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Blender 2.69: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 58374 up to 60596

Changes from revision 4635 up to 4787 (Addons)

3D View

  • Fix T36278: X,Y Direction wrong after bpy.ops.view3d.viewnumpad. (r58596)
  • Fix T36277: Right click no longer selects the camera. (r58614)
  • Fix T36499: Proportional edit circle was drawing behind objects in some cases. (r59360)
  • Fix T36409: Continuous Grab problem with arrow keys. (r59546)
  • Fix T36632: 3D Viewport does not show textures in "Texture" shading mode. (r59740)
  • Fix T36732: Auto depth feature misbehaves on orbit with mouse cursor outside the model. (r60159)
  • Fix T36736: You can still transform objects while navigating view with Maya preset. (r60168)
  • Fix T36718: Wrong lighting on text objects. (r60201)
  • Fix T34663: Cannot rotate view while using Knife tool with Maya preset. (r60207)
  • Fix T36773: Dolly breaks in quad view (r60249)
  • Fix T27536: GLSL object space normal maps have wrong shading. (r60261)
  • Fix T36939: Objects with nodes appear in gray in viewport, using Solid shade, and the Blender Engine (or Game Engine). (r60542)


  • Fix T36538: Discontinuity (Euler) Filter - never ends - (deadlock?). (r59427)
  • Fix T36613: View select/all shortcuts not working in graph editor with the maya key configuration preset. (r59704)
  • Fix T36754: animation not evaluated on object two levels down in dupligroups. (r60222)
  • Fix T32346: Node animation, removing nodes keeps f-curves. (r60495)
  • Fix T36919: Cannot delete keyframe of animated simulation parameter if simulation has been disabled. (r60506)
  • Fix all actions created when keyframing now have their "id-root" set appropriately. (r60501)
  • Fix: when deleting all keyframes of an f-curve, the f-curve was incorrectly deleted if it had a driver. (r59761)


  • Fix T36391: Removing an armature with a custom bone shape object would not decrement the object user count when removing the armature. (r58992)
  • Fix T36663: Bone properties sometimes vanish when mousing into properties window. (r59939)
  • Fix T36906: AutoName operator do not update the display of the bone's name in the Bone Properties. (r60485)
  • Fix double-free happening when having proxy with motion paths. (r59135)


  • Fix T36148: Collada instance nodes are not scaled properly during import. (r58743)
  • Fix wrong usage of the set attribute with multiple UV sets. (r58829)

Curves / Metas

  • Fix T36007: ends of curves do not fit. (r58997)
  • Fix T36384: Inconsistent curve fill behaviour. (r59152)
  • Fix T36317: Keyframing metaball elements did not work yet. (r59024)
  • Fix T36438: Adding Metaball when unit scale is smaller than 0.01 seemingly hangs Blender (r59307)
  • Fix T36747: Curve bevel and extrude issue. (r60193)
  • Fix T36900: Single spline handle can't be "scaled". (r60467)

File I/O

  • Fix T36455: OBJ fails to import relative paths on ms-windows (r59147)
  • Fix T36636: Incorrect assignment of Smoothing Groups on export. (r59743)
  • Fix T36755: EXR Layers are not fully updated on scene load or image refresh. (r60234)

Game Engine

  • Fix T35563: Object colour setting for objects and fonts not using colour management like materials. (r58425)
  • Fix T36151: "Distance model not carrying over to standalone" reported by Florian Schneider (drjaska). (r58428)
  • Fix T35472: Sun variance shadows does not work in game engine.(r58523)
  • Fix T21488: Pumpkin in Gamekit Tutorial flips upside down. (r58558)
  • Fix T29575: Object not drawn in game engine. (r58563)
  • Fix T18804: Shadow type faces cast onto invisible faces (non-GLSL).(r58610)
  • Fix T33215: KX_MeshProxy.transformUV() argument ValueError. (r58975)
  • Fix T32360: Standalone Player switches not working. (r59862)
  • Fix T35522: Broken game engine compatibility since 2.66a on some ATI cards. (r60054)
  • Fix a memory leak with PyType_Ready_ADD. (r58837)
  • Warp Mesh not working. (r59126)

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix T36286: UV face display not working for concave ngons. (r58626)
  • Fix T36408: Setting changes saved alpha. (r59078)
  • Fix T36535: Color difference when saving image. (r59401)
  • Fix T36187: Crash loading large images. (r59978)
  • Fix T36020: SmartUV Project is messy on a cube was using very simple/stupid check to rotate us islands. (r60035)
  • Fix T36081: Ngones causes problems with lightmap packing. (r60039)
  • Fix T36845: New generated blank image doesn't update preview (properties editor). (r60414)
  • Fix T36435: Crash on unwrap with specific mesh. (r60483)
  • Fix T36981: Removing Sample line fails during render. (r60584)


Mesh Editing

  • Fix T36259: Select linked flat faces with Shift+Ctrl+Alt+F does not work in ver. 2.68 (r58551)
  • Fix T36256: Checker Deselect, failed with de-selected active face. (r58554)
  • Fix T36349: Separate mesh by material creates meshes with all the materials from the original. (r59139)
  • Fix T36517: You can edit a texture space (Shift-T) of a linked mesh (r59314)
  • Fix T36352: Inset individual, uncheck "select outer" selects zero faces. (r59330)
  • Fix T36453: Scaling faces with individual origins would permanently turn of proportional editing because this combination doesn't work, but it should be only temporary. (r59362)
  • Fix T36412: Pivot of active element switches to last selected face after duplicating vertices. (r59728)
  • Fix T36697: Topology mirror causes vertices to jump. (r60029)
  • Fix T36246: Weight tools do not mirror properly in vertex selection mask mode. (r60186)
  • Fix T36211: Bridge edge loops joining vertecies that are far away. (r60210)
  • Fix T36861: In face select masking circle select selects all when out of focus. (r60429)
  • Fix T36894: Maya keymap delete/backspace would immediately delete a mesh element. (r60457)
  • Fix T36913: GHASH_FLAG_ALLOW_DUPES assert and crash in Edge Collapse. (r60499)
  • Fix T36923: Merge / Delete vertices crashes for some meshes (r60523)
  • Fix T36947: "Edge Slide" bugs when "Even" is on. (r60541)


  • Fix T36282: Spin error with non uniform scale add support for passing object matrix to bmesh transform operators. (r58620)
  • Fix T36417: vertex weight mix modifier crash with texture mask and subsurf modifier preceding it. (r59028)
  • Fix T36301: Mirror modifier does not mirror vertex normals when there are no faces. (r59547)
  • Fix T#36532: Baked Cloth Sim read/sync to device for Cycles to Render, causes geometry errors. (r59777)
  • Fix T36356: Faces not drawn with constructive modifier + dynamic paint. (r59971)
  • Fix T36299: Skin Modifier causes crashes in combination with multiple Subdivision modifiers. (r60063, r60066)
  • Fix T36291: Applying subsurf to mesh or setting subdivisions to zero crashes Blender. (r60158)
  • Fix T36759: UV Project - Specified UV Map doesnt work properly. (r60260)
  • Fix T36781: Triangulation modifer creases. (r60353)
  • Fix for 2 memory leaks in dualcon library (remesh modifier), quite bad since they leaked on every evaluation. (r58907)

Motion Tracking

  • Fix T36283: Crash by activating "Clear Active" in Movie Clip Editor.(r58613)
  • Fix T36231: Motion tracker bug caused by uninitialized covariance matrix. (r59128)
  • Fix T36587: Tracking markers fail to track near the left and right edge of a movie clip. (r59765)
  • Fix for crash in track_markers_freejob (use freed memory). (r58544)
  • Fix for freed memory access clearing tracks in the clip editor. (r58685)

Movie Clip Editor

  • Fix T36605: Segfault when border selecting markers in the "graph" mode when no track is active. (r59651)
  • Fix muted footage in MCE still was reading the frames from disk. (r60188)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T36264: New modulo math node not viewable in GLSL mode. (r58716)
  • Fix T36267: Connecting value node to reroute node makes value node non-functional. (r58763, r58764)
  • Fix T36266: First undo in compositor decrements usercounter without a reason. (r58991)
  • Fix T36146: Cycles SSS Shader Node - Scale Value Input Box - to sensitive. (r59031)
  • Fix T36468: "Buffer Groups" option changes compositing output. (r59188)
  • Fix T36589: Node Editor displays incorrect Material name when Pinning. (r59590)
  • Fix T36609: glsl materials with reroute nodes not working correct. (r59669)
  • Fix T36639: Textures not reloaded after fixing paths. (r59737, T36639)
  • Fix T36628: Muting bump node alters material visibility. (r59742)
  • Fix T36113: Translate's wrapping has 1 pixel gap in X and Y after scale node. (r59823)
  • Fix T36692: Crash with split viewer compositing node and rendering. (r59964)
  • Fix T36694: Texture node groups tend to crash Blender a lot. (r59983, r60058)
  • Fix T36700: z-depth not rendering properly at (n*256)+1 dimensions. (r60049)
  • Fix T36706: Prevent invalid sockets in the FileOutput node by removing sockets without storage data. (r60064, r60065)
  • Fix T36739: Delete new nodes added via the Add menu or toolbar if the subsequent transform operator is cancelled. (r60197)
  • Fix T36797: Make linked node groups local does not work (r60324)
  • Fix T36850: Material Node Editor Crash Always. (r60468)
  • Fix T36968: Shortcut search inconsistency node-editor. (r60574)
  • Fix for writing to freed memory enabling texture node tree. (r58655)
  • Fix issue with EWA filtering in compositor which disabled alpha. (r59261)


  • Fix T36383: Add object to group check for dependency cycles did not work correctly when the group contained two objects duplicating the same group. (r59002)
  • Fix T36308: Custom hotkey "Set Object Mode" - "Object Mode" doesn't work properly. (r59530)
  • Fix T34462: Crash when switching modes via mix of TAB and spacebar menu. (r59628)
  • Fix T36189: Link group, delete instanced object, link group again would not create an instance. (r59773)
  • Fix T36699: ASCII-character "|" blocks parenting.(r60031)
  • Fix T36537: "Grid Floor Scaling" can have some unexpected behaviour on new objects. (r60157)
  • Fix T36758: Add Group Instance crash (r60212)
  • Fix T36771: Prevent 'Apply Transform' for Objects with a linked mesh. (r60227)
  • Fix T36749: Joining objects with more than one uv map depends on list order. (r60288)
  • Fix T36793: Missing update on undo with proxy object that is not using a proxy group. (r60345)


  • Fix T36260: 2,300 Objects Makes Blender Unresponsive (outliner being slow). (r58855)
  • Fix T36288: Renderlayer toggles behave unexpected in Outliner. (r58861)
  • Fix T36486: Outliner doesn't allow to expand Hierarchies of armature if it's present on 2 Scenes. (r59207)
  • Fix T36672: Outliner allowed to toggle linked group visibility.(r59878)
  • Fix T36709: Renaming multiple objects in the outliner halts the interface. (r60092)
  • Fix crash happening when clearing parent in outliner modes which doesn't support this. (r59112)


  • Fix T36274: Empty particle texture slots should not have any influence, same as for materials, world, lamps, etc. (r59026)
  • Fix T36451: Particle system crashes blender. (r59102)
  • Fix T36479: Particle instance Modifier random position snaps objects to 0 position. (r59713)
  • Fix T36625: Particle Instances ignores Group offsets. (r60230)
  • Fix T36630: Particlesystem - boids - goal - collision. (r60392)
  • Fix T36853: Undo not working for Particles Hair - Free Edit. (r60436)

Physics / Hair / Simulations

  • Fix T36265: Smoke doesn't work if domain object has negative scale. (r58802)
  • Fix T35541: Point cache doesn't load existing frames from disk if cache file name is changed. (r58830)
  • Fix T36600: Smoke subframes not working with initial velocity. (r59655)
  • Fix T36382: Simulation cache can not be saved for linked objects. (r59772)
  • Fix T36791: Fire ignores force fields when smoke is set to 0.0 (r60316)
  • Fix T36827: 2.69 bug with smoke domain, particle emitter and a force field causes a crash (r60406)
  • Fix T36847: If Force Field in Ridgid Body group, crash at first frame of animation on playback. (r60421)
  • Fix T36846: Adding a cloth sim to an object does not make it possible to go into Particle Mode for that object. (r60438)
  • Fix for possible out of bounds read, printing a warning with pointcache header. (r58656)


  • Fix T36363: ray_cast face index with n_gons. (r58950)
  • Fix T36528: crash when reinitializing bmesh from mesh. (r59545)
  • Fix T36387: User Preferences "Addons" panel bogs down the whole interface. (r59588)
  • Fix T36584: Inputs/outputs of created node group not accessable by their names. (r59589)
  • Fix T36688: First time access of brush curve in object mode leads to hard crash. (r59965, r60055)
  • Fix T36492: Keymap: Issue setting operator path properties. (r59982)
  • Fix T36713: Crash from adding gear from 'extra objects' addon (r60085)
  • Fix T36444: view3d.viewnumpad operator should not animate. (r60156)
  • Fix T36777: uv_on_emmiter make Blender crash. (r60251)
  • Fix T36835: Removing an addon has strange behavior. (r60437)
  • Fix T36924: Calling .define(...) on Macro subclass crashes Blender, if subclass wasn't registered. (r60518)


  • Fix T36302: Multires baking to zero 0 was showing error but still was baking. (r58752)
  • Fix T36394: Rendering a point density texture with a hair particle system did not work correct. (r59021)
  • Fix T36454: 'Tiles' settings in Render/Performance panel don't respect keyframes. (r59296)
  • Fix T36347: Blender crashes when clicking on 'render' in 'viewport shading' (r59335)
  • Fix T36441: Opengl render of smoke wrong after regular render with blender internal. (r59446)
  • Fix T36541: Blender internal raytrace render hangs with high ray depth. (r59472)
  • Fix T36555: Preview render in properties editor did not get cancelled and restarted fast enough on resizing the editor. (r59611)
  • Fix T36598: Blender render crash baking and then doing a full sample render. (r59617)
  • Fix T36194: Halo material on Layer 2 produces flares on layer 1. (r59776)
  • Fix T36449: Switching between render slots during render would leave some tiles black until the end of the render. (r59778)
  • Fix T36717: Don't grey out AO distance property, as it affects the AO Render Pass and AO closure as well. (r60102)
  • Fix T36710: Custom UI Button Not Respecting Render Layer Settings. (r60108)
  • Fix T36757: Vertex coloring in preview window meshes default to black, makes preview useless. (r60206)
  • Fix T36800: Closing render window during render crashes. (r60343)
  • Fix T36842: OpenGL Animation Playblast renders 1 too many frames. (r60430)
  • Fix T36948: Blender internal viewport render crashes holding shift+Z pressed to quickly toggle it on/off. (r60547)
  • Fix for frame reporting to console was wrong when not using Render Layers in compo. (r58951)
  • Fix for displacement bake buffer might be allocated twice. (r60256)
  • Fix for margin which didn't work properly with normalized displacement baking. (r60257)
  • Fix images didn't get clear when using multires baker from python script. (r60259)

Render: Freestyle

  • Fix T36321: 'Mark Freestyle Edge' still showing with Cycles renderer. (r58738)
  • Temporary fix for gaps in strokes when objects are behind the lines. (r59373)
  • Fix T36374: Read unitialized memory in Freestyle. (r59460)
  • Fix T36602: crash with freestyle and full sample render of empty render layer. (r59644)
  • Fix T36599: Line thickness modifier with certain blend types incorrectly calculated. (r59652)
  • Fix T36649: Drivers for Freestyle parameters in Render Layer panel don't appear in Graph Editor. (r59785)
  • Fix for missing filter button to visualize/hide animation data related to line styles. (r59786)
  • Fix for redundant multiple animation data items of the same line style in DopeSheet. (r59787)
  • Fix T36649, T36650: Animation of freestyle line thickness and linestyle did not render correct in animations, due to missing updates. (r59844)
  • Fix T36727: Curve Object Scaled to 0 + Freestyle = Crash. (r60150)
  • Fix for Freestyle hang up in stroke rendering. (r60383)

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T36235: Crash deactivating render layer during rendering. (r58718)
  • Fix T36290: Generated texture coordinates were not sticking to the surface again, got lost in an unrelated optimization. (r58723)
  • Fix T36380: Render error with sun lamp that has object scale 0,0,0. (r58931)
  • Fix T36355: Render of objects with both duplis and hair would not render the hair in some cases. (r58999)
  • Fix T36437: Cycles no longer rendering Emitter object (Particle Systems). (r59076)
  • Fix T36545: Crash with branched path tracing, correlated multi-jittered sampling and subsurface scattering. (r59447)
  • Fix T36594: 16 bit tiff not loading with correct color space in cycles. (r59643)
  • Fix T36611: Cycles issue loading png file with 2 channels. (r59668)
  • Fix T36137: cycles render not using all GPU's when the number of GPU's is larger than the number of CPU threads. (r59676)
  • Fix T36620: sss + indirect light rendering artifacts, due to wrong correlation in the random numbers. (r59705)
  • Fix T36327: Layers exclude layers animation did not work well. (r60023)
  • Fix T36719: UV pass not rendering in second render layer if first render layer does not have the UV pass enabled as well. (r60110)
  • Fix T36725: mismatch between viewport and render result when no world is linked to the scene in cycles. (r60176)
  • Fix T36738: Object ray visibility flags not working in cycles viewport if there is only a single object in the scene. (r60177)
  • Fix T36731: Border render not updating properly with persistent images setting enabled in cycles. (r60178)
  • Fix T36741: cycles AO pass giving values > 1.0 with transparency. (r60198)
  • Fix T36750: windows crash with empty cycles scene. (r60203)
  • Fix T36790: OSL point parameters of shader nodes not initialized correctly from UI inputs (r60325)
  • Fix T36822: Sky Turbidity values > 10 could result in weird behavior and crashes with the new sky model. (r60388)
  • Fix T36823: SSS node now displays a warning, that it does not work on the GPU. (r60389)
  • Fix T35684: Unable to use full 6GB of memory on NVidia Titan GPU.(r60400)
  • Fix T36863: OSL clamp, min and max functions have wrong signature when arguments are integers. (r60427)
  • Fix T36873: OpenCL render status show negative sample count. (r60440)
  • Fix T36882: Gamma node not working with glsl materials. (r60441)
  • Fix T36316: Dots in cycles render on certain CPUs with 32 bit linux builds. (r60509)
  • Fix T36935: Rendering under Windows XP32 SP3 with latest SVN is white. (r60550, r60573)
  • Fix T36962: "Render emitter" option for hair is ignored in Cycles. (r60567)
  • Fix cycles too slow export of meshes with uvs when a motion vector pass is used. (r60013)
  • Fix cycles issue with mapping node rotation and scale order. (r60371)


  • Fix T36262: Paste strip with video or sound content from another file crashes Blender (r58565)
  • Fix T36423: Audio strips contain selectable (visual) blend modes and opacity value. (r59242)
  • Fix T36570: Changing the filename of a image strip doesnt refresh sequencer. (r59622)
  • Fix T36124: VSE - Input Color option does not work for video files. (r59734)
  • Fix T36359: Sequencer frame indicator not updating during animation render. (r59771)
  • Fix T36422: Trimmed audio files (hard cut only) in a metastrip have their trim removed. (r60453)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T36225: 2.67b & 2.68 crashes at the first click-and-drug paint brush stroke -2.66 doesn't. (r58539)
  • Fix T36280: Dynamic Topology crashes with active face. (r58715)
  • Fix T34413: Dyntopo, smooth shading normals not getting uploaded to GPU and undo buffers. (r59245)
  • Fix T34485: Sculpt strength weirdly inverted with some mesh part. (r59250)
  • Fix T36577: Sculpt area plane texture mapping + random angle did not work. (r60008)
  • Fix T36748: Sculpting/image painting does not respect undo steps limit. (r60196)
  • Fix T36695: Scale brush stroke with maximum scale component, except layer brush where the previous algorithm is used. (r60515)
  • Fix T36930: Dynamic topology sculpting with masks gave bad results. (r60548)

Text Editor

  • Fix T36656: Text editor undo error when undoing paste command (r59856)
  • Fix T36742: Pasting image into text editor causes freeze. (r60173)
  • Fix T36724: Ctrl+F in text editor opens Toolbar, but no longer closes it. (r60270)

User Interface

  • Fix T36269 Crash upon right click on menu and left click on item. (r58583)
  • Fix T36373: Maya and max key configurations for mesh loop select did not work correct when doing an extend loop select, then doing a regular loop select, it would still extend. (r58993)
  • Fix T36243: One screen should never be used by multiple windows, but this could happen when a screen was maximized to a single editor, now that case is disabled too. (r59023)
  • Fix T36359: and T36359: timeline no longer did redraw during animation render. (r59027)
  • Fix T36530: Texture tab refreshing problem. (r59374)
  • Fix T36330: Clicking Scrolled Object Properties Tab Brings Up Wrong One. (r59454)
  • Fix T36324: Theme color for label buttons are broken. (r59511)
  • Fix T36595: File browser sorting with link/append would mix together .blend files and directories instead of keeping them separate like regular file browse. (r59614)
  • Fix T36682: Disable shift+backspace shortcut to delete all text in text fields. (r59955)
  • Fix T36641: Maya key configuration shift + LMB drag border select did not work anymore. (r59970)
  • Fix T36271: Missing (+) icon for toolbar in compositing layout in default startup.blend. (r60011)
  • Fix T36641: Maya keymap: Border select doesn't add to selection. (r60225)
  • Fix T36226: Select Linked works not in touch with Prefs. (r60255)
  • Fix T36382: Bake buttons for linked objects could be grayed out when they shouldn't be. (r60329)
  • Fix T36783: Click outside splash screen to close it would not highlight the button under the mouse, and so clicking the button failed without first moving the mouse. (r60348)
  • Fix for missing theme color: Expose theme color of shadow UVs and UVs of other objects. (r59842)
  • Fix for window join action being interpreted as a split (r59794 r59795)


  • Fix T36459: Official blenderplayer can not go fullscreen on Linux. (r59812)
  • Fix T35920: Adding a new node in Node Editor failed for "High DPI" (Only Mac retina now). (r59835)
  • Fix T36593: Crash duplicating window on OS X in some situations. (r59962)
  • Fix T36702: blenderapplication window position and size. (r60046)
  • Fix T36707: Blender Opens in fullscreen and stays like that. (r60067)
  • Fix T36501: Blenderplayer can not change video resolution in Mac OSX. (r60165)
  • Fix T36319: Keyboard Inputs Unresponsive When Using An Overlay Scene. (r60334)
  • Fix T36891: On OS X, cmd+s or cmd+o did not work when pressing them over the text editor. (r60450)
  • Fix T36852: Duplicate window crash on OS X. (r60456)


  • Fix T36270: Crash with pinning. (r58629)
  • Fix T36548: "Grease Pencil" Problems. (r59444)
  • Fix T36551: Camera has wrong rotation in default scene. (r59445)
  • Fix T36685: Crash calculating tangent space data on degenerate geometry. (r59943)
  • Fix T36788: Changing the built in keying set prints "attempt to free NULL pointer" to console. (r60291)
  • Fix T36826: Make screencast with quicktime output gave black flickering areas. (r60402)
  • Fix T36831: Grease Pencil dont create a drawing in current frame less than 1. (r60412)
  • Fix T36830: 'Reset to Default Value' on Current Area Type button causes crash. (r60420)
  • Fix T36859: Grease Pencil - doesn't create frame if frame_number <= 0. (r60426)
  • Fix T36892: Crash running "Sample Color" operator from 3D viewport when the sequencer contained any data. (r60448)
  • Fix T36942: Unfreed memory on trackball widget use. (r60540)
  • Fix T36980: Color space issue when displaying pixel color in a render. (r60582)
  • Fix for crash freeing console history. (r60359)
  • Fix "Sample Color" operator not working in vertex paint mode. (r60447)


  • Fix T36432: Exporting obj with normalmap creates opacity map in the mtl file instead r4691
  • Fix T36268: FBX exporter precision min is too big r4760
  • Fix T36899: cell fracture wasn't correctly copying object materials. (r4780)
  • Fix for io_import_images_as_planes: fix error when finding relative paths on windows. (r4635)
  • Fix for add_mesh_gears raising an error in editmode r4750
  • Fix make-human importer, crash when loading a rigifiable armature (r4758)
  • Fix make-human importer, crash with alpha 7 mhx files. Also restored lipsync for alpha 7 files (r4775)
  • Fix X3D/WRL import of compressed files (r4785)