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Blender 2.69: Addons

New: FBX Import

Initial support for importing FBX scenes has been added, with support for cameras, lamps and mesh with UV's, vertex colors and textures.

However there is not yet any armature or animation support.

Sharp Edge Handling (Comparison).

Split Vertex Normals

Split vertex normals was added to OBJ and FBX export. They allow to correctly export sharpedges without having to split edges. More

FBX Export

  • Mesh exporter was refactored, it is now faster, generates smaller files (in some cases), and handle polygons instead of tessellated tris/quads. r4740
  • Improved support for lights cameras and materials (more accurate conversion of Blender settings) r4740

PLY Import

  • Support for reading edges r4739
  • Support for triangle strips r4666

MS3D Export

Support for armature parents r4759

Edit Linked Library

Support for proxy objects r4789

Python API

Align parameter of layouts

Previously, this setting was implicitly/silently inherited by child layouts when set in a parent one (except for some kind of layouts…), and you had no way to deactivate this inheritance. Now the "align" behavior is never inherited, which means you have to explicitly set it to True for all levels of layouts where you need it.

Mouse Cursor Access

Expose mouse cursor functions to Python. (r59903, r59904)

  • window.cursor_set('WAIT')
  • window.cursor_modal_set('TEXT')
  • window.cursor_modal_restore()
  • window.cursor_warp(x, y)


Functions for handling 2d convex hulls. r59990 r60024 r60027 r60033

  • mathutils.geometry.convex_hull_2d()
  • mathutils.geometry.box_fit_2d()

misc API additions

  • add 'Scene.frame_current_final' to access the current frame including the subframe value r58392
  • add 'bpy.path.reduce_dirs()' utility function to de-duplicate and remove nested paths before doing a recursive search. (r59077)
  • make 'ID.materials.pop()' and more like pythons list.pop() (r59110)
  • add 'ID.materials.clear()' method, matching other python list method. (r59138)