't default to linear interpolation r4466
  • Fix T34864: OBJ Import, Save&Load - Relative Paths ticked, Textures tab uses absolute paths r4450
  • Fix: MeshF2, crash when all faces are selected. (r4416)
  • Fix 3D-Coat: axis error r4472
  • Fix: export .X format, smooth normals export bug. (r4477)